Wednesday, July 25, 2007

where oh where has the summer gone??

seriously, I can't believe its almost my dad's bday ( on the 27th) and that always makes me feel like summer is almost over!!

guess it didn't help when we had the little one and were busy with her for the first few weeks of june.

I have yet to take my pasty self to the pool!! maybe that is just me being courtious to the other folks!

I mean you know its bad when your husband says to you.. last week " honey, when we get paid this week, I want you to go to Carribean Mist and buy yourself a tanning package"
Me: um, are you sure, I have just been becoming used to blending in with the sidewalks!!.. not to mention I have really been concerned about skin cancer from watching all these recent reports on tv."
Him: yeah, I think you should go and buy a tanning package. you need to sexify yourself!"
Me: oh, so I really look that bad???!"
Him: well, I just think when you feel good about yourself, then you are happy.. and then everybody is happy."

still have not bought a tanning package, but I did go get a pedicure on Saturday. =)

Last weekend we went to a friend's 40th bday party. Hard to believe we're hanging with people that OLD!! LOL
they don't seem it al all, and they have the sweetest little girl a tad younger than Brigham.
and my mom was nice enough to point out , that 40 is not far off for me.. um Thanks!
luckily my husband is not 30 yet, so he keeps me young. and frankly, I don't consider 32 almost to 40!!

Sunday we had a great time with our Care group, grilling out, kids running wild, babies crying and easing the chaos with adult beverages and a few games of wi.
I think that is the new thing for stay at home moms... get together for playdates and wave your arms frantically in the air, while holding an infant.. all to beat a 7 year old at tennis!! =)
very addicting game, I may add.

Well, last night we went to the fair. normally its beyond miserably hot, and usually there is a tornado warning going on, and usually it stinks really bad, and usually it is full of nasty carnies.
BUT, we went on the first night of the week. animals were nice and clean, as were the people =)
and the weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees with a breeze.
all of the projects were new and fresh, and not moldy, etc.
Brigham had a great time. We ate the tenderloins, funnel cakes, and I tried the cheesecake on a stick. (not so worth the 3.50).. very disapointed.
We did let Brigham play one game, and he was just totally enamored by the lights and sounds. Actully Tatum was too.
I just started praying then, and will continue, that my sweet babies, will not end up like the swarms of 'fair kids' hanging out.
Definately got a glimps into what 14-18 year olds are like... S-C-A-R-Y !!!

ok, so on for some pics...

I love that one where Brig is just in awe of the games and lights surrounding him.
we let him play the pick the duck.. and he won the stuffed cow. he loves that cow. it has gone everywere with us since then.
and then we let him 'think' he was playing Wack the Mole.
too funny!
well, enjoy your day!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the circus was in town

we're still recovering from the 3 ring circus that landed right on our doorsteps last Saturday for Brigham's 3rd birthday party!!
yep, still have balloons floating around...I've popped most of them, but out of the 60 plus that we had.. I just don't want to break his poor little heart with them all gone! amazing how much a kid and a bright colored balloon can have!!

we turned our house into a big top!!
as each child entered, they had to put on a big red clown nose.. it was a big hit!

we had a big bounce and bubbles in the front yard. balloons everywhere!
inside were streamers, and balloons and some stuffed animals(lion, tiger, elephant, horse, etc) corralled with a sign, that said 'dont feed the animals'.

we had a consession stand , which the clown, aka, my mom worked hard at serving up everyone's favorite circus treats.
we had popcorn, and cheese popcorn, jumbo soft pretzels, snow cones, and hot dogs.
bright colored licorace(which tastes horrible by the way, but looked awesome!)and of course the (nasty tasting) orange mallow circus peanuts!!
I served lemonade, water and ice tea for the adults, and the kids got those lil jugs of various fruit punches.

there were cupcakes shaped like popcorn bags.. (seriously, one of the cutes things I have ever made!.. and so EASY!!)

