Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sick as a dog

yep that was me this past weekend. ugh. actually it has been me the last two weekends and kinda during the week too. ugh.
but mostly this weekend, I thought I was GONNA die. seriously.
I became quite good friends with the porcelain throne, and realized that I need to re caulk around my cabinets and bath tubs. I stayed in my velour jogging (lounging) suit for two days and pretty much didn't get off the couch. I suffered thru 4 hours alone with the munchkins, while Andrew went off to watch Purdue kick IU 's booty! seriously , it was not even a game. PU smoked them! great way for our Coach to end the season and his career as a Boilermaker.
Luckily, Andrew was in full daddy gear when he got home, so he kept them entertained, and fed and bathed, while I was dying on the couch.
Sunday, Andrew had to work the worship team at church, leaving at 7:30am and returning around 2pm.. I just was in agony at the thought of enduring the kids high pitched squeals, snotty, noses , and poopy pants..(of course I love them!) so I called my mom and she agreed to watch them, only if I could get them over to her house. So , I quickly packed a bag with their clothes, and popped their messy heads, and slipper footed bodies into the car.. and squeamishly made my way across to my mom's.
Truthfully, I don't even remember the drive.
I don't think I ate anything more than about 4 saltine crackers and a 2 liter of diet 7up in the whole two days!! I lay on the couch, while life went on around me... and watched several movies on TBS. I highly recommend the Prince and Me. and lucky for me the sequel came on right after.. though not so good.
My man went and picked up the kids and resumed his daddy duty right away, with not a single grumble. I LOVE him!!
By 6pm, I was really hungry and for some crazy reason, thought that what I wanted to eat was a steak! So my, darling husband took off to the store with my kids, and then prepared a fantastic- hit -the-spot- meal of steak, baked potato, and Caesar salad. It was soooo good. And apparently my aching body approved too. Thank goodness!
Andrew fed the kids, and played with them, and completely cleaned up the kitchen.. then put the kiddos to bed.
I was starting to feel better by around 9pm, so we watched a movie together.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for the man I have beside me. In sickness and in health. for sure! He really goes above and beyond in treating me like a princess. I wish I could treat him with half as much kindness as he dotes on me. What an amazing father he is.. I am truly blesssed.
I am thankful for my mom's willingness to help out with the kids. It has certainly been something we have not taken for grantid,as she is always inviting them to stay with her, or to take them on special outings. She is has always been quick to help us with whatever we need.
Having my dad just a mile from us, has been great for my kids. Sunday's became special time with Grandpa. Again, at most often a last minute request, dad was always willing to come over to watch the kids. He just moved to Indianapolis..(or as Brigham says his 'other city') and we'll miss not having him so close.
My brother is just across town, though we don't see if as often as we'd like.. its for my kids to have their uncle so close.
So as we come upon this Thanksgiving holiday, I want to let those close to me know how much I am truly grateful for them in my life, and how much they are loved.
and now as I have been blessed.. I want to bless one of YOU!!
It's time for a GIVE AWAY!!!

Earlier this July I was surprised by my friend RITA, with a gigantic box, full of scrappy goodness. and if you know what an amazing designer she, is you know she has some of the most amazing supplies eV-ah ! seriously.

stamps galore

can you believe all this stuff?

and for all you non-scrappers out there, don't you worry, because, in this big ol' enormous box, was not only all kinds of scrap booking stuff, but oh, yeah..... the owner of DETAILS had generously given me all kinds of unique yumminess.

see that adorable gnome on a rope??? he could be yours!!!

ok, sorry this baby is mine. I'm selfishly keeping this.. goes with too many outfits ! but you can find other fabulous watches and accessories on her site at DETAILS.

So how could YOU get some of this delish stash?? Just leave me a comment (all you lurkers too!!) and tell me what you are Thankful for.
I'll have a drawing on Friday around midnight..(if I survive that late after blackfriday shopping)
ETA: I can't pick a winner, if noone leaves a comment... and I know you are all reading.. lol !!
so even if you've never spoken before, let this be your chance.. to win some goodies!!
Deadline extended to MONDAY DEC. 1ST.
The winner will be posted by Tues Dec 2Nd!
Have a wonderfully safe and satisfying Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

gobble gobble gobble

Brigham helped me make these for his Thanksgiving Feast at school yesterday. so cute aren't they?
and here is my little guy as an Indian. Last year they held his program in his room with just his class, and this year they combined the 3 day and the 4 day Pre K classes and put them in one big room. However, I was not aware of this, and therefore did not get there early to get a prime spot.. we were all the way in the back.. but I did scoot up front for a few pictures.. but its hard with all the other head's and video equipment.. LOL
the lighting is really bad too.. oh well...

