Tuesday, February 28, 2006

all rolled into one!

okay.. today will be a whole bunch of random stuff all rolled into one post!
to recap..
my 2 truths and a lie..
drumbroll.. please.... I have NOT been across the ocean three times! this my friends, is false, oh, how I wish it were true.. but I guess I have things to aspire to..(i have only been twice!)
so this means that...
1. Yes, I do in fact have a tat and 9 piercings. My tattoo is small and on my back, and often I forget that I even have it.. The piercings.. well, most are in my ears.. (although I don't wear earings in all of them.. that would be SO eighties!).. though, it probably will make a come back.. along with the ear wrap??? anyone know what I am talking about?? Oh, I was the coolest.. with a dangly earwrap!!
2. Yes, I did in fact spend the night with Zack Morris, aka Mark Paul Gosselaar, from saved by the bell!! Please don't hate me... it was a crazy night in my senior year of high school.. Would you believe two friends of mine.. actually stood in line at a monster truck show.. just to get his autograph.. well, one thing led to another.. ( probably his excitement with girls over the age of 11, and not with their mothers!).. yada, yada, yada.. .Yeah, he was not that impressive..
However, he has matured after his stint on NYPD blue..etc. etc.

Okay,, and my lil song about my house in the middle of the street.. well, that was from the group Madness.
The quote about the pale moon light.. of course.. BATMAN, you sillies.

So before I continue with my house tour let tell you how the infamous website twopeasinabucket.. can , well, cause some frightening issues to occur.

Yesterday morning, I woke my son up, and sat him out in front of the ever so fumourous Lazy town, with his cereal and milk. This is usually a morning routine, and Brigham is quite content.. to just be mezmorized by Stephanie and the funky pink hair of hers...
So, I started his bath water running, and I went into the office to Pea.... well, I kinda know about how long it takes for the water to fill up,... so , I keep looking through the gallery...
of course this would be a monday,, and it would be so full of amazing talent, that I just have to keep posting praise..
I soon realized that it has been a bit longer, and I should go turn the water off. As I go into the bathroom, I yell out to Brigham to come get his bath..

I walked into this: Yep. He had climbed into the bathtub, with his jammies on!! I could not believe it!! He just sat their giggling and playing with the bubbles.. of course, I had to run and get my camera!
That little stinker.. I can't believe I did not hear him.. (the office is only like 2o ft away from the bathroom).. He must have known he had to be careful, cuz he did not splash, or worse.. fall in!
I have never even let him climb in by himself. We always lift him into the tub. Well, I guess they never cease to amaze us!

So here is the last bit of the tour.. Brigham's room. Two walls are yellow and the other two are green.. when we first painted.. we thought there would be no way he could sleep.. he'd be 'blinded by the light'.... luckily, he does just fine.
I have such a hard time taking pictures of a room in its entirety.. oh well, you get the idea.. only thing you cant see his his cute lil toybox and the fun animal knobs from PB that I put on his closet doors. How fun was it to decorate this room. I am now getting the itch for a new theme for him as he will be two this summer, and hopefully be moving to a bigboy bed soon. I still have one more cycle that I can pick the decor for his room!! I usually look at PB or Posh Tots for decorating ideas.

so this is the master bed and bath.. although I am in the process of changing it up .. it is pretty much a shabby chic look.. with a mixture of soft colors and textures..
unfortunately you can't see much in the pic.. and I did not have all my stuff on the walls yet..

yeah, that is me in the mirror.. trying to take the pic..!!
..and the last room here is the scraproom/office..
gosh, did not realize the photo was that dark..
but it hides my mess, i guess!!
there are really tall bookshelfs on the other side that have tons of reference books and frames and sports stuff.. of course I had to let that come into the decor..(but only classy stuff w/ similar color scheme!)

so that is it for the tour of my humble abode..
and its (finally) the end of my post..

get your tastebuds ready for the scrumptious recipe post tomorrow!!

have a super day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my house.. in the middle of the street

okay love that song.. and it just seemed fitting here.
does anyone know who sings this??? just a little quiz question for you all... to let me know who is a rockgoddess!