I made 24 cupcakes with random bright colored icing, and clowns or confetti on top.
...and of course, Brigham got his clown cake!!

it turned out super cute, even though I finished it like an hour before the party started!!.. yep, I am a procrastinator..
sent Andrew back to Wal mart 4 times to get things, I had forgotten!

and people, I started planning this party months ago!! LOL
anway, outside we had a fish pond, where the kids fished for the red crab.. out of several fish we had put in our swimming pool!
then there was the hanging monkey.. aka Curious George pinata that took a LONG time and finally Andrew's baseball bat to bust it open!!

we played pin the tale on the monkey..(adorable set that I got from Potterybarn kids),
tattoos, and a ping pong ball in the bucket toss.
all the kids had loads of fun. I had all kinds of different circus themed prized for them, like big striped lolli pops, animal figurines, circus themed coloring books, juggling balls, bubbles, etc.
needless to say, after George busted, the kids were on an extreme sugar high... and this was before cake and ice cream!! LOL

it was a perfect night.. hi 70's with a breeze. the party started at 5 pm and people were just leaving around 9-9:30p!!
everyone had a blast.. and when it was over, I sent Brigham to bed and Andrew to the liquor store!!
I was so pooped, and needed to relax. He surprised me with some new parot bay strawberry kiwi mixers.. mmmm, they were delish! but, I only had one, before, I crashed.. it had been such a long day!

so here's a pic of my two cuties decked in their circus duds.
the big clown collar.. (luckily he's too young to be embarrassed!.. and sweet T in her first Hanna Anderson dress.. thanks Steph!!)

whew!! that was a long post.. maybe thats why it takes me forever to update this thing...LOL I have no patience.. lol
well, I am going to scrap some.. have a great one all!! =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

my little cutie heads...

can't ya tell, she just loves her brother??? LOL
two months is not long enough to get used to her crazy mama posing her for the camera!!
(notice the home made outfit for T.. onesie with some ribbon ironed on!!)I didn't want to spend the money on something, she'd wear a total of 1 time!!
Our 4th was pretty wild..
10 am went to my moms house , met our friends and decorated bikes..
headed to mom's neigborhood park, where there was a street parade. Probably about 65 kids with decorated wagons and bikes,scooters, etc.
the fire truck was a big hit, and the kids got to climb on it.
Then after the parade, the kids could play at the park, and the local Kroger donated watermelons and popsicles!!
my cute 4th outfit for Brigham got ruined in about 2.5 mintues!!
wait a minute, his first red white and blue shorts got ruined in 1.2 seconds at home, b/c I thought he could actually wear his Thomas bigboy underwear, and of course he peed in them right away!!).. so on went the diaper!!

after the parade, we all went to my moms back yard for water fun and a cookout.Our friends' parents came into town too, so that was fun to meet them again.
Here are the kids running in the water and Brig's first time husking corn!!

we ate and ate, and survived the heat. we had fabulous hot fudge brownie sundaes!!

then we went home for naps, and off to some friends' house for a pool party/ cookout and fireworks!!
here are the kids eating with their life jackets on!!

A couple weeks ago, there was a scare with one of the kiddos falling in the pool, so now the rule is, all kids wear life vests when they are on the deck! so here they are with their clothes on too!!
We did finally get Brigham into the pool for a bit.. he still wasn't too thrilled!!
after more pool and hot tub time, we headed outside for our 'own fireworks'.
Brigham did great with the sparklers!! I was a tad uneasy about it, but, he wasn't scared, and did real well. Of course, my camera died , so no pics!! I am hoping one of the other crazy camera mamas captured one for me!!

we caravaned to the local firework display and then hung out in the big field for awhile, as the adults tried to one up each other with high school gymnastic routines!!LOL ( I DID not participate, thank you!)

It was a fun filled day, and we were all tired! brig slept in the next day until 11:30am!! It was great =)
Friday, we had playgroup at the Purdue fountains.. Do you think my little guy would get in??
NOpe, of course not..did capture his piggies getting wet though....
We had a date night Friday night, and did some birthday shopping for Brigham's party, and ate at a Thai place.
Saturday I spent all day running errands with Tatum.. such an easy shopper, she is!!
Brigham, not so much, so my mom watched him all day Sat, kept him the night, and then watched him most of Sunday too, so I could get some stuff done!!
SO thankful for having family in town!

well, I have a crying baby, so I better run..
hope you all have a great week!!


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