They were pretty stinkin cute! They sang 3 songs and recited 3 bible verses. I was pretty impressed! He hadn't given us one hint what they had been workin on! And it really just melts me to hear him spout out scripture like this. Andrew missed his program because he was in Michigan for work this week, so I had Brigham re-inact his songs and verses today and I got a little movie of it.
That is one thing we have never had... a video recorder..(dvd) or anything... I hinted and hinted right before we had Brigham but no one caught on. Thankfully our good friends Charles and Stephanie were there to capture all of Brigham's first moments(actually his first couple hours.. lol). We will treasure that gift from our friends forever.
Poor Tatum didn't make film =(.

funny... all the other kids have their hands across their chest... not sure what Brig was doing here...

He was pretty proud of his bead necklace. And remember when I said I had to go get white Tshirts.. well, they tea stained them, and fringed and beaded them.. MUCH cuter than tye dye..LOL
Well.. I am off to clean up the house, something that was lacking since Andrew has been gone.. so now I must hurry to play catch up , oh, and perhaps take a shower before he gets home.
I have a family movie night planned..which was totally stolen from Heather. She is like a real life Martha Stewert. Seriously, if you're looking for fun ways to get thru the cold winter months.. check out all her creativness with her kids!!
Have a great weekend ya'll !!

Monday, November 17, 2008

tis the season...

yep. its here. and it came much earlier this year I might add.
we were out in the stores last week, and the deocrations are up. the shelves are overflowing. the aisleways are crammed tight. the carols are pumping thru the air.
we had an impromptu visit with Santa (but will have to go back for THE picture).
the talk shows are all giving advice. though today on Regis and Kelly, I did get some good ideas.
home parties are in full swing.. I have had 6 invitations so far....
I really get giddy this time of year.. but I have got to get caught up on photo edits, and card creatings before I start any shopping.
we're all sick around here too.... hoping by week's end, we'll all be on the mend!!
happy Monday!

Friday, November 14, 2008

a 4 year old's big surprise

At least I was hoping for it to be a big surprise... but a little man, with a big heart and a big mouth had other plans.
"daddy , daddy, we are going to decorationed the house for your burrrrrthday.. because me and mommy and Tatum are going to make you breakfast and we bought you presents because its your burrrrrthday"!!
"daddy, do you know how old you're going to be?"
dad- "Yep."
Brigham- " is it reeeeeeeely old?"
Brigham- "is it as old as mommy?" so the kid was so pumped for the days leading up to Andrew's birthday which was last Sunday. We went shopping, and I kept asking Brig what he wanted to get daddy. I told him he could pick out anything.
And the first thing was : Lemonheads.
Because "they are daddy's favorite".. (or maybe Brigham's?... though I don't know that he's ever had them. I am banking that the little dude on the yellow box was enticing enough!)
And then we kept shopping, and I asked Brigham what else he wanted to get daddy.. He said A CAKE!!
I though for a second, and almost scolded the boy "how dare you ask for a wal mart cake for daddy's birthday, when your mama has a cake business, and makes much better from-scratch cakes with fancy designs and stuff".. but I didn't and we walked over to the bakery.
Brigham picked out a carrot cake, because he said " daddy Loves carrots".
Then the boy took off to the produce section, and when I asked him what he was doing, he told me " getting daddy an apple and an orange for his birthday, because, daddy LOVES apples and oranges."!
So we proudly came home with Lemon heads, a carrot cake, an apple and an orange.
Brigham came busting in the door, saying 'Daddy, guess what we got something that's a surprise for mommy's birthday(and then puts his hands around his mouth and whispers.. "its not Mommy's birthday!! ..lol)..
what a little stinker. he's a jokester at four.

