Friday, February 27, 2009

quick update... somethings never happen as planned..
like posting.. lol
I have been super busy working on some things and running here and there.. finally yesterday, I decided, gosh darn it it was time for me to sit down and blog.
well.. got my pics ready.. had everything ready to go and then of course life happened!!

and last night around 2am, I was awakened to the sound of Brigham getting sick. Bless his little heart he had woken up and went into the bathroom and preceded to throw up. all by himself, without, even alerting us.
I nudged Andrew and he went in to help.. though the kid didn't want any help.
He came back in and slept in a sleeping bag on our floor. smart kid.
he knows we don't like an extra person in the bed.(something we have never allowed, unless extreme circumstances.)
I experienced one of the proudest moments as a mom. seriously. I can't believe that he just woke up, and took care of it all by himself. not making a single bit of mess. He definitely gets a major treat later.
and then about an hour later, Andrew was up . I kinda heard him in the bathroom, and then some groaning, and then he was pacing in and out of the bedroom.
Finally I asked him what was wrong and he said he had bad heartburn.. gas like issues. He had taken tums, gas-x and forced down my suggestion of warm milk.. lol.
well, after nearly two hours of him getting up and down, and being completely miserable, I sent him to the ER around 5:30am.
I managed to finally get back to sleep, as were both kids.. when the phone rang.
He called to say it was a kidney stone. Holy cow! no wonder the poor guy was in pain.
He was pretty hopped up on narcs, so I had to pile the kids in the car and go get him..
Of course then, we had to run around to two different pharmacy's to get his scripts filled.
So by 10:30 am we were back home, and luckily he was able to get some sleep.
That has been our last several hours..
funny, thing is that we had a get a way planned to leave late this afternoon, and Andrew was just going to call in sick , so that maybe we could leave earlier.
guess God is making sure he really was sick!! LOL
that God.. such a funny dude.
so anyway, now we're prepping to head to Indianapolis. Andrew should really have a blast, as he will be hopped up pretty badly on some heavy meds! ( I am going to take notes of the funny things he says..=P)
the rest of us are going to hang out as the pool, find a good restaurant, and then we'll go to the children's museum on Saturday.

hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'll update soon!
oh, and if you're of the praying type... please pray that Andrew passes this stone very soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my new do and the belly

well, I had an appt to get my hair highlighted on Valentine's day. Decided to surprise Andrew with a little 'theme' for the special romantic evening we had planned.. lol But, I did add some pink to my hair.. and I am LOVING it!!! seriously it is so much fun. Its kinda subtle the way I have my hair done here, but I can flip it out, and it looks pretty fiesty!

The rest of my hair got "blondified".. it actually looks a tad more redish here, but that is just the lighting in my 'studio' .. !! haaaha. I was actually inspired to funk my hair up a bit, by the gorgeous Lisa D... who has dawned shades of both pink and blue! I am actually thinking about purple for the next go around.. we shall see.. Andrew loves my rockstar hair !
and the bump !

so here I am at almost 23 weeks along... starting to pooch out a tad now.. though I still just feel in the chubby stage!
I did however have a mom at Pre K, come up to me yesterday with her hands outstretched , assuming the position, to cop a feel of the belly.
(does that make anyone else uncomfortable???)

Stats: I have gained about 8 lbs so far...
-totally craving diet dr. pepper.. like in a 6 per day consumption craving...
-salty snacks like cheezy crackers or Cheeze flavored Chexmix
-loving ice cream at night, (and who am I kidding.. enjoying a heath icecream bar in the afternoons!)
-anything and everything is giving me heartburn.. so I pretty much just eat what I want. and deal later. ugh. Tums are my best friend...
-went thru a 2 week spell, of eating Italian a- LOT.
-done with the nausea.. thank goodness... unless I am in the vacinity of a poopy diaper.. than I almost always puke.
-feeling more energy at night, but almost always having to take a nap when the kids do
-finding it more difficult to carry Tatum around(even though she's a mere 24lbs)!
-enjoying the constant reminders of the amazing little person growing inside me, as he/she practices karate moves

and I did some other fun poses for Andrew for his Valentine's day gift.... you can check them out here. You'll need to scroll up and click on the 'his gift' link to see them =)
See , told you, getting pink hair is loads of fun!!!!

