Monday, July 25, 2011

my little guy turns 2

my little firecracker turned two on July 3rd... sad to say , being the third child... he kinda missed out on the big ,crazy, natzi theme parties that his older siblings have had. Honestly.. we had just finished up with Tatum's ( a month late) and I knew Brigham's was coming up (ten days after Beck's)... plus prepping the house and prepping for baby.. I just waived the white flag and decided.. a two year old could still have fun with a little family party. Our weekend was full of activities anyway.. so we kinda made our Day at the Lake and his first boat ride.. a birthday deal for him. Came home that night and just did a simple party.. with a theme.. but of course! Beckham has been obsessed with "ca-ca" balls.. since about 18 months, so we knew when older brother's soccer season started in May.. it would be ridiculous.. and sure enough- it was! This kid spots a "ca-ca" ball on a sign or in a store and he goes nutz! We knew it would be an easy theme to throw together for his little shin dig.

all his favorite foods... pizza... grapes.. watermelon and chips....

and of course the "ca-ca" ball cake!!

We spread a blanket on our living room floor and the kids enjoyed a picnic indoors!

He was very excited about his cake. And he liked it even more when we sang to him!

Big brother Brigham helped with the candles...

and his sister proudly showed off how much she liked the cake!

and then we celebrated some more with fireworks... and sparklers...

the birthday boy was not enjoying this part of his celebration!.. all in all it was a great time.. simple and so nice for just the family. There wasn't any stress prepping for 50 ppl and getting tons of food and decorations in order.

Now...I am in full party planning mode for Brigham's party which is coming up this weekend. We certainly get our share of bdays around here... and still awaiting patiently for a new birthday to join the crew.

Got less than 3 weeks left til we meet our new addition. We have been keeping busy with the fair, and camps, swimming lessons, cook outs and park play.. (oh and watching several movies as we had to endure an entire week of high 90 degree weather).

Trying to get business stuff wrapped up as well as personal stuff so we can head into the last week of pregnancy , stress free. I am gonna try to catch up with some blog posts here in the next few days too...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my princess turns four!

As I have said before, life is just keeping us busier and busier and this ol' blog has taken a back seat to our social activites and family fun this summer. Summer is the time for birthdays around our house. Even though Tate turned 4 on May 9th , mama had a full schedule of photo sessions and didn't get the invitations out in time, so we pushed her party to June. nothing wrong with celebrating all month long right? At the conclusion of her 3rd bday party, she annoucned that she wanted her next wone to be a princess party. Since I am not so much in to the character thing, I decided on a vintage princess theme... a little more 'fancy' and centered around black and white toile, crowns with accents of pink. A royal affair indeed. I didn't scan a pic of the invitations , but they had this similar crown in pink, fancy font and I adorned the crown with rhinestones for a litle sparkle. Guests arrived to this sign.....

of course as I do with all of my parties, I have to go get coordinating flowers to set around. YOu bet it it was fun when we did Brigham's 3rd bday part which was circus themed. Talk about lots of bright blues, yellows, reds, oranges and purple flowers everywhere. This was nice, that I just had to keep it to shades of pinks.

My friend Krystal came over an hour before the party to give tatum a royal up do. I still can't believe she offered to do that. Turned out great and just perfect for the princess of the ball.

The goody bags were a big hit.. of course lots of glitz and glam.. a wand, and some princess bubbles... nail polish and lip gloss.. and of course pink candy!

the yummy food table.. perfect for a royal tea party. pb and j cut into princess crowns for the little princesses and

my hubby really loved me when I gave him the task of rolling plasticware and adhering the ribbon and tags! lol

the cake and the sweets table..... um, we had tons of it left over. Apparently 4 year old girls would much rather have the candy out of the pinata!

isn't the brotherly prince a hoot?

making their pretty , pretty mirrors. all glammed up with stones and poofy things!

all the girls showed up in their finest ball gowns!

not sure why all the spaces.. but when I tried to go back and delete, it just kept deleting the pictures so.... enjoy the 'white" space. So on the heels of this party , she is already requesting and Alica in Wonderland party for when she turns five. ok, by mama.. I've got some great ideas and already started a bit of the shopping. First I have to get thru a Star Wars party in a couple weeks for a certain boy that will be turning 7. And in the midst of that , we tossed in a soccer party for our 2 yr old little guy. busy busy... when does life ever slow down??? lol


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