Anyway we got up early Sunday morning, and Brigham was my little helper in the kitchen as we made pancakes, eggs and sausage, hash browns, and fresh orange juice. We gave daddy the red plate and we actually enjoyed a breakfast together as a family.. something I don't think we've done since last Christmas day!!
Funny story about the red plate.. it was a tradition in my family growing up, that we got it on birthdays, or if we did well on a test, or had a game, or play performance of some kind..
So last year we were meeting with the missionaries, and we discovered that Elder Johnston was turning 21 on the same day Andrew was turning 30!! So we had Johnston and his companion, Elder Billings over for a birthday celebration.. gave Johnston the red plate.. and he told us that his mom did this for them too. In fact since they don't really have much contact with their families while on their mission, Johnston's mom had mailed him a plastic red plate on which she wrote "you are special today!".
So a year later, Oliver emailed Andrew and we all had a laugh remembering our time with them last year.
Crazy how a year has gone past. He's in school at BYU and our other elder just got married. We were so excited to get his invitation, and would have loved to travel to Utah to witness his ceremony in the SLC temple! I can only imagine how gorgeous it would have been.
So a digression.. here, but we hope to be able to see these guys sometime in the next year.

From the family photo shoot take TWO!! actually got a few where my boobs were not hanging out! Its hard , I tell ya, to set the timer, then run over mole-infested ground to a four year old that is full of energy,and try to be in position with all body parts contained and hair out of faces.. lol
I actually cropped this one closer and like it better, so it' probably going to be our Christmas card photo.
speaking of, I just got some fun new templates, that I can't wait to play with.. next week, I'll post some samples.
still trying to finish editing from a session of one year old triplets from last week!! oh, my they were so cute, and really pretty cooperative!
I'll leave you with some other faves from our family shoot.

and ETA
on the leg thing.. had to go to urgent care AGAIN last night. I have a lovely staff infection. They took off the steri strips , so now I have this nice gaping hole again. Its not oozing as much, but they cleaned it out, and covered it. So now instead of an inconvenient mole the size of an eraser top, I will now I have a lovely red scar about 4-5 times that size!!
I have a stupid cold too... the one where your head is so stuffed up and no matter how hard you blow your nose(to where you see stars!), hardly anything comes out.
I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Andrew is going to be away tonight for a big WII tournament, and so I am having a friend come over to scrap.
Its been a long time since I have been productive. I have like 3-4 layouts started.. just sort of got stuck on them! I am soooo far behind its ridiculous!
so wish me luck, that I'll get something done.
happy Friday ya'll!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I think I chose the wrong profession

In the last month I have seen quite a bit of the inside of the pasty white walls of a doctor's office.
It started when I went for a derma appointment that I have been waiting on for the last 7 months. Went to see Dr. Bob, a highly recommended derma doc in our area. In fact if you're local and you ever watch TV18, you see his smiley face on 60second house call. While very thorough, he's a very touchy- feely kinda guy, which made me a tad uncomfortable.. anyway, while he mapped me out, my poor baby girl sat in the corner and screamed her head off. She was doing fine until he turned the blow dryer on to check my scalp. It was all over. It did not phase the doc.
So he quickly told me that 5 spots needed to come off.. or left on , "it could be really bad". He was joking that I'd be all upset that this fat man just made me get all cut up.
Really, I could care less. I had one spot taken off a year ago, and its like no big deal. I was ready for 5 more spots of ' no big deal' to come off.
However he couldn't do it, so I scheduled for the following week to go to a surgeon.
Boy, this is some high tech stuff, if a surgeon is going to spend his time on something like this. So off I went, to a friend's husband's office. The procedure was quick and painless.
Two weeks later, I go in to get the stitches out. Quick and painless.
*Meanwhile I have gone in for the second time in a month to another Dr. to have blood drawn to check some particular hormone levels.*
The kids are getting real comfortable and know which nurse will hand out which kind of sticker!
So back up to 4 hours after the stitches come out. I go to sit on the couch, and BAM! The spot on my leg, busts open.. there is a gaping hole and blood starts gushing out.(ok the gaping hole is about the size of a nickel, but its still gaping, none the less.)
I call Andrew. He rushes home(only because I am sure I made it sound like it was the end of the world) and we head to Urgent care. The self remedy of a Thomas band aid is not sufficient and the blood is seeping down my leg.
As we enter the UC, the waiting room has one other person in it. I think this is going to be a quick and easy visit. Um, THREE hours later, I am not thinking it was so quick. Not to mention I now have frost bite, from the pseudo surgery room, being like an arctic closet.
After an hour and 45 minutes, the UC DR. comes in, and it happens to be one of Brigham's preschool friends' mom! I hadn't seen her for several months, and then I see her for all of 3 minutes, for her to tell me that my wound popped opened due to a probable infection. Though she couldn't see one. SO it wasn't treated.After another long wait, a nurse comes in to fix the hole.
I had steri strips put on to close it up.
So from Wednesday until Sunday, I hadn't been showering.. (ok, I had been showering with a big trashbag rubberbanded to my left leg!)but it sure wasn't a relaxing time for getting clean.. more like a Matrix kind of song and dance to avoid getting the trash bag and its contents wet!
So on to Sunday , which was Andrew's birthday.. I have pictures and will post later all about the fun we had celebrating with him. That evening I noticed that my leg was pretty red and puffy. Ahhh. this was a sign from the pamphlet that the wound could be infected. So I call a nurse. And because its Sunday, they have to find someone on call.. and then I had to wait for a return phone call and explain the whole situation again.
The nurse advices me that I need to go in right away. Andrew and I stock our bag with snacks and magazines and head off to the urgent care again. ( luckily my mom had the kids).
Thankfully, the visit was only about 30 minutes, and the nice doctor came in for a mere 30 seconds to tell me that it was in fact infected , and he was calling me in a prescription.

