Friday, September 24, 2010

has it really been a week?

geesh. I am officially just saying that I am a terrible blogger.. that I can't stick to a schedule (even when I beg for accountability)... and stop beating myself up over the fact that I don't keep up with regular postings.. or even interesting topics.. or that I don't get 1,345 comments. ( really? I know can you believe that).. must be how JC felt. Seriously.. I am over that fact that merely a few read this here blog- because I am so not writing it for the approval of others. I have said it before, and I am going to believe it this time. I need to give myself grace and realize that this blog is just a form of me 'getting stuff out'.. be it junk or fun family stuff or even the mundane life stuff. It is my place.. and if I will ever take(find) the time to finish up my Blurb books, then I'll have some pretty cool stuff to hand down... and so with that I share with you

Fun on Friday.. because..

we did have lots of fun this week! Starting with a soccer game. Brig moved up to the U7 team even though he just turned six.. we were a bit unsure how he would do along with so many kids that had played before. (remember he just started last spring). He is getting better and focusing more. I feel like such a bad mom for telling the coach "no we're not buying team or individual pics" But really... I have seen the pics from the league photographers . and well, I'll just leave it at that.
( now no making fun of the big metal hook sticking out of the net in the above pic!)
In Tuesday's game, Brig got one hands on ball during his stint at goalie. The game finished up 1-1

and our little guy is found looking cute and spending time eating entire bags of goldfish crackers.

But really, can you blame him? ( I splurged and got the flavor blasted ones this time)

Or he is climbing. Yes we have a climber as of this week. Feeling pretty proud of himself for climbing up in the chair. Or the chairs at home or the couch.. or standing on the couch and throwing all the pillows off. its a good thing he is cute!

Another fun thing we did was that we ALL went to T's gymnastics class. Brig stayed home sick from school due to a stomach bug.. and so he went with. He actually begged to come see his sister's class. He is such a proud and supportive big bro.
T is in a class of two(sometimes its a private class even!)

Look at that form!! Well.. I kid, b/c if it were not for he teacher, she'd fall flat on her back! We're working on strengthening her arms.

She loves the beam..

and of course the bar is her FAVE (other than the splashing in the puddle)

and what does Mr B do while she is at JANAKSIX? (that is an exact pronunciation)

well , he plays house of course!

Well that is it for some fun times in the Miller household.. we also got out in this wonderful ahem 90degree fall weather and took some family walks. Had his Tiger den meeting last night.
Oh and we're dealing with drama. Uck. makes me sick to my stomach.. but hoping prayer will get us through.
Looking forward to a date night with the hubby to see this guy
tonight will fill my emotional tank a bit.
and maybe some sushi is of need as well.
I'll leave you with a classic of Beck from the week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

fun on friday-its all about the boy..

or the Cub.. or in this guy's case.. the Tiger scout. yep. we did it. a little reluctantly as parents.. but we caved and obliged our eager -for-fun- but -having- no-idea-what-it -is 6 year old who had been begging to join the Tiger Scouts. Its well.. kinda not so much 'our' crowd... but we decided it would be really good for him. AND good for us to get out of our comfort zone a bit. We do really like the fundamentals and the mission behind scouting.. LOVE that it encourages such family involvement. Something we have always seen so impressive from our LDS friends. In fact.. after his first pack meeting.. Brigham posed for a picture and daddy face booked it straight to Elder Johnston (ok.. not really anymore, but it will always be his name to who gave a "big thumbs up" for our young tiger scout.

Brigham was so excited to learn his motto and his mission statement. He wrote it about 20 times and of course memorized it in one sitting. I could tell he was proud when he got up on stage with all the other dens to recite at the beginning of his meeting. We learned all about pop corn sales.. (which I am pretty excited that we have the inside scoop on this.. ). I mean - Have you HAD the boyscout popcorn? double chocolate carmel, by chance?? YUM-O.
Look at my kiddo working hard on his rocket! After the meeting, the activity for the night was water rockets. He was super excited about this...