well, I am off to edit from a photoshoot this morning and then attempt to throw something together for dinner... oh, yeah.. and shop for a new car.(but that's a whole 'nother post =P )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy heart day

these were the two cards we sent out to family this year

and these were the treat bags that Brigham took to his class party Thursday.
Daddy was making fun of me, b/c I wasn't letting me kid take 'cool' valentines.. like spider man, or sponge bob, or any other character type thing. Well, Brigham had no idea that those were even options... and he loved the ones he got to help make!
We set up an assembly line, and he wrote out his name on the cards, then I folded the toppers, and he put marshmallows in the bags, and I stapled them.
easy peasy.. and they were totally unique. got the template from HeatherAnn Designs.(her link is to the left). As we were heading into school , he told the kids and parents he saw all about the pink marshmallows that he brought. what a proud kid. and I'll take these moments while I can get them... lol

and he helped me make these cookies to take into his class. Well, guess he just got covered in flour and ate a bunch of cookie dough.. but I'll count the time together in the kitchen as help =)
I was amazed at the number of moms/teachers that came up and were so surprised and impressed that I made the cookies. really they were simple. just got out my pastry bags and went to town.
but I guess when every other kind of cookie was store bought from a box, then these stood out amongst the crowd!

Brigham's party was low key.. in fact I wasn't even sure that parents were supposed to be there. I didn't think so , so I scheduled a photo session for the time he would be in preK. After I dropped him off, I came home to find a msg , that the sweet baby I was supposed to photo, was sick... so we rescheduled for this week.
I hurried and showered and got Tatum dressed and we headed into his school about 15 minutes after his party started... well, no other parents were there cept the room moms, so we just kinda roamed the halls. I didn't want to intrude, but I did manage to go in for a few minutes and snap some photos of them playing Bingo. ( ya know , I have to scrap this party!) And Tatum was in heaven b/c she got to play in the little kitchen and with the babies.
We ended up being able to participate in the 'valentine feast', which was perfect for this hungry mama.
This was the first year that I had not thrown a valentine party at our house. The past two years, we invited several of Brigham's friends and their moms over to play games, decorate cookies, read valentine stories and just play. Most of his friends are in school now, so they all have their own parties. For a party planning girl like me, you know how I was disappointed.. but it was also nice just to relax on Friday.
So maybe I'll start the tradition next year for Tatum and her friends, since Brig will be in school..
anyway.. I hope you all have a great day filled with mooshy love stuff !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

had the big US today and we're having a.........


baby !!!!!
yep, it(according to my dr.) is absolutely gorgeous!! all ten fingers , all ten toes, all major organs accounted for. although baby didn't cooperate much and stayed snuggled up close to my belly most of the time the us tech was able to get us some great pictures!!. I even endulged in pancakes and oj thinking it would make the baby do gymnastics during the exam... but no.... it just seemed pretty sleepy.. though it did wave its little hand a few times, so that was pretty cute!! baby was actually measuring a week ahead, so now I pretty much have no clue of the due date (as I have now heard 3).
so I can NOT believe that I didn't cave and find out the gender.
Andrew didn't want to find out with either of the first two..... but I am a planner... gosh, darn it and have priorities: of getting a nursery decorated and getting those first bits of clothing hanging in the closet!!
so the last couple months ,I had been saying that I would respect my husband's wishes for this (possible) last child we have and let us be surprised. On Monday night, he and I were talking, and I was really trying hard to sway his mind.
Well, yesterday at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers), our speaker talked about "respecting our husbands". It was actually the coolest talk I have heard in a long time and put so much into perspective, about why men do and think the things they do. We as wives now know this bit of secret information, and can act accordingly towards our man to create a happy home, one that he will want to be a part of. =)
She spoke on lots of different topics giving our surface understanding of it, and then what it means in practice. She used lots of scripture to back up the points found in an excellent book (which I am buying this weekend =P), called "for women only", by Shaunti Feldhahn.
so basically after hearing this talk, I decided it was not too hard for me to honor and respect Andrew's wishes of being surprised on delivery day!
well, I am busy assembling v-day goodies for Brigham's class party tomorrow, and I have cookies baking in the oven. We are going to decorate them after naptime. Between our busy outings this past weekend(because the weather was FABULOUS here!) I managed to get some scrapping done. Not all of these are new, but I don't know that I have shared them on my blog before. apparantly this is a shrine to miss T.!!! lol

I'll post later with our little heart day creations!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

there's a reason God made kids cute!

its so we don't beat the living day lights out of them!! LOL..
(they are pretty cute aren't they?)
seriously, I think it could have something to do with pregnancy hormones... but a 4 year old boy that talks non-stop all day and a 1 year old girl that doesn't not stop moving all day... and is loving the use of her newly found 'shrill' voice... is about to drive me into the loony bin!
At our marriage class last night they were teaching/encouraging us how to pray with our spouse. This is something that Andrew and I have struggled with for a long time. We do great at meals and bedtime, WITH kids... but just he and I has been a bit awkward. So we are going to start asking each other each night what can we pray for the other for the next day.. we'll do it alone and then get together the next night and pray together and talk about it. So my constant prayer right now is... Lord give me patience to get through the next hour... (who am I kidding.... the next 15 minutes!! LOL) and give me self control (with my tongue) not to react out of anger and to be able to discern what actions of theirs really need to be disciplined, and what actions are just them being their age!
Oh, side note on the class... some of you have asked me about it... its the Alpha Marriage Class. It basically has 7 Topics. We'll meet for 8 weeks and we have homework on our own to do.