Started that, and I have yet to see any results yet.. but hoping that the pain will stop soon. Andrew is convinced that I have grain green and that they will have to chop my leg off. Although he sat for hours with me at UC, his verbal encouragement is lacking... lol
(kidding. )
Monday morning, we head off to Tatum's 18 month check up. We get there 10 minutes later, so that means they bumped us, and we have to be 'fit' in.
Andrew stayed out in the play area with Brigham and I went in with Tate. We waited. and Waited. The nurse came in for about 10 minutes. and then we waited and waited.
and then the Dr. came in for about 5 minutes. and then we waited and waited. And then the nurse came in do to her shots.
Tatum's 18 month Stats:
weight 24 lbs
height 32 inch
and she still has a small head. that's fine with me. she's a dainty princess. I have seen some kids with these big ol' noggins, and frankly, they are a bit disturbing. So I'll take my kid with a small head( and its been progressing normally, just on the smaller side since birth)any day. She'll have no problems wearing head accessories =)
and from her appt. we headed to see my Dr. we all went into the room, and Brigham was very excited to see Dr. Shinn. He came to all appts. while we were prepping Tatum.
So after we saw Shinn, for about 15 minutes, we were all hungry and ready to get out of this stark environment.
So we went to Little Mexico Two. Its our fave. We go there once a week. Its a nice hole in the wall, family run, totally authentic Mexican place. YUM-O.
And then we were planning to head to the mall to spend some of Andrew's birthday money, but Tatum was melting due to her shots.
So my assessment is that I should have suffered thru extra years of school to become a dr. or at least a nurse.
though my aversion to blood, vomit and poop might have hindered a promising career.
So now I get to endure blood, vomit, and poop with out the $250/hr pay check.. my reward is only the snotty grins of two little people.
which I have to say is the best reward in the world.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

a family photoshoot take ONE

so I have been busy taking family pictures of so many other people's families, that I figured before its gets away from me, I'd better get our family shoot taken care of.. I want to be on top of my Christmas cards this year! We headed out last Sunday evening... had in my mind all day that we would start at 5:30p.. this time has been working out great for other shoots( I usually take them mid morning or early evening) so we are racing around to get outfits on etc, and then we run over to my friend Charolette's to pick up a bow (since Miss T has to have a bow, and would you believe I did not have a red one?!).. so then we get over to the park, and I am like... holy cow, where did all the sunlight go?
Dang, Day light savings!! We really should have been out there at 4:30pm!! Well we busted out a few, and really there were only TWO that I liked of myself. Of course the hubby and kiddos looked great in all of them! And then in the two of me.. one- my bra strap was showing, and two- my boob was totally hanging out... but I was smiling! Of course, Andrew says that's the BEST picture of them all.. but Um, not thinking I want it as our Christmas card.. lol
Love this one of Tatum and Daddy!

So we headed out this morning for Family photo shoot take TWO. By now, the leaves had nearly fallen off the trees... and it was windy as all get out... and pretty chilly... ugh.
but we were racing around enough, that we stayed kinda warm. Our faced will just be red, eyes watery, and snot pasted to our cheeks!
Oh well. such is life.
I'll post the results when I'm done editing them.

