Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pumpkins and more pumpkins

these were taken from our first trip to the patch. it was really nice weather, and the kids didn't have to have coats on. the sun was shining, and we all had a great time in the beautiful crisp autumn air. however, since we were meeting all of our friends here, and because we were almost 20 mintues late(yeah.. to the thing that we organized.. lol) we missed the hayride out to the patch.
it was funny, b/c when we arrived, we didn't see anyone we knew... then one family showed up.. and we were like " well, this could be it!".. I was kinda bummed b/c I had gotten rsvps and was expecting like 25-30 people! and had planned for that much in the way of food for back at our house afterwards.
so we stand around a bit, and then decide to go ahead and order tickets for the later hayride..
well the wagon pulls up a few minutes later, and all our friends hop off of the wagon!
They were all on it, and didn't even know they were part of our "group"!!
We had invited, neighbors, and old church friends along with new church friends.. so no body really knew each other..
I always like to mix it up sometimes with our parties , and introduce other people instead of just staying with the same old crowd.. you never know who is going to really find something in common with someone else!
remember that cutie patooty pumpkin dress, she wore for a photo shoot? well, this is the other side!. isn't it adorable? and see Heather, why I need that sequined cat?

she and the other babies played for ever in this big ol' corn box! In fact along with a dead lady bug, I found several kernals of corn when changing her diaper later that night!!

Her signature finger thing!

I think he was trying to tell me not to take his picture. He looks rather constipated doesn't he?

most of our group!

of course, both kids wouldn't look at the camera!

and on to round two at the patch..
we had saved our tickets and headed out this past Sunday after church as a family.
the weather was super cold, and super windy. they didn't even have the big bounce up, because it would have ended up in the next county.. lol !

but we had fun despite the frigid winds

of course, her finger thing again

daddy and his little punkin head

after the hayride out to the patch.. Brigham could not wait to find his pumpkin!

Tatum trying to keep her balance, as the wind was pretty fierce.. she only fell a couple times.. and once I realized the pumpkin vines had thorns all over them.. I wasn't laughing at my little girl any more!!

the boys in search of their prize

what do ya know.. mama made it into a picture!
the pumpkin on the ground is not one we chose.
we found 4 perfectly round jumbo(fitting for our family.. lol) pumpkins.Two orange. and by request - Two green ones for Brig and Tate.
We will be carving them up tonight... should be fun.. or maybe just a lot of work and arguing.

hope you're all pumpkin ready for Halloween.. its supposed to be 70degrees here!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

getting into the spirit of things....

We love to have fun around here as Halloween time approaches! Not like super "death scary or evil " sorts of things.. but just plain spooky fun and practial jokes! Picked up this Frankenstien plate and cup up for Brigham at Target. Got a pumpkin set for Tatum.. makes lunchtime, so much more fun! (and
My mom took Brigham to the Boo at the Zoo(picture above for Daddy's work!) last week. They had all sorts of decorations, and mazed and activites to participate in. We dressed him for the costume contest(which he actually won!..for his division) in last year's costume. We couldn't reveal what he'll be dressing as this year until the 31st.
I always like to surprise my parents by just putting the kids on their doorstep, and running away! I just realized I forgot to order a piece that goes with Brig's outfit, so I hope it will arrive in time!

He actually painted with a huge madagascar hissing cockroach! look how big that thing is!!
He said it wasn't dead.. but it didn't make any noise either.. so I am not sure whether it was alive or not. Either way, it seems a bit gross to me!

My mom paid $5 to get a picture taken of Brigham holding a python! I just haven't scanned it in, but it is hilarious! Here is the little lion with a huge grin on his face, holding this gigantic snake and the head of the snake is like right at his knees! My mom said she had to order the picture, b/c she didn't think I'd believe that he held it! He certainly is much braver than his mama or grandma!

this has nothing to do with prepping for Hallowee, other than she seems to have a frightened look on her face.. lol.
Just wanted to share what litlle Miss has been up to lately. Constantly going into the bathroom and climbling up on the stool , stands in front of the mirror and says " HAIIIIII. HAIIIII."
(which in her own way, is HI. and she waves to herself in the mirror.)
its pretty cute, and she has only fallen a few times. I have to be careful, because often times there are clothes soaking in there, to which she loves to splash in the water...and make a huge mess everywhere!

this fits the holiday spririt, b/c she either looks the cutest little diva or she just resembles a safari animal !

We went to Purdue's Homecoming on Saturday and The pumpkin patch again yesterday.. so as soon, as I get the pics off my camera I'll post again!
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


*had 6 photoshoots sceduled last week.. whoohoo... sweet families, and cute kids and preggos, and adorable newborns.... ahhhhh. so much fun!

*went to the 3rd annual Breast Cancer awareness fashion show, which was pretty incredible. great testimony, fabulous food, and some amazing clothes sneaks from Talbots. Not usually a Talbots girl.. but I will be venturing in there after pay day.!

*changed 1,456 oozing out of the diaper poopy pants on one terribly sweet but terribly sick little girl.