Building Strong Foundations
The Art of Communication
Resolving Conflict
The power of Forgiveness
Parents and Inlaws
Good Sex
Love in Action

The content is fabulous! The majority of it is spent watching a DVD of a British couple( oh... I could listen to them forever. love their accents!) and then throughout the evening we stop and break out with our spouse. We meet in a host couple's home with 7 other couples ranging from newly married no kids, to married 26 years and four teenagers. The cool thing is the time spent is solely on each other. There is no group talk or sharing. The host couple has set up a little 'date' spot for each of us throughout their massive home!
We each get to be secluded and surrounded by lovely music, white linen table cloths on a table for two. candles, flowers, and then as we are completing our exercise, we are served a delicious desert and coffee. Its such a cozy time away for Andrew and I to really talk about issues. The lessons are great at looking at individual strengths and weaknesses, how we do or don't work together and how we see things differently. pretty cool.
It really stresses marriage time weekly.
We've always been good on date nights. Thankfully with my parents living in town, we can get a babysitter and head out to dinner , movie, drinks.. whatever. The problem is that we usually end up spending our time talking about the kids. about other drama brought into our lives.. and we never get to focus on us. We're making it a priority to have fun together. To get back to doing those things we did when we were dating.. talking about dreams and our future.. laughing.
not stressing.
So far its been a great little scheduled get away. If you are married, and especially if you have kids, I would urge to you to schedule a date night. This class encourages once a week... but that may be tough for some. Like I said, we have been good at getting out 1-2 times a month, but we are going to be intentional on getting it on the calendar.. that way nothing comes up... ya know.
like our marriage time is our priority and nothing else takes its place.
I am sure you've all heard about the seasons of marriage... the statistics actually are showing a higher divorce rate after the kids are out of the house, b/c the husband and wife don't know each other anymore. They kind of co existed for the children's activities, and all that, but lost sight of why they fell in love in the first place. While Andrew and I do have really open lines of communication, we can always do better. Its amazing as we watch this dvd, and see examples of other couples, how many don't ever talk about feelings, dreams, expectations, desires.. etc.

ok, done with my PSA!!.... lol !

So , I did a little photo shoot with the kids .... here are some of my favorites! I have a couple cards in the works, but I'll post them after they go in the mail....

I am working on getting something pretty cute done for Brig's class party next week. Hopefully this picture will work!

oh, yeah.. and my girls night out on Saturday was sooo fun... and much needed! I met my friend Michelle for dinner at Don Pablos.. hadn't been there for a long time, and I was so wising I wasn't pg at the time so I could indulge in a yummy margarita..... oh well.....
we sat and talked and had a leisurely dinner w/ no drama.. and no interruptions!
then we headed to see Doubt.. which I would have to say I 'doubt' any of you would want to see. The story drug on forever, and then just sorta dropped a bomb at the end.. and then the credits..
oh, well.. it was still fun to be out. I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theatre..
then we headed to Starbux and sat on the comfy couches and talked for another two hours!
Anyway we decided its going to be a monthly thing.. planned on the calendar.... kinda thing.
moral of this post...: get your hubby time. and get your girlfriend time. = happy mama! =)
so I am off to finish a dessert and make a dinner to take to a friend who just had a baby...
oh, yeah.. the mama that I was supposed to take maternity shots of, cept she had the baby the day before our scheduled session!! LOL
so now I get to play with another newborn. horrible I know!! =P
Have a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

its snowing again!