Going to enjoy this dreary Sat. afternoon scrap booking while the kids nap. Andrew is out for a few hours with a friend so I've got no interruptions. Although, I am praying that my mojo will be back.. tried to scrap earlier this week.. and have just been in a funk. uck. hate it when that happens.
Then tonight we have a date night to celebrate Andrew's birthday!
Hope you're all having a great weekend =)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

be thankful and trust Him

Don't know if you can see the sticker or not... but Tatum voted =)

We actually started a tradition with Brigham 4 years ago taking him to vote.. although, back then he was only about 4 months old! I remember what a trooper he was as we waited and waited in line.
Then when he was a little over two years old, we took him to the church around the corner from our subdivision to vote in the local election. Andrew wanted to start early, teaching Brigham the importance of voting, and what it means and everything.. (though not sure much sank in.. lol)
So Andrew even let Brig press the buttons on the voting screen. So when we were finished that year, and the sweet old lady bent down to talk to Brigham and give him the sticker.. she said to him " Hi there little one.. did you vote for Santa Clause?" (maybe b/c it was Nov. and the stores were in full gear with promoting the holiday.. ) and this cute little kid of ours just looked up at her, and said " No, I voted for Jesus!" The lady was taken back, and several other people around heard and commented on how amazed they were he said that.
Andrew and I were actually in shock too.. (he had no promptings.. lol) so we kind of saw that as an encouragement that what we were teaching him was doing some good.
anyway, so this year I had to help in Brigham's PreK class while the teachers were doing some testing..his schools was also a voting site, so I called Andrew and he left work to meet me there , so we could vote together. He had already pulled Brigham out of class to join us, when I met up with him. Luckily, the whole thing took us all of 6 minutes.. which I am very thankful, as I have heard many people had to stand in lines for more than an hour.
So now its over. I am quite frankly glad that the whole political mess is over. I mean I watched the debates, but had a hard time believing either candidate at times. I kept questioning Andrew if there was such a thing as an honest politician. I am sick of the phone calls. sick of the stacks of mailings that just smear peoples names. I always stop and think.. these are some body's kids. and some one's father. or some one's friend.
In fact as I watched the concession speech last night, I told Andrew I was feeling so bad for Mc Cain. though I would have felt the same emotions for Obama, had he not won. I just don't like losers. Andrew laughed at me thru the world series, too when I was all bummed out for the losing team. I just hate to see people fail. So, I kept asking "well.. whats going to happen to Mc Cain, and Palin, what about their families.. how do you just go back about your business?"
ok.. I digress....
But seriously, I am happy about the outcome. I think it speaks volumes for the strides our country has made. I mean I think its incredible that this kind of history has been made in our lifetime. Our children will be reading about the significance of this date in their history books. Andrew and I can tell them, that we were part of it. I have heard so many Christians speak just hatred towards this man. Even today on the radio, they were talking about how at a gas station a group of people were using derogatory terms about this newly elected president. That just makes me sad. I am all for free speech.. thank goodness we live where we do. But people are being so negative , just based on things that the media has put out there.. things that is part of a political campaign- part of where "digging" up things in a person's past and used out of context is to just stir things up. And it looks like those tactics have achieved what they were after.. to create fear and have people base their opinions simply out of the fear of the unknown. This guy has come really far, and I think that people should give him a chance and see what he can do, before kicking him out the door. I for one am believing that God is our master planner.I believe that he is a God that is Good. That he protects us and loves us. He will not leave nor forsake us.

I also think that no one president will solve all our problems. Even if they promise to. Also, people so often vote on the candidate based on emotional issues.. such as abortion. I realize its a sticky situation for Christians. Unfortunately in our country the president does not make that decision. He certainly supports the decision set forth by the courts.. but people get all wrapped up in a particular person's view on something like that , and then decide that they're incapable of any other types of country improvement. They tend to label a person just based on their view of that one issue. I would hate to be judged in entirety, simply for a view or opinion that I may have on one particular issue. Isn't that what Grace is all about?
This was something that a high school classmate of mine, brother of a good friend of mine, and son of some very well respected people at my old church had to say about the election. He was raised in a christian family, attended Christian school, went on to work in inner city youth ministry, and obtain his pastoral degree. What he said in his reasoning for voting, gave me something to think about. Even post election, maybe it will you too.****