Setting it up....

needed a little help.. but then he finally go it.. and holy cow did it ever POP!! It was hard to get a good shot of it, b/c it went so high so fast.. straight into the blinding sun! One of the guys helping got his finger snapped b/c he was standing too close when it shot off! LOL
Tiger Scouting.. its dangerous, I tell ya..
At any rate.. we had a good time. I think we'll see how it goes this year. It sorta conflicts with soccer, so we are alternating until soccer is finished. I am a slacker of a tiger scout mom already and have not sewed on his patches. We are looking forward to reading thru his hand book and helping him choose patches to earn. All in All , I think this is a great foundation for him. and his friend Justin is doing it as well, so that is fun for him.
Let's just not hope we have to on any camping trips soon.. .. us Millers don't do well with bugs.. or eating off of sticks.. lol-

Thursday, September 09, 2010

we interupt our regularly scheduled post

Because... we had a very exciting week here at the Miller household when a certain little Miss started preschool ! Oh.. MY. was she excited. Like woke-up-at -5:30am- all -ready- to-go-to-school- excited! (thank goodness A got up with her.. and when she got up at 7am all ready to hop in the car.. in her jammies of course! LOL)

This pictures says it all- we could hardly get her to stand still as she wanted to go in and see 'all of her new friends'. I love that she is sporting her glasses just like Big Brother did on his first day here. (check out the link.. didn't plan it either.) My little Tater girl has been filling her back pack ever since we picked it up at the store. cool story-- I won her little pack at the mom's preschool brunch during his first year. I had just purchased a cute little back pack by Stephen Joseph as you can see in his pictures, so I was totally excited that my then 4 month old daughter had a cute one waiting for her too! And so 3 years later, we took it in to my favorite shop and had them put her name on it! I am so bummed that I didn't get a pic of the back of it. Totally went out in the front yard later that day to do a mock up and of course there wasn't a CF card in the camera! LOL- figures. I'll have to post a pic another day and post it.. cuz .. well it is just THAT cute!
She ran into her class and went straight for the girly things. The doll house. At her open house last week, she ran straight for the my little ponies. Funny to see who unique my children are at the same age, doing the same things. Love it. Praise God !!

Here she is with one of her teachers, Mrs. Synesael ( pretty sure I botched the spelling,=(

and things are a bit different with a one year old in tow... We didn't get all the pics that we did with Brigham. At that time Miss Tatum was just in a little carrier. This time, dad had to hold Beck so he couldn't do a whole lot.. plus Tatum was too pumped to get to the toys to really stay for many photo opps.! LOL
so .. got my one picture in with my baby girl... awwwwww.
Before I left her on the first day, I peeked in to see her sitting at the little table and chairs in the little kitchen area.. putting a baby doll under her dress and then stuffing her face with play donuts.
children model what they see, no? hmmmmmm. trying to figure that one out! LOL

So we finished up the week strong. She goes on Tues and Thursday mornings for two hours. This week was sort of a learning process for me to see what I could get done, etc. The first day was a total bust, b/c I started 3 projects and got none of them finished!. Today I ran thru the car wash, responded to a bunch of work emails, scheduled some sessions and put together a few collages for clients. I also managed to dust two rooms and vacuum the living room.. oh and water in my newly planted mums. =)
however.. I am trying to figure out how to fit in coffee time with a couple girl friends who also have kids in class and get work done.. and actually see if I can get a work out in. I have said this before, but I really, really want to start the C25k and keep it up. seems so simple and so effective!
all righty.. well we're off to a birthday party now and a bouncy bounce place!! good times!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

laundry day

well... this is just a frustrated vent.. it has been eating and eating at me for months now.. I am feeling totally guilty and also feeling as if I totally wasted my husband's hard earned money. I am feeling like I am failing my kids and and just terrible at keeping up... not to mention my bedroom "corner" is out of control.. poor Tatum has no use of her closet b/c from side to side and top to bottom... I have invaded her space... anyone have a guess as to what I am talking about?

if you said SCRAPBOokinG.. you WIN the big ol' prize! (which I really don't have.. but yay.. you're a winner! LOL)

Seriously, people... I can't believe how dedicated I was with Brigham's first year book, and his second, and third and half way into his fourth book. Tatum's first year was all girly and busting out the pink and flowers hard core. Poor Beck Beck has like 5 pages. I am failing miserably. I follow all my friend's blogs who are scrappin guru's and am constantly inspired.. I think, "hey, I can do that, really quickly".. and then the time never happens.

