Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my weekend...oh did it evah....

Okay I know this is a patented phrase by the adorable Miss Kayla Aimee, but it just describes my weekend sooo well.. So if you read this(KA) or you know her.. plz don't hate me that I borrowed your catchphrase =)

So Last weekend was my Birthday weekend... sigh.... the day that I would officially enter into "MY Thirties"!!! I was kinda depressed about the whole thing, but was going to try and make the best of it. Early last week I started getting cards in the mail..YEAH for mail!! I love mail =)
and then by Friday it stopped.. did not even get a single one on Saturday...(the day BEFORE my bday!)
So the whole mail thing started bumming me out.
A good friend of mine had wanted to take me out for lunch..but I was not feeling up to it , so I called to cancel. She had talked about going to dinner on Saturday earlier in the week, so we decided that we would do that instead and go shopping too. so my Friday afternoon was spent sulking..
We had dinner plans Friday night to celebrate and boy did we eat!! We went to this super place called the Baja Peninsula.. It totally rocked!! I had incredible salmon and the best homemade chips and guacamole in the world...(okay maybe its better in Mexico, but this was darn close!). We totally took our time and my little angel was on his best behavior..oh, and so was my son =)
After that we went out for Ice cream, and just cuz it was my birthday I got a doubledipper!!Mm!!! I live for ice cream!!

Next day I was supposed to go out shopping with my mom and out for lunch. I slept in, worked out and was just being lazy. I was supposed to meet my friend at 4:30 later that day, but my husband decided to go into work. Okay so thanks for ruining my plans.
This is when I began the transformation into shedevil!!
I was so stinkin mad, and then my husband was giving me grief about having to watch my friend's two boys that night while we went out. He had not told me what we were going to do for celebrating my birthday on Sunday, and it clearly was not in his plans. How could I compete with the Broncho game. I do realize this game was important.. I am a fan too, however, I know how to compromise, and could have easily suggested a win for both of us.
So my husband was quickly busting my last nerve. I finally told him, don't worry about it and that I would celebrate with my friend that night, and my mom the next day. I made it clear, he did NOT have to participate. I proceeded to call him every name in the book.
It was very clear I was NOT happy with him!!
Mid Sat afternoon, I start getting ready to go out, and Andrew gets ready and says he is taking Brigham to the gym with him.. Finally, the best thing I had heard all day!!!
I had a little "me" time and then left to meet my friend at her house.

I pull up and she is not quite ready, I walk into her kitchen to find a room FULL of people!!
I about died!! All I saw was a blur of smiling faces.. Balloons... Happy birthday signs...
I was so shocked that I turned right back around and almost fell on the floor!
I have NEVER had a surprise party and was completely taken back..
My first words were, "I was gonna buy a new purse tonight".. after my friend said " I hope you don't mind, but we're not going to dinner"!!.
I could not believe she put this together.. and then the bomb dropped.
One of the girls said.. "you should talk to your husband" I was like.. "Did he know about this?"
Another one of my friends said that he had called her a month ago.
So the reality of this Surprise party was that My amazing husband whom I had just treated like total crap all day.. had planned this whole darn thing.. He called all the girls over a month before.. then sent out an evite two weeks before.
I had been around most of these girls lots in the preceding days, and they never let on to a thing!!
Oh, and I forgot to say that Friday night, when we had dinner plans, Andrew had called to say he was having to work 3 hours later.. I was steaming mad, and told him we'd go without him
( he was really at the store, buying all the food!)
So my friends and my husband had totally amazed me with tons of awesome food, a fabulous cake and I think at the end of the night, I was still in shock!!
My friends are so awesome.. I can't believe they all came to help me celebrate.. and they all had so much fun keeping it from me!!
Needless to say, I had some apologizing to do when I got home..
Oh, and my husband did not take my son to the gym.. He picked my friend's boys up and took them for pizza and ice cream, and then back to our house for a movie! Can I say I love this man!!
I did play a trick on him though, he called me on my cell, and I told him that we had just gotten to the restaurant. He sounded a little confused.. but I let him sweat until I got home..

Even walked in the house with out the food or presents!! FINALLY, I broke down..
I can not believe that they all did that for me.. I truly am blessed with fabulous friends and an amazing husband.

SO on my bday.. we all went out with my mom for lunch at my favorite brewhouse. and then my mom took me shopping all flippen day and my boys got to watch the Broncho's (lose).
I made out like a bandit:
I got FOUR new bras!! WhooHoo!! Workout gear! new chair for my scraproom! lots of smelly stuff! new shoes! gift certificate to a spa! a new journal.. fun and funky magnets..flowers... an amazing candle.....and a mega giftcard to a scrapstore!!
What a freaking awesome birthday!!!

can I brag on my scrap stuff?? ( i only used 1/2 of the card too!!) I am so psyched about my new stash=)

So thanks for letting me gloat on my fantabulous ROCKIN weekend!!