1. his symbolic value - he represents a lot of what i love and think is unique about 21rst century america. mixed race. single parent. raised by grandparents. moved around. harvard educated. student loans. difficult to categorize. i think his story represents much of what is good about the possibility of america and a new globalized world. he's like a president... only remixed.2. ability to communicate and inspire. i think if we are honest, a president cannot and should not be a detail oriented policy wonk on every issue. there is too much to know. i think presidents need to have good judgment, character, and then be able to rally support for the common cause. i think obama is able to do that in a way that mccain is not. i also trust his intelligence and ability to communicate in a way that i have not for GWB. i think i would be proud to have him represent our country.3. energy policy - i think this is possibly the next great issue facing the world. as the world gains population, globalization moves forward, and there is a rise in the middle class of china, india, brazil, etc. i think that we must have a revolution in our thoughts about energy. we have 6 billion people on the earth currently and project 9 billion by 2050. As globalization gives rise to a middle class, energy will become more and more scarce. "drill baby drill" is just not an energy policy and is the equivalent of having a crowd shout "Model T Fords!" as a transportation policy.... to me, energy policy represents a huge stewardship issue, an environmental issue; an economics issue; and a foreign relations issue. (quick aside, the best book i have read in a while that sums up much of my political feelings right now is thomas friedman's flat, hot and crowded. forgive me if i steal some of his ideas)4. tax policy / economics - the gap between rich and poor is higher than at any time since the great depression. continuing to give tax cuts to the richest 5% of americans does not seem just or fiscally responsible. i think it takes courage for obama to admit that taxes will need to be raised on those making over $250,000... it is never popular, but it is true. if you want any programs, you have to pay for them.besides, what are we really talking about here in terms of actual money. moving the highest tax bracket from 35 percent to 39 percent would mean an additional $4,000 in taxes on $100,000 of earnings for someone making over $250k. this is the same marginal tax bracket as we had under both ronald reagan or bill clinton. were they accused of being a socialist?5.Issues around the orphan, widow, immigrant, poor - honestly i think obama's administration would treat these people with more dignity than another republican administration. this means i'm with obama on poverty, immigration issues.
6. I've actually heard him talk about requiring sacrifice and the need for americans to change our consumption patterns in regards to energy and climate change...7. foreign policy - i don't think you fight al queda in 60 countries by occupying iraq. i have become very concerned at how the US foreign policy is so fear driven. it seems the USA has lost so much of its standing within the world community over the past 8 years. we used to export hope and ideals, now we export fear.i think energy policy is a huge foreign policy issue. it makes no sense that we spend billions on the war against terror with our right hand and with our left hand, we pay billions to countries that finance terrorism with their oil revenues. if we really wanted to fight terrorism, one of the best ways would be to gain energy independence and turn off the funding stream. i recently read a summary of a study that found of the 23 countries that derive the majority of their export income from oil and gas, not a single one is a democracy. i don't think that is a coincidence.8. i think that the VP choices reveal a lot about the respective administrations. obama chose someone who complemented his skill set with foreign policy experience, experience in washington, etc. mccain's choice raises major questions for me as it seems much more political in nature, trying to attract a specific core constituency of republicans. I have to admit i lost some respect for McCain when he picked Palin. If McCain truly believes she is the most qualified person he could find to be VP, then i question his judgment. If he chose Palin for political reasons (i.e. shore up his conservative base), then i'm disappointed. If he would have picked Lieberman or Ridge or many other people, i would have at least respected the choice. with Palin, it makes me question what type of matrix he would use to make other big choices.she seems like a good enough person and a popular governor. i have a hard time believing she is ready to be president. she was mayor of a town smaller than where i grew up and governor of a state with less population than the county n which ii currently live...
9. Wall Street Meltdown - the recent Wall Street meltdown also makes me less comfortable with McCain and the Repubs. He has recently been talking about increasing regulation on wall street and firing the head of the SEC, but his record has consistently been for deregulation and less oversight by the government. as a person working in business and finance, i am usually NOT in favor of governments being overly involved in markets. However, to me this is simply a case where the pendulum under Bush / Cheaney has swung dangerously towards no oversight and totally free markets. markets are very efficient at producing goods... however, they are not inherently good. they are inherently efficient and need to be overseen and guided to guard against abuse. McCain does not have a record that shows me he would do this.10. Finally, i think the pendulum is so far right after 8 years of GWB and 6 years of a republican controlled congress (mostly) that we need a bit of a correction. i think most political parties get scary the more you get out on the edges and i think that Bush / Cheaney has been one of the most conservative administrations in history.11. i'm tired of the assumption that christians are right wing republicans

STEPPING DOWN FROM MY SOAP BOX... and I want you to know that I do respect others opinions. That's what is so cool about living here, is that we all don't have to agree. YAY ! The bottom line for me as a Christian , is that I am thankful that I have a God that protects me. I trust that He has the master plan.. and if this is part of it, than I need to rest in the fact that he orchestrates every detail, even to whom we have in leadership and what that leader will do with the power given.
and so on a lighter note, I am thankful that I was able to spend homecoming with my family. I am glad that I could see the eyes light up on a 4 year old boy's face, when he saw Pete off in a distance!