and for that reason we're staying put indoors! I am taking advantage of Disney playhouse today, so that I can get a start on some cleaning, organizing, decorating projects.
Speaking of, Thanks so much for your input for my chair!! We all seem to think alike.. lol. I was really leaning towards the floral #4 for the longest time, and then realized that it may get too dirty, being that light, and also it looked a tad like my mother's style. so I decided against it.
Then I was going for the top one, a little more eclectic style, but I just don't think it would go with the look we have now. I am envisioning our next home to have wood floors, and lots of character so the eclectic , rustic, style will go well. something we do not have in our current 'cookie cutter' style house!
.... and so I chose #5! the striped is a bit of a change for the room, and the lighter color choice will brighten the place up. it actually has every single shade and color from the living and dining rooms. something that will blend with our decor even should we change the wall colors. so now I have to wait 6-8 weeks to get my chair.....
and so I am working on switching up the kids rooms.
oh, yeah... a few of you reminded me that I never posted about being pregnant. so here it is.
"Baby number 3 is on the way!!". Its kind of funny, with Brigham I told people right away, and with Tatum and this one, I just sort of forget to say
ETA: and to some of my closest friends whom I failed to inform you of the due date.. (dang loss of memory its looking like July 4th!! kinda bumming me out though b/c we always have a fun day/night long celebration that day.. guess we may be seeing fireworks from the hospital!! LOL
I am actually starting to show more now, but I still feel chubby instead of pregnant. Like maternity clothes don't quite wear right just yet. I have the big ultrasound next week.. so we're pretty excited. Although I am totally respecting my husband this go around and not finding out the gender. Andrew didn't want to know on either before, but I am a planner, and so I just had to know.
Since we have one of each, and the boy and the girl were both first grandchildren of their kind... we were pretty spoiled. Tons and tons of clothes for both. Plus we don't really have room for another child right now, so I don't even want to stress about where we'll put it!
I am however, going into cleaning and organizing mode for the two kids' rooms right now. Just on the slim chance that we are still in this house in 6 months!!

So I realized that I never showed Tatum's nursery .. actually didn't stress too much about it either, but we did have it finished by her first birthday!! LOL
I like some expensive stuff, that I can't compromise on, so then I get thrifty in other areas to compensate... so here is a tour!
view from the doorway
the crib.. used from Brigham, and we added new PBK toile and rose bedding to it.
the topiary is a decal from Lowes, along with the 'Sleep, Dream.. Imagine' over the crib. they were way cheaper than Uppercase Living ones, and they look just as cute!

I bought the curtain panel from Target, but only one, since I knew I had scrap booking ribbon to pull it over to one side.Saved me $24 for window coverings! The little butterfly came from Michael's' on clearance for like $1.49 !

the window I got about 8-9 years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and its found many a different home inside various rooms in our apartments/house over the years!
the glass jars came from Good will for about fifty or seventy five cents each. I just tied some pink ribbon around them and oh, so cute!
most of the decor I picked up clearance (right after Tatum was born in May) from the garden section of HL. I got most things for under $5.00!!
The flower arrangement here was sent to me in the hospital from my mom, in the same vase that her parents sent to her when I was born!! I thought it went well in this shabby chic nursery!

found the letters at JoAnn's in the dollar spot. Got the bakers rack at HL with my 40% off coupon! the baskets and other containers were 1/2 off at HL as well. I made the lamp with ribbon and a new shade. Hung the dresses up (which used to my my mother's!) for a vintage-y feel. Basically just tossed frames and stuffed animals around that had been given as gifts.

more garden gear. and a cheap cork board I found at Tj Maxx on clearance, the pushpins are roses. PERFECT!!
I just love it when I find a perfect accessory for a steal!

took some dollar black frames from Wally world, and painted them the same pink as the two walls in her room. Sanded them down a bit for a distressed look. perfect !

let me just tell you her shoe rack does not look like this anymore!! she since hugely out grew it, thus the reason for organizing today!

While I had the pink and green paint out for the walls, I decided to 'trash to treasure' and old mahogany wooden trash can we had.
the colors match perfectly!

an old UGLY chair that has been with us for awhile. I found this duvet cover at GoodWill for $15!! It was still in original packaging! bonus! and so now it covers the chair, but soon it will be the comforter on her big girl bed. the pillow was on clearance for $2 at Michaels, and the blanket was a gift. I did splurge on the canvas above.. but still it was only $20 bucks at Gordman's on sale.

there you have it. So now I am trying to get the dresser out of Brig's room and bring it into Tatum's room. The girl has waaaaay too many clothes, and she is definitely out growing her 2/3rds of his closet!
Why not use the closet in her room you ask?
Well, it is organized from side to side and top to bottom with scrap booking stuff. It really is so neat and tidy, and works well at hiding my hobby, that I don't want to touch it.
So we're looking at finding Brigham a new dresser for his room, and some of those organizational cubbies from Pottery Barn. Its amazing how the older he gets the more 'little' parts all of his toys have. Its pure chaos in his room, and I fear no time at all and Tatum's room will be the same!! LOL
We're praying hard for God to open a door for us somewhere else, and with a bigger house =)


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