so here is my little cozy place of residence... don't blink or you may miss it!! We actaully just moved here about six months ago. In the first two weeks, we completely changed the look of everything!! Outside, we painted the shutters from white to like a dark charcoal. Painted the front door a softer shade. That window to the side used to be white..(imagine next to a bright red door.. ick!). The front of the house had 6 huge shrubs in the front that covered up the brick and a good portion of the front bedroom windows.
My poor dad, was out there every day for many hours not only digging these mega things out.. but then sweetly transplanting them to our backyard!!
there was no landscape at all, so my fabulous papa helped..well, did it all.. of digging away the sod and cutting away flower beds. We moved in the middle of July, so I had slimpickings as to what to plant... not to mention the heat of August to contend with. I found out I actually have a green thumb! In October, I started planting about 400 bulbs, so I am so excited to see what comes up this spring!
okay so here is the entry way!.. When we moved in all the walls were white and the baseboards were all like a fake wood color. All the doors and door frames were the same "fake wood " that all builders put in new homes, that are NOT custom built!
So in the first week, we primed and
painted all the baseboards and door trim. Andrew(my husband) tackled his first home improvement project by ripping all 12 interior doors off. This was quite the project. We then installed six panel doors on all the frames and had to prime and paint them, along with the frames.

We did have a little help from our mexican friends. Man do those boys know how to work! Andrew reluctantly had to got back and put door knobs, and chisel out new forms for the locks to fit! We still have 3 doors not finished!!

here is guest bathroom.....above and below are pics of the living room.

sorry that one shot is a bit dark!
I tried my first domesticated attempt in making all the curtains for all the rooms. It was so much fun.. and I had fabric that totally coordinated. I love this place called calico corners in Indianapolis. So many beautiful fabrics!!

so here is the dining room:-------->.
and the kitchen.

okay, since this took like forever and a day to post today... this is all you get.

I was trying to get this done while taking care of two sickly babies, cleaning the house, watching my soaps, and finishing my bible study all before hubby gets home. I am not super woman.. but man, I am a close second!! Not really, just really anal about time management!

So you'll have to wait for another day to see the bedrooms..

I am going to be scrapping 3pages(yes my goal is still 2-3 a week) tonight!! I have actually surpassed my goal of scrapping, but regret to say that my work out routine is taking a hit!

I have only been going to the gym 1-2 times a week! need to get moving. also.. my addiction with chocolate must end.. I am trying to cram in as much before lent.. because.. I will be giving up 100% ALL CHOCOLATE!!

(yeah, i am insane).

have a fabulous day..and I decided to keep my bloggy kinda fun.. i will sign off with a movie quote.. have fun playing!

"ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Heart Day!

I have been procrasinating... on getting my heart cards out.. finally got the pics on Sunday, but have not done the actual card.. but since it is a Hallmark holiday, I am sure my friends and family won't care if I decide what day to make it a heart day!
so here is the pic:

and I am just gonna do something real simple. I'll post a peek of the completed project..(if it is before Easter!)

So hopefully you all are enjoying lots of luvins from your sweeties.(of any age,gender,or species)

My sweetman, Andrew has class tonight so we will be doing.. nothing! before you go feeling all sorry for me..( i know you are)- we celebrated over the weekend.

We got all dressed up and went to dinner at our favorite(and expensive, so we have only been there twice). but neverthe less, it is our favorite Japanese restaurant.

We ate fabulous sushi .. and I even tried a few new kinds..although I would not recommend sea urchin. It tastes like mud! But everything else was delish..

We sat at this table with like 3 other couples.. its the kind where the cook right in front of you! gotta love Jap man humor! Our cook was HILARIOUS!! all he talked about was american girl..

with it being valentines and everything. this guy ran with the "nasty" content. I felt so bad for this poor little 8yr old boy! I just prayed he could not unterstand let alone comprehend the "adult" humor.

anywhoo, we enjoyed a fab dinner and then came home to cuddle and watch a non romantic Oceans Twelve!

I am going to leave you in suspense a tad longer as to what kind of box I live in.. since I got tagged.

Sweeties Niki and Christy both tagged me on this one.. (so does that mean i can double my answers?) okay, so I won't bore you that long..

Here goes:

Three names you go by:

1. ELizabeth

2. Beth

3. Mama

Three everyday essentials:

1. Deoderant..(i could live without. but no one else could)

2. Lipstick.. or Burts Bee's

3. Diet coke

Three things I am wearing right now:

1. new jeans in a new smaller size..with BLING on the pockets

2. black turtleinmy neck sweater

3. new necklace that ANdrew got me with rhinestone,pink, pearls,sterling.. BLING!!