Oh you're so vain....

you probly think this blog is about you...
Okay for real, I was just practicing with HELLO, trying to figure how to get a dang URL so I can finally put my profile pic up!!!!
In the midst of this, with no such luck in posting a profile pic, I mangaged to do this.
I decided I would leave it to end the suspension of who I am since I have not posted any pics of myself!!
If you are like me then you probly feel like you can really "know" those who you at least see a profile pic or those who scrap themselves!
And I wonder if you are also like me in that if there is not a pic.. then you have created one in your mind of what the scrapper/blogger looks like, just by their scrappin/bloggin personality????
kinda random, I know!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TAG>>> I'm it!!

Okay since Rachel was so kind enough to tag me... I had to rack my brain to downsize my answers!!( am a horrible decision maker=)
Here goes:

four jobs i have had-
1. lifegaurd- 3 summers in college! total blast! best tan eva! taught swim lessons! and kept an eye on the pool!
2.I was working as a waitress in a country bar....(in college) where I developed my obsession with Rasberry Stoli and Sprite!
3. Worked 4 years in retail management(after college)..best was Asst. Mgr for Wally World.
got paid REALLY well for doing nothing..No, I did not wear a blue vest! No, I did not shop there
(I am obsessed with Target). Yes, I rolled back prices =)
4. Sr. Acct. Exec (glorified sales person!) for private/franchaised hotel company. Sold "rooms and space" for Purdue University conferences and sporting events. Perks were black tie events and VIP passes to NCAA championships! LOVED this and develped fantastic business and personal relationships!

****Domestic CEO and Human Napkin******=totally bestest job ever!!

Four Movies I'd watch over and over
1. When a Man loves A Woman- Andy Garcia/Meg Ryan... tear jerker.. thats why!
2. Stepmom- Susan sarandon/Julia Roberts..... tear jerker.... is there a pattern here?
( I LOVE a good cry!)
3.Primal Fear- ED NORTON and Richard..
4.Prince of Tides
( okay and anything with Adam Sandler... He's my hero!)

Fave TV shows
1.Design on a Dime..ok I'm addicted to HGTV, except Design for the sexes..hate that guy!
2.King of Queens
3 Law and Order SVU ( actually all of them, cept when Jerry died, it just became Law, now it sucks, and CI... well, there is no way that guy knows that much!)
4. MONK... that's ok, I'm not fine!

Fave Vacations
1. France- high school trip-- incredible food, scenery, shopping, bad hotels!!
2.San Jaun- trip with my mom in college.. 5star hotel.. FAB food!
3. Charleston, SC 3x.. love it, love it!!
4. Disney World etc. with my hubby for our honeymoon. Unlimited funds... partied our butts off.. relaxed... AMAZING!!

Four places I have lived
1. West Lafayette IN GO PURDUE!!
2. Columbus,OH -totally rocked.. met my husband there
3.Lafayette, IN... just over the river from W lafayette!
4. West Lafayette... yes, still here.. flatness, greyness,boring- but a great inpiration to travel=)

Four Foods I love
1. Authentic Mexican food.. fresh salsa.. big ol chips...good Margharita!
2. Thai food... love everything!
3. Sushi... most anything... my goal is to learn how to make it!!
4.white cake with butter cream icing
(of course chocolate is a given... must have daily!)

Four websites I visit daily
1. My email.. im a junky- to feel loved!
2. Two peas in a bucket- to give love!
3. friend's blogs- to laugh!!
4. Potterybarn.com - to dream!

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. On a beach
2.shopping, given an unlimited credit limit was allowed...not needed to be repaid
3.cuddeling with my boys
4. anywhere other than here

Bloggers I am tagging
1. I am a loner in the blog world. I know of noone to tag. SORRY!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am worthy!!!

Of peapraise from the eva sofamed 2peas website!!

Okay, not really, but I am totally stoked that I had more than 2 people leave praise on my latest layout!! and that it was not even from my friend Darcy, who feels bad for me and is totally nice, and just does it to make me feel not so lame!!!

Actually, I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out:

I have been on a scrappin hiatis, so I am wanting to get back into the routine. My inspiration, my idols(oh, yeah, not supposed to have those), my talented "friends" are all rockin it up on this Fab website. So with my new years' focus (of finishing 2-3 pgs/week) and my resumed addiction ( i took some time off, and felt very unhappy) to 2peasinabucket, my hope is that I will be able to create fabtabulous layouts that express who i am and what i am about.... hopefully!!