*started editing pictures... I think its a sickness.. I don't know when to stop! LOL

* watched the debate.. sort of. honestly I don't know if Mc Cain will make it until the kidding... I am sure he'll make to at least voting day.

* washed blankets and sheets and many pair of pants from said poopy girl

*had two kidless weekend evenings thanks to grandma watching them

* date night with my hubby where we actually talked about 'real' stuff

* got to teach my 3-4 year olds about the sword of the spirit. its so stinking cool to see these kids soak up how they can be warriors for Christ.. simply by putting on God's armor everyday.

*almost moved to tears and then laughs when 3 kids layed hands on each other during prayer time about a finger, a booty, and sores on a bottom. I am pretty sure God hears their prayers .. and doesn't laugh.

* hung out with friends at our 3rd annual pumpkin patch party. We all treked out to Millenium Farms, for hay rides, animals, corn mazes and barrel rides. Then we met back at our house for some dynamite chicken chili .. (thanks Andrew, for following the recipe) and lots of other good fall eats

*finally got Brig's halloween page scrapped from last year..

*watched a pretty cute movie.."definately maybe". pretty cute. kinda drags out. but in the end pretty cute.

* off to scrap a few more pages for the Scrapfriendzy challenges


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi. My Name is Elizabeth

and I am addicted to buying baby girl clothes.
Tatum currently has 49 outfits in her closet for fall/winter. and about 7 pairs of shoes. lots of tights. and 3 coats.

and then my friend Dawn calls me and says she is packing up all of her daughter's past clothing.
This is the daughter that after 2 boys and four years later, a baby girl Emmy, arrived. and her mom is even more of a shopper then me. like substantially more of a shopper.
Bonus for ME.

Last week, I went to her house and sorted thru all the plastic totes she had heaping with clothes.
and now Tatum has 19 more outfits for this fall/winter.
17 outfits for next summer.(and my mom calls weekly to remind me that she is not buying more for her grandbaby as she already has 15 dresses in 24 month size hanging at my mom's house)
Tatum is the proud owner of 6 more pairs of shoes/boots.
8 hats
2 swimming suits & matching cover ups, but of course
4 winter sleepers
2 coats
All for under $200
When I say outfits.. many of these are 3 piece outfits. Seriously, my friend dresses her daughter like a diva. She gets most of her clothes at little boutiques or online. And with so many clothes, I doubt Emmy hardly even wore some of these.

Um, its a good thing , that we' re on the go so much. I think Tatum can go at least a month without wearing the same outfit twice.
And Grandma Holland from Colorado, sent a Halloween carepackage last week, with yet another sweet 3 piece diva-ish outfit for Miss T.

So there you have it. I do have a problem.I admit it.

So Many of you commented on the pork loin pic I shared , so here's the recipe:


2(1 lb) pork tenderloin
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp ground allspice
1/4 c butter
1/2 cup diced shallots(about 3 large)
2/3 c white wine
3 tbs blackberry fruit spread
garnishes: fresh blackberries, fresh thyme

Sprinkle pork evenly with salt, black pepper, and allspice. cover and chill for 30 min
(don't have to chill)

Bake pork in oven at 350-400 degrees until meat thermometer says 160 degrees
Melt 2 tbs of butter in saucepan while pork stands
add shallots, and saute five minutes or until tender.
add wine, cook 13 minutes or until liquid is reduced by half.
reduce heat to low. whisk in fruit spread and remaining butter. cook 2 minutes or until slightly thickened.

cut pork into 1/4 in slices. drizzle sauce over pork, and garnish with berries, and thyme.

I serve this with snap peas and garlic and rosemary red potatoes.
Its a great fall meal, especially for entertaining!

Monday, October 13, 2008

85 degrees in October?

I took advantage of one cooler evening last week and drug my kids(and husband) to the park.
I bribe them by taking them out for pizza if they're good =)

I am in love with this dress. It reverses to the all over polka dots with a black cat and orange bow on the chest. got it from one of my favorite online shops. ONE OF A KIND KID

My husband is happy, that I am finally taking an interest in this 'house wife' thing.
along with a lasagna and another pasta dish, I made this last week.

pork loin with blackberries

new potatoes with garlica and rosemary

remember how I was really excited for fall?

tried to deck out the house in fallish stuff...

started cooking 'comfort' fallish foods.....(see above pics for yummyness)

pulled out the sweaters and jeans.....
and then last week we had temps in the 80's. It just seems a little wrong that Tatum was dressed in a pretty smocked yellow and pink Laura Ashley dress for church on Sunday! It was a bit chilly , so I added a pink cableknit sweater, but she looked more like she should be debuting the month of May, not October!!

We met our friends Greg and Kelli and kids for lunch at Culvers on Saturday , and it was actually a tad hot sitting outside!


seriously, I was craving some good greens and veggies, and out came this salad covered in lima beans!! yep, there were probably more lima beans than actual pieces of 'ice berg ' lettuce!!

it was so gross.. and even smothered in ranch dressing, I could hardly stomach the $5.99 lima beans in a bowl.