Three fave songs:(right now, they change weekly)

1.Behind these hazel eyes- Kelly Clarkson

2. Good is good-Sheryl Crow

3. Walk by Faith- Jeremy Camp

Two truths and a lie

1. I have flown across the ocean 3 times

2. I spent the night with Zack from saved by the bell(i know i am dating myself)

3. I have a tattoo and 9 piercings

Three fave hobbies:

1. scrapbooking.. duh

2. Photography

3.shopping.. (yes it is a hobby)

Three things I really wanna do right now:

1.go on vacation

2. have a baby

3. eat ice cream

Three places I really want to go:

1. New Zealand



Three things I want to do before I die:

1. Open my dream of a salan/day spa

2. go on a mission trip to Romania and then adopt a child from there

3. take my grandkids on a vacation!

Three peopleI'd like to see take the quiz:

1. Jill

2. Rachel


HAve a most beautiful heart day!

don't eat too much chocolate. don't inhale to many flower fumes.. and don't burn to many calories... ummm being all mushy!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

ima loser baby....

that song is in my head.. and it just fits here...
I am a total loser at blogging..(but please don't kill me) somehow i have so much time to read about the fascinating lives of others.. that i cant update my own blog..
OR is it because i have such an insanely boring life...
I think the latter.

Actually last night as I lay (lie, ly) in bed, I had a million random thoughts going thru my head. I kept thinking.. this would be great to blog about... i should probably get up and write this all down..
NO , I convinced myself I would remember.. this so did not happen.
once a baby comes out of you.. One's memory is history.
don't ask me how come a man can't remember anything...!

So i finally got around to taking pictures of my house, without Christmas decor up, so I can give ya'll (those who care) a tour of my humble abode.
That term does not mean that I am very humble about my freaking big mansion.
it means humble, as in quaint, small, little.
HOWEVER, you will all have to wait.. and (this puts me on the spot to blog again!) for the tour, until tomorrow.

For now, I can sum up the last week pretty fast!

We took Brigham (our 18 month old son) to his FIRST college basket ball game. Unfortunately the Purdue Boilers could not show him what a win looks like! Poor guys , they try so hard, but just can't pull it off.
Guess that is what happens, when the hotheads decide fighting and beating up women is more important than playing ball. We lost a ton of starters!
Anyway, Brig was in total awe.. and loved the BALL. We had fourth row seats, behind the basket, so he clapped til his little hands were raw!! We hung out in the before the game at a reception for John Purdue Club Members. Getting cookies, and gold fish crackers.. and then seeing a ball!
gosh, that is just enough to make your whole world! at least if you are 18 months old!

We got together with several couples for dinner last weekend and recreated the newlywed game, in honor of Valentines Day.
amazing how much some people get their sig nif other (i think they cheat) and also how little some know. Its a wonder some of them are together!!!
I am proud to say, that Andrew and I finished off pretty well.. Except that he didn't guess right how many pair of shoes I have..(well, because I hide some, how could he know!)
How well do you know YOUR sig nif other???

Of course we spent SUNDAY doing the whole superbowl thing.. I have to admit, I could care less about the teams playing. the commercials are always fun though..
LOVE the magic fridge!!!

The mundane routine of the week began..ughh. and brig was sick so it made for fun battles with green slime and a fierce fist!!
I have to say, I love it when he is sick.. he is such a lover =)

I am in charge of planning a valentines couples event for tomorrow night, so I have been busy getting last minute rSVP's(do people NOT get this?) and little details done.
I also am helping with a pampering day for a mom's group I am in. I have been running around picking of donations from businesses. I am totally amazed at how giving people are!
Texas Roadhouse, gave a years supply of rolls!! (if you have ever had these things, you know how truly lucky you would be) they completely rock!

Of course I watched the bachelor. Im a Sarah from TN fan... Although I think it would be hysterical to see MOOOOAAANNA win!
I don't think T is the real thing anyway.
gosh, but it is so addicting.. and really what does that say, if you have to go on tv to find love?

gotta love my girl Kelly won a grammy! so amazing that chick.
and my new fave John Legend..
and of course J johnson.
could have done without Mariah.. that girl needs to go on what not to wear!

okay enough rambling of randomness., but that is seriously my life. living with a 1 1/2 year old!

those of you who pea... send me good scanner vibes...
I have a pile of Lo's I 've done, but can't get the freakin scanner to work...
it is sooo frustrating!!!
thanks for reading.. sorry I made you wait..


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