Remember, I am just getting back into it... so please don't judge me by my Lo's.. i'm a little rusty=)... and please don't be mad if I have to copy some of your incredible talent on my way to perfecting my own!! he he he
Oh, and if you see one of my Lo's and it looks like crap.... just tell me, or fake it and say its good ... no tell me its crap, I can take it!!=)

if your'e out there, then you know it, you peas rock!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


a day in the life of ....
random Tuesday 1-10-05

8:00 wake up(had to get up early!)
shower, get ready
get Brigs breakfast of oatmeal and oj ready
pack his diaper bag
8:30 wake Brigham
get him dressed
feed Brig
feed my hyper, attention starved, dog and give her some love
feed my used to be fat, but now skinny, but still eats a ton cat
9:00 out the door for Brigham's doctor appt.
9:15 late for his dr. have to call, get stuck in traffic
9:30 get to dr. /used last check in book, no $ for copay, so they won't see him
have to go talk to financial counselor, she tries to reason with the peds desk....
no luck
9:45 frustrated, mad, total waste of trip...had to reschedule for next week..... ugh!!

10:00 meet Jop and Judith for coffee at Panera.
love Panera...cheated on my diet, had a mocha....
chatted . I love these girls.
11:30 go to bank, post office, home

12:00 feed Brig lunch
12:30 check into 2peas!
12:45 play with Brigham
1:15 Put Brig down for nap

1:15-4:00 MY time,
work on fundraising stuff for sorority, send out emails
scrap two pages!!!
empty dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in, clean kitchen floor, clean bathroom
chat on the phone with my super sassy friend Mere
4:00 Brig wakes up... give him a snack.... we play
give Brigham a bath
5:00 Husband, Andrew comes home
start getting ready to go to church
5:30 out the door to church event
6:00-9:00 dinner and fabulous speaker at church.. evening with friends
9:30 home
Get Brig into jammies, read story, have milk, put him to bed
10:00 chat with Brother in Pheonix
scrap some
watch Law and Order ( most days)
try to figure out the dang scanner, so that I can finally post all the Lo's I've been doing..
no luck..
work on Silpada stuff
11:00 watch news
11:00 watch Letterman
midnight go to bed

... and that is as exciting as it gets, my friends!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Only Monday for a little while longer

Yay, cuz I hate Mondays!! I always have hated Mondays. It used to mean back to class or back to work. Now it just means another week is starting!
I used to love weekends. It used to mean time to relax. Time to play. Time to party. Time to do nothing!
BUT, when you are a mom.....then you really don't know when one week ends and another starts... It does not matter whether it is a Thursday or a Monday. At least that is how I feel now.
You see my day is really not that different from one day to the next. The only difference is that everyday can be a weekend!!!!
See, I can choose to shop on a Monday(and change diapers), or have a play date on Tuesday(and change diapers), and to go to lunch with friends on Wednesday(and change diapers), or to relax on Thursday(and change diapers), or to watch Movies on Friday(and change diapers). I pretty much have NO set schedule. Whooohoooo!!
Besides a few planned weekly activities, my week can change from day to day. I can fly by the seat of my pants! For now.
The thing that makes my week different from those who do not stay home day after day after day after day... is that You all get that cut and dry change to your days... and your week.
I have found that I would rather go shopping on a Tuesday morning, go out for dinner on a Wednesday night, go to a movie on a Monday night. Why?
Because this is not the norm for most people. this is like MY time, when most of the world is not doing it. Well that is except for the other moms and their kiddos. Its like OUR own private little space.. okay and we get to spend it (well, some of it with our babies!) It is also fun to be able to drop them off at MTO (moms time out) and get a little GIRL time!
Oh and the best part.... I get to sleep in everyday until 9:30am and then wake up to my human alarm clock....for now!
All this to say, that this past weekend was sooooo much FUN =)
It started Thursday actually, when our friends came over to teach us how to play Settlers of Catan. This game is seriously a blast to play!!! We are now part of this new craze, however, I did find out that this game has been popular on the west coast in the 90's. Shows you how long it takes to get to the midwest!!! This is like the game to play... we are now not the only ones in our growth group (bible study) that does not know how.. So after a 2 1/2 hour game of lying, and stealing, and building, and destroying, we finally ended. And I was almost the winner!!! beginners luck Im sure!
So we then got into HUGE topics of theology... so fun and full of debate, umm, some of it was slightly heated..but its all good =)
We wound up chatting til after 2am! and , Remember, we are married now, so midnight is usually pushing it. Something about saying I Do, then you become, lame and boring!! (ok, not really, just kinda)
Anyway, my wonderful husband decided that he just could not get up for work Friday morning..
Even though I love him, he just ruined my whole day. My whole routine was now out of whack!
I had to send him out on errands, just so I could feel like it was my Friday.=) I know he was very appreciative....and probably wished he was back at work!!
Okay, so then we went over to our friends house for dinner. We get together once a month with a group of like 16 couples!! We so love to hang with these guys. Some of the couples are our closest friends! We always play some crazy game.. however this time, they were really struggleing to come up with something... so they brought out the bingo machine!!
Yeah, I am going to be ONE bored old person.. I don't enjoy bingo.. just don't get the whole idea about trying to match up a number on a card, to a very LOUD voice, and to cover the number on the card with a little piece of wood!! Lots of skill involved....guess that is why its great to play when youre eighty!! Well we did play another very cool game called assasin! This you would not want to play when you're eighty!!
So Saturday, we slept in (past 11am!!) and then went shopping...yes, we went against my rules and went on a Saturday.!! Can't believe all the awesome deals!! well, if only I had money, ( oh, yeah, I quit my job to stay home>>>)
That night, I went on a date with my hubby, just out to eat and then to a movie. Except that there were'nt any movies unitl 11:20, and remember we're married and lame. SO we rented movies. After like an hour of staying in line, I swear we were in a scene from a movie!! (the typical movie rental place with the line backed up 30 ppl and a crazy worker, with bleached blonde eighties hair and bad teeth and 3' fingernails, of course in cherry red...trying to work the computer, while munching on a Kit Kat bar..) you get the picture...Oh did I mention she had a cold sore the size of a dime on her mouth... , now you really get the picture.. I we got to SEE it for about 20 minute!!
Went home, popped in the movie.... surprised by hubby by the flick I picked.. Closer...
thought it said romantic comedy, and with Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and some other guy... How could this be bad???? Julia would never do a bAD flick...
well, this was some show... the rating of R was very generous!!!
kinda funny, at least there were beautiful people, but the plot could have been left out!!
Ok, so Sunday went to church , listened to a SUPER sermon, went to lunch with friends, came home and watched a movie with my hubby.. took a nap!!
This was a GREAT weekend !

