Thursday, July 20, 2006

the barnyard bash revisited...(hopefully) !!

so here was the front of our house:
and a sign that i made....... and then in the backyard i had hay bales , a red wagon, a duck pond, signs posted on the fence like "they went that away", or ice t and lemondae 5cents!
we had several little games, like horse shoes, pin the tail on the pig and an apple tree for the kids to play with.
Here is a pic of the food . We had quite the big ol spread.. hamburgers, chips, beans, home made pot salad, corn on the cob, fruit salad, watermelon..
YUMMMMM !! and here is the cake. .. and i need to say that still today we have an entire barn cake, and the cow cake, minus and ear and a whole out of the hoof!!
the cuppy cakes went super fast.. and the silo.
we also had the best homemade ice cream!!
those Little "haystacks" are made with pretzels and butterscotch chips.. MMMMM.. good =)
and i have pushed my luck so you'll all have to wait yet another day to see the MOOVALAS cake that brigham hardly touched!!

thanks for peeking, hope ya'll enjoyed your tour.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a birthday kinda weekend!!

So last Thursday was my little guy's 2nd Birthday!!
can't believe he is already two.. growing so fast and learning so much everyday!
We started the celebration with his traditional breakfast(how much of a tradition right, he's only 2?) at Mc Donalds for pancakes!! this kid ate nearly THREE of those big ones!!
then after community care we went to meet grandma at Applebee's for a FREE birthday lunch =)
did you know you can fill out a postcard and they will mail it back to you for a free kids meal!
very handy!
so he thouroughly enjoyed the royal treatment and his GREEN balloon.. and the cuppy cake that grandma brought him! I was so looking forward to the icing all over the face.. but no, not this kid. He is so cautious, that he dipped the candle in and out of the cuppy cake numerous times, just to get a little taste at a time!!

We spent the rest of the day napping and then opening all the goodies that had come in the mail!
this kid raked in $85.00 from out of town relatives! must be his cute little cheeks. =)
Friday, we spent most of the day shopping and organizing things for his party on Sat.
we had to mentally prepare ourselves too, b/c the forecast was to be 95 degrees!! and with 40 people coming I was counting that the party would be outside!!

So the theme was a barnyard theme. It all started with the invites that I sent out:
I think you can see it ok! I got so many compliments on these little things.. I do think they came out quite creative myself!!

So we turned our house into a barnyard. I had gone to the farm n fleet store and got troughs and lots of galvanized buckets to serve things in. and then I dug through my moms collection of her "country stuff " from the eighties!!
SO glad that she was not in to Pottery barn way back then, or I would not have gotten so many perfect additions in serving ware!

I used red and white gingham and navy and red bandana prints. We put all of Brigs toys out of sight and only had out barns, and tractors, and stuffed farm animals. One of my friends loned my two little rocking horses, and several farm themed puzzels!
Everyboday came in their barnyard duds.. and we had a farmtastic time!!
we wanted to make sure the guests knew which hose was the party house.. SO.....
(i will have to finish in another post!!)

anyway we had a fabulous time! more than one child threw a fit when they had to leave!
we survived the heat.. although, I did forego the games.
They were having too much fun in the duck pond and the sandbox to stop for organized play!
Thats ok by me, cept now I have 15 pink balloon "pigs" floating around my living room!
I had added pink ribbon for tails, and drew nose and eyes. the game was that the kids had to "swat' with a fly swatter, all the pigs from one side of the fence to the other!!

------------continued in next post----------------------------------

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

promised pics of Cinci

this view was right behind the stadium. It was so calm and pretty! we went across the river to KY to this cute little germantown.

here we go!

this was on the screen just as the grand slam was hit!

fireworks went off. music played. everyone was slapping hands!

IT was a good time!!!
and this is the GABBER.. . my husbands had to get a picture taken with the odd character.

(i am such a good sport huh?)

(don't be afraid Niki... he is really lovable!!)

and here is a pic from the concert. What is JULY 4TH without a picnic from KFC??? classic, american fanfare.

So I have some super fun pics from our trip to the zoo ,but I will save that for another post.(don't wanna push my luck).

however I will leave you with my latest scrappy page.

(kinda fits in with the traditional american theme)

well, i pushed my luck. will try later =(

check out my previous post to hear about our anniversary weekend =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

go REDS, white and boom, an 85th, and a little bling!

WHew!!! well, its THursday, and I basically am still recovering from the weekend!.
So remember in my last post , i mentioned it was our anniversary..(actually same has JILL and her hubby).. Such a fun little tidbit to find out that we shared the same date!