The Boiler maker. We see this statue from the other side of the building every time we drive to church. Brigham always asks.. " whose that big guy?" And Andrew replies.. "the boiler maker".. and then they go into what he does and who he is ... pretty cute.

this has been a traditional picture spot right near all the homecoming festivities!

here is Miss Tatum, modeling her new pants that mommy made!! I had seen these on Etsy, when she was just born, and couldn't wait till she was upright and I could attempt them on my own!

the girl loves her kitchen... we got this for Brigham last year for Christmas, and she has become quite domestic in it.. almost every time I am cooking.. she has to be in there too!!

and another PSA!!! this sweet little cat needs a good home. In my consistent nature of bringing home strays.. (only to pass them on to others, like my mom and my dad) .. my dad reluctantly took this beautiful female in about 6-7 years ago , after I put her in a box, and dropped her off at his apartment!!
well , the time has come, that my dad is moving and doesn't want to take her with.. (since he only kept her to be nice to me =)
she has been indoors the whole time. totally keeps to her self, but enjoys some attention and a good meal too.
Her name is Cosette, and if you're interested or know someone who would give her a good home.. please let me know!
Otherwise she is going to an animal shelter =(.
alright... its late..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

its all about the candy!!

And our crew scored their fair share of it, thats for sure!! We went to our friends house for dinner and then got everyone dressed and ready to head out on the streets. It was a tad eery, because, our cowgirl, bride, and knight in shining armor were the only ones on the street! Our goal was to head out around 6:30pm, but it was kinda strange b/c it still wasn't dark yet! So we goofed around taking pictures and stuff, and around 7:00p and started down the street. We were all joking like, " it is the 31st , isn't it?".. seriously, it was so weird.
After the 4th or 5th house, we saw another two kids, but then went down nearly an entire street and didn't see a single ghost or gobblin!! The weather was so perfect. My friend and I had been saying we weren't sure how long we'd last with the babies, but they are walking now and with the weather in the 60's.. we had no reason to slow down! Little Carter was the sweetest little dog but he didn't sit still long enough for me to snap a good picture.. I'll have to snag one from them, for the scrap page.. got to document them again this year!! whoops thought I had one of the two little ones.. Guess its on my slide show to the left.

So Master Brigham dropped his princess early on to escort his bride Hannah. These two are seriously inseperable. they get along fabulously. actually all the kids .. and adults do. maybe thats why we do so much together? (speaking of, I just realized I only got thru about 2 days of our vacation from this summer.. maybe I'll try and update with pics later this week!)

and this was our pretty pretty princess. love her sparkly shoes. HAD to get them for her dress! she actually got out of the stroller for one house, but kept going up the walk, and turning around, and then up the walk and turning around.. the woman at the door thought it was a riot!
we are kinda annoyed, as the older kids were off and running to the next house, so I had to scoop T up and then carry her to the next one. Carter is 6 weeks older, and a lot more steady on his feet.. Tatum just sorta takes her time, and with the dark and grass.. she was not moving fast..
I think she was just as content watching from the stroller! She probably though, "why am I in this crazy get up anyway?"!!!

Her magic wand, which was either bopping people (including herself) on the head, or in her mouth

she fully understood as the kids nearly broke down the door and dumped their loot all over the floor..

and while he ate like 52 pieces of candy that night.. he hasn't asked for any since!
The same thing happend last year too.. mommy and daddy ate some of the good stuff, and then within a few days, the rest was in the garbage.
He's all about the gum, for some reason this year.. and I am being a mean mommy and not ready to give my baby gum. heck, I still worry about hard candy. * sigh*
any mama's out there have advice on when to give in?
Hope you all had a great Halloween! Here's hoping that you survived the sugar highs!! LOL
In other news... PURDUE BEAT MICHIGAN on Saturday!! WHOOOO HOOO!


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