Tuesday, October 24, 2006

our fall festivities are out of control!

I am sure most of you (with kids anyway) have lives similar to ours!!

We have been doing something for the last few weekends, enjoying all the gorgeous fall colors. gotta get out while we can, b/c soon the nasty, gray midwestern days will be upon us. YUCK!

We're looking forward to trick or treating this year. the first year, brig was a pea in the pod and my friend Stephanie and I took our babies, who slept in the strollers most of the time!! it was fun for us =)

then last year, Brig was one and was our little bumble bee. We were able to have a lot more fun with it. trick or treating downtown to all of the shops, and then we had a huge harvest party with about 20 families!! I don't think Brigham really got it yet!!

This year he is going to be a monkey! He is so into monkeys and he loves curious george! I am so not into characters so we found this cutest costume at Old Navy about 2 months ago!!

well we are going downtown again on Friday night. I so hope its not cold. and then we'll do the neighborhood thing with friends on Tuesday night.

Last weekend, we spent cleaning the house, planting some bulbs, and watching football.

Of course The BOILERs got crushed by Wisconsin. such an embarrassment. We went to an annual event at my friends parent's house out in the country. There was a big bounce, a hay ride, horses, lots of little games, a piniata, and a bonfire with smores. YUM.. there's nothing like them roasted over a fire!

Brigham had a great time even though he was one of the youngest kids. Its so cute to watch him try and keep up with the 4and5 year olds. They usually could care less about him, but he just smiles, and copies whatever they are doing!!

I have some really adorable pics , but I'll save them for another post.

We had our annual pumpkin patch party a few weeks ago. It was so much fun. Lots of food, and about 13 families all crowded into our house for a great time. Then we caravaned out to the pumpkin patch that included a hay ride, petting zoo, corn maze, and big bounce. not to mention the biggest sand box(gravel pit) I've ever seen. The kids loved it.

We are going to carve pumpkins tonight, if its not too cold. I am all ready craving the salty seeds! YUM...

well , thats bout it around here. have a great week =)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

quick recap

am i getting lame w/ the ol' titles or what????

We have been enjoying the unseasonal weather at a 'hot' and 'humid' 77 degrees the last four days!! You know just when I was getting psyched up for the fall weather , with that crisp autumn air!!

Last Thursday, Brigham and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We met my college roomate and her two adorable little girls there. It was so fun to hang out with them, despite the fact that it was drizzling almost the whole time. It also was cloudy and never reached the 70 degrees that it was forcasted to. Dang weather man.
Of course Brigham and I were the only ones dressed in shorts and tanktops. Appearantly the Indianapolis weather man is more on target, as everybody else had long pants and jackets!!

We had fun anyway, the kids could have cared less that is was yucky weather. We got to see two teeny tiny baby babboons and the newest lil elephant.
Brigham kept yelling out at the monkeys.. "HI GEORGE!!"
after the zoo, we went to chic filet and the kids played for over an hour in the play area!
So fun to catch up w/ Steph. I had not seen her in ten years!!

Friday I took Brigham to pick up his new Stride Rites that we had ordered. However, when we got to the store, and waited for about 25 minutes until someone could help us.. they brought out the shoes.. and they were the WRONG ones!! URG....
I was not the happiest mama at the time, considering I had been chasing Brigham around the store trying to keep him from bolting into the mall, while we waited.
So we now have to wait for them to re order the shoes, in the RIGHT color!!
I also braved taking Brigham out to dinner , just the two of us! I was a bit nervous, b/c I usually have another set of hands to help.. We went to Fazzolli's.
Brigham sad quietly eating all of one bite of his pizza and about 4 1/2 breadsticks. I don't blame him, those things are delish.. however, I won't win the mother of the year award for filling my kid up with greasy carbs!!

anyway, we had a great time, and he behaved very well.
Saturday I was supposed to meet Kimber, and a bunch of other Indiana peas for an all day crop. However, I was feeling really crappy, and knew I would be no fun , nor productive.
Hope you ladies had a fabulous time =) hopefully I will make it down there soon.

Sunday my dad and I took Brigham to the FEAST OF THE HUNTERS MOON.
Its a really cool reinactment of life with fur traders, native americans, british and french soldiers as they occupied our little town of LAFAYETTE , INDIANA.
It was so much fun to take Brigham and watch him as he explored the land, enjoyed the food, and danced and played the drums any chance he got!
I have to say, I enjoyed the rabbit stew, apple dumplings, some amazing fruited lemonade.
And of course an herbal pork chop and some fried smelt!!
YUMMMMY . when at the feast you take in the smells of the campfires, and it usually lingers on you after you leave. It was perfect weather.
Here is a pic of Brigham chowing down on the yummiest of sweet corn.

**picture cutie head with melted butter and corn all over his face***

Well, I am trying to get myself organized this week. I am going to a 12 hour crop on Saturday. I am hoping to get about 15 pages done. I want to try and at least get Brigham's first year and most of his second year finished...before I have to start on a new one's book !!!
wish me luck. I don't know how my scrappy stuff gets so out of control.. perhaps I have too much of it =/ ???

have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

FUN stuff !!!

brigham, mama, and grandma enjoyed Purdue's homecoming festivities.
we got up real early so we could eat breakfast at grandmas tent ( she is on the alumni board for Consumer and Family Sciences) and boy did they serve some good tailgaten' food!!
Brigham got lots of loot including a glow in the dark "huf-fol" as he refers to a football!!
Here is my cautious little guy in the "George the monkey" jumpy thing.
<----------------------- and after a BIG hotdog and chips for lunch we watched the band play a little at The bell tower, and then Brigham got to hit the WORLD's LARGEST DRUM
He loved sitting in the stadium and looking for
"pete's hammer", which is what he calls our mascot Purdue Pete!!

Brigham was all decked out in his brand new sweatshirt, sporting a Pete tattoo on his cheek, and proudly hitting his "foam hammer".

The college kids could not get enough of him, and a few of the inebreated guys slapped him a high five and gave him his "touchdown tooter"!!

we're sad that daddy could not be there for his first game, but brigham did perfect a few phrases:

although that last one did not prove to help last Sat. but it sure is cute to hear this out of a two year old!!

and with football brings my favorite time of year (besides the Christmas season)
FALL is here!!! though it is a crazy 80 degrees all week, so comfy jeans and sweaters are out of the question!!

I have started w/ the fall decor around the abode..
preparing for our annual harvest party and pumpkin patch gig!!

and we found Brig's costume!! since he is totally in to George the monkey..(not curious george) though one in the same!! Brigham simply refers to his curious pal (and any other ape, gorilla, or chimp) as George the Monkey!!

photos are concluded, as said by Blogger.

Have a great day =)


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