Andrew keeps telling me to give it up.. let it go... box it all up. I have everything neatly organized in T's closet , and labeled and everything.. an over abundance of ribbon.. (I bought into that craze.. big time) and the eyelets? remember the eyelets? and all of the stamping and filing and embossing. I have so many mini books and shaped chipboard books just sitting there empty. I have several unopened kits from some of my favorite kit clubs.. at least its all together and *hopefully* will still go with some of my pics one day..

So I have pictures stacked in piles, I have some sorted in photo boxes, and I have hundreds of pics sitting in files on my computer. I so miss this hobby of mine. I miss the creative outlet. I miss getting together with friends and chowing on junk food and consuming huge quantities of DDP while I busted out 3 pages in 7 hours! haaa.

I really want to make a promise to myself to get back into it. Even if it is just slowly.. like one page a week or something. I think I need to realize that I just can't scrap the way and in the abundance that I once did.
Is it bad that I am looking forward to Dec-Jan to be slow for photo sessions? I am actually thinking about pulling everything out and keeping it out for 2 months, and just keep working on pages here and there.
My husband will so love me.. lol-

Many of my photographer friends and I share in this misery, because so many of us started our passions by the art of scrapping. Some moved on to digital.. others still love the feel of paper and glue. Oh and buttons. How many buttons do I have?

And while my spending has shifted from scrappy stuff to photography props and equipment.. I am still dying to get my hands on a JB kit.. or some luscious folded flowers for my Tater girl's pages! *swoon*

Any of you have any suggestions on how to pace.. how to get back in the scrappin' saddle again? Am I being to hard on myself? I just don't want to forgot all the little things, the funny things, the everyday stuff while my kids are little. I want them to know from my own words.. my thoughts how special they are.

would love to hear from you.. and link me up to your pages as well .. b/c I love to be inspired. I still get giddy when my CK arrives and read it from cover to cover in one sitting! I love seeing old friends names published.. and to see their sweet kiddos showcased in their art. I have sadly phased out on my scrappy sites too, and I miss the 'community' on those msg boards. *sigh*.....

alrighty... done.. so hit me with your best tips on getting thru this!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Words on Wednesday

No pictures.. just words.. sorry folks!

I am slammed with editing right now, and don't have time to get thru any of our snap shots from the last few days..

however.. we did have a great time at Miss Tatum's open house for pre school today! She had had a visit a couple weeks ago and met her teachers (well, she knew one of them b/c Brig had her) and she got to pick her name tag color and answer a few questions to be put in her "all about me" page in the blessing book. She has been talking non- stop about going to school .(well really all summer long).

We picked up her backpack from the store last week as well. I had her name embroidered on it just like I did Brigham's first back pack. (actually same company and store too)

She has been carrying her back pack around ever since we brought it home and stuffing it full of diapers, baby doll clothes, books, cell phones, Mickey D's crap -toys, and other random stuff. We told her that none of that goes to school with her next week. She replied " I know , Mom, its just for my home work ".

the girl WANTS homework.

So we are about to walking into the building.. and Daddy met us there in the parking lot.. asked said to Tatum " ohhh, pretty girl in her sunglasses, and got her purse, and pretty dress on.. Where is your back pack baby girl (yes, we call her baby girl, even though she just turned three..)?

My smart -going- to -school- girl replies.. " Dad, I don't need my back pack, because, I am not staying at school ! "

She loved every bit of bouncing from station to station.. was in heaven with all the my little pony's and of course the kitchen. I think she was considering swiping one of the purses in the dress up corner. We'll have to watch her this year! LOL

I have no idea where she gets the idea that she needs a purse to match every outfit. NO idea !!!

She also made sure she inspected the two bathrooms.. just in case.. (who knows why she would actually care.. as she still isn't even close to being potty trained).

As her teacher is showing her the second bathroom, she says "but there is no bath tub. where is the bathtub? there is just a sink."

well.. my girl may not no how to poop in the toilet, but she is the queen of hygiene!!

so there were a few funnies out of the mouths of my babe...

I am going to play catch up tomorrow from the earlier days this week that I missed blogging about.. so check back for 'More than Manna" and also my "Tips on Tues".


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