I told my husband to leave work around noon on Friday, because I was taking him away for our anniversary. We took off driving but on our way we had to make one last stop... ( i was beginning to be mad at him for waiting to the last minute to run errands).. so we pulled up in front of
stall & Kesslers.. and he ran in.

I waited patiently, trying not to let my mind wonder too much. He came out with nothing. anyway,,, i just played it cool.
So we were off... heading out of town. After about an hour, he says that my present was not ready yet.. and that he felt really bad.. and everything..suprisingly, I was ok with this.. and not bothered in the least!!
I was not expecting anything since we were going away. THIS was our present to each other. and the $$ in the trip was going to add up fast!!!

We ended up in CINCINNATI at a hotel. The hotel was set in a business district, but pretty secluded among trees at the end of a road. do you know he actually asked me if there was a scrapbooking convention or something?? He thought I was trying to rope him in to everything at once!!.

NOPE that is in two CHA in chicago.. i cant' wait to see all the scrappy goodness!!

anyway, his present was that we were staying in a fabulous suite.. and then heading to a REd's game!
Andrew has a goal of visiting every major league park, so I KNEW i could not go wrong with this one!!
The game was awesome, our seats were right down the first base line. We were the first seats at the wall.
basically we talked to the right fielder throughout a lot of the game....(which was a bummer)..
at the 7th inning stretch, Reds were down 7-0... fans started leaving... and then......

craziness started... they scored 4 runs in the 8th inning, and then 5 more in the 9th to win!!
it was so exciting.. the bases loaded and Adam Dunn came up and hit a grand slam...
right into the indians' bull pen(which was within arms length of us!!).. the stands went wild.. they had fireworks.. and screaming... and later that night, we found out that we were on SPORTSCENTER!!! can you believe how well , i planned this anniversary gift for my hubby???
i don't think it could get any more guy style!!
********i was going to share pics, but blogger is not cooperating, once again... i am seriously thinking about switching**********UGH!!!!

so since it was the 4th weekend, after the game, there was an amazing fireworks display.. it was all coreographed to music and lasted about 45 minutes!!!
totally an awesome evening...
and when we got back to the hotel... Andrew had a little wrapped box sitting on my pillow...
inside.. diamond earings!!
i about flipped! they are so gorgeous.. he picked them out so they would have the best of the four C's!! and man do they sparkle!!!
He totally scored some points with that one!!

the next day we went to the zoo.. we were the fifth people in, and were in and out by noon, so it was not very hot. It was a very nice zoo. and I have lots of awesome pics.. but we'll save that for another day. seriously, can't believe how close I could get to these guys!!

we did some shopping 'cross the river in Rednecktucky... I mean Kentucky!!! actually it was fine, as long as we stayed in the little germantown. We ate at some fabulous little places known for in CINCI. ya know.. ribs.. chili.... etc... YUMM!!!

It was a really cool weekend, and so fun to get away!

Sunday we had a family reunion of sorts to celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday! She is an amazing woman. Still standing tall(meaning she is not hunched over yet) , very healthy, and still got her whit!!
It was nice to have the whole family, minus two of my cousins get together. We live less than two hours away..(actully 3 cousins live less than 15 minutes away!), but we hardly ever see each other!
We ate at this incredible SMORGASBOARd.. known in the region for serving it up right to farmers.. Isn't that a strange word.. my dad kept using it and I kept correcting him saying
"dont' you mean a buFF- ett?
i began pondering.. what is the difference between a smorgasboard and a buffet?
this was a very nice restaurant;very clean; and very good food.(even lots of healthy stuff).
HMMM> maybe that is the difference.
something to think about.

We celebrated the fourth at an outdoor concert over on Purdue's campus. there about 30,000 people spread all over the lawn. The fireworks were ..OK.. but Brigham had a blast, waving his little flag around. He kept saying "FAUKER".. "BOOM"....."awe pretty". yep we just hope he won't be talking about firecrackers at church.. yep, say it outloud.. thats what it sounds like!! He even tried his first elephant ear. He was not to into it after the first bite, (thank goodness), so darn, his mama had to help him finish it!!
I don't think I've had one of those in ten years. Oh and I even got cotten candy at the ball park.
I was sure reliving my youth!!! HA HA HA =)

well, thats it for now.. will try and load up some pics.. and of my new scrappy pages. I have been on a roll lately.. but for now, ya'll can take a peek at two peas.

thanks for sitting thru my weekend's recap. Have a great thursday =)


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