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NEW year NEW focus...

2006, can hardly believe it!!

I spent the first new year's eve since I was about 12 years old doing a whole lot of nothing!!
The expectations of a crazy and wild night ending with a big hug to the porceline throne.. (that I don't miss) did not happen. The chance to hang out with friends, or to spend the evening with total strangers did not happen. Seriously, I was full of emotions..
1. I was bummed because we were not out at some party, or bar being all social(which is really my style)...
2. I did not have an excuse for finding that perfect outfit, nodoubtedly black to wear for the evening!
3. I was not at a a high class restaurant having a romantic dinner with my husband
4. Instead I was in my flannel pj's( which I had been in all day!)
5. I was playing with my son and all his new toys.
6. I was alone until after8pm because my husband was working.
Totally getting depressed here..., but then
My hubby walked in the door with take out complete with appetizers, dessert, and salads(cuz he knows I have been wanting to lose weight!). Even with my fave.. spin artichoke dip.. all for me!!
He got a movie and we put the baby to bed. We watched a movie, drank, some beer, and watched the ball drop!
I was in bed by 12:30am~~
So as I realize that the excitement of past New Year's Eves, were fun, I truly enjoy this new realization that we are in the next phase of life.. marriage and parenthood!!!
So you all don't think I am totally lame, my hubby and I do go out a couple times a month and have fun.. just classier fun with the old people, where you sit in a bar, instead of stand, and drink 3 glasses of wine instead of 8 shots! any way life has changed and as I look toward this new year i am more excited then ever!!
New Years Resolution.?
Yeah, I have always said them, and never stuck to them! As our paster said in his Jan. 1st sermon.. a resolution is really a focus. SO now that it is put like that....no pressure!!
*I am going to focus on being a good mom
*focus on being a loving wife
*focus on eating healthy
*focus on going to the gym
*focus on my scrapbooking
*focus on my friends
*focus on my spiritual life
*focus on having fun
*focus on having joy
I figure if I am putting focus inot these areas, then I may be able to attain them, but I won't get so upset if I don't hit a certain number!! I will strive everyday to achieve a little bit in these areas. All in all, I hope it makes me a better me and 2006 a fantastic year!!

January 1-2, 2006:
Spent hours taking all my Christmas decorations down , so sad, which forced me to really clean my house before putting the other decor back. When we took down the tree, my tan carpeting had turned a dark evergreen with all the pine needles from the tree. This is like the worst job ever!! thoese stinking things take forever.. they are stubborn little suckers. took me like 2 hours to get all the needles up. Lucky for me, I had a little helper, with his new dirtdevil!! this is the cutest thing ever! When he was so fascinated every time I had the vaccum out( which if anyone knows me .. is a lot!) we thought he should have his own! Although my husband says we need to counterbalance with some manly toys, I think it is so adorable that he wants to help his mama!


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