Later that evening we headed to the 7th annual Octoberfest at my friend Jennifer's parents house.
Its always a great time with tons of games for kids.. lots of down home cooked food, and a firepit and hayrides. Brigham had a great time, mostly in the big bounce, and just running around with sticks!! Tatum had fun just keeping up with all the bigger kids. She loved her first toasted marshmallow!!
I had a photo shoot this morning with a wonderful family. It was so much fun, and I've already ear marked 65 pics to edit tonight! I just get a little giddy, when I come back from a session.
Its going to have to wait..until late tonight, b/c I am going out for a girls night with my friend Laura.
We're going to a Breast Cancer Awareness/Fundraisor Fashion Show. Its been several weeks since I have dressed up and gone out for girl time! can't wait.

Friday, October 10, 2008

from my photo class

just a few to share... really not sure how much I learned , and I pretty much think the class was way over priced. but oh well. we had a field day, where we went out at 8:30am and I was a bit nervous about taking landscape shots, since I am used to taking pics of people. but oh, my gosh, it was so refreshing!! such a peaceful time, in the early morning hours, just me and my camera...and the sounds of leaves falling and little critters scampering! these closeups make me really want to have a macro lens...but that's waayyyy off in the future!

Just got an email about an online photog class they're offering at SIStv and its only $14.95!!!
They had lots of great reviews, and it seems pretty informative.. and really, who cares if I lose 15 bucks.. better than what I paid before!!
so I have do decide.. it starts Monday.
We have had such a busy, busy week.. gosh, it seems like there is something (or two, or three) things on the calendar every day... and by 10pm I just want to fall asleep!! however, that's when I get sucked into the computer.. and the next thing I know its after midnight!! LOL
I joined Facebook this summer.. and things started off slow... wasn't sure how much time I wanted to spend on it.. (b/c I had done myspace last year.. and really just thought I was 'too' old for that scene..) but on FB, I have reconnected with lots of sorority sisters and past high school friends! its been a great reunion to see all the little babies, and to see what everyone's doing now.
Not to mention a bunch of my local friends are on it so , we chat all the time, which is funny.. that we don't email or call... but chatting online is something I can actually DO while having screaming kids tugging on my arms!!
I think I need to pace myself.. lol, but its been so fun just picking right back up with girls I haven't talked to in over 10 years!!
well, the fall weather is finally here in IN and I am loving it! I love pulling out my browns, greys, and dark green colors from my closet, my darker jeans and comfy cardigans... the smell of leaves, and apple cider.. ( or as Brigham calls it apple sudder) , and the colors are making me all giddy, as I drive around and look for photo opps!! LOL
took the kids out for a trial run last night, b/c the color is starting to really pop at a nearby park.
and I have FOUR photoshoots scheduled for next week, so I needed to scope things out!! Its going to make me crazy busy.. but I love it! even spending the time editing is so much fun and a great creative outlet for me!
I'll get the pics of Brig and Tate up when I am done editing.. *note to self* Bring their father with me on every photo shoot... b/c he puts the fear of God into them, so they'll comply!! LOL
I had a great bible study on Thursday.. been doing the Beth Moore study.. the life of Paul.
It is just so cool to see how he taught, and how he lived out his calling. Even cooler to see that he was a real person, with real emotions and behavior.
Someone told me " you know the characters in the bible , didn't know they were bible characters when they were living out their life".
what a cool perspective.
Its hard to put ourselves in the position of what they went thru, b/c we tend to think that they had some super spiritual strength.(which some did.. but it was thru God)
and we also have to stop and remember that our God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!
I've been going thru some yucky stuff lately, and that has really been comforting and encouraging for me!
If you ever have the chance to do a study by Beth Moore, I highly suggest it! or just go check out one of her books! she'll make you stop and think, and really laugh your head off too!!
Had a great long talk with my friend Laura the other day, while the kids enjoyed running around the park.. Don't ya just love it when time spent with a friend is really 'good' time, and not just 'filling up space' time?
sometimes, I feel like all my planning and running is just that it. I am hoping to be more intentional about what I am doing and with whom.
Had a long lunch out with the kids with another friend today.. like we had been talking and the kids were playing at the chic fil a playground, and we realized it was almost 3pm!
um, we had gotten there at noon. seriously, I should take stock in that place, or it least get some sort of discount.. lol.. we end up there 1-2 times a week.. its crazy!
well the kids are napping, and so I need to be a productive house wife and at least clean something...
oh, yeah.. been cooking some fabulous recipes lately, so I'll share them next time. They are real good for this time of year,and super easy too!
hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, October 06, 2008

even when the outcome isn't good...

we still have fun.

and look cute doing it!
Dang boilers, lost it again... seriously, is is too late in the season to recruit a kicker?
watching another gold and black right now, hoping that Drew Brees can help his team to victory.
other news.. I have just realized that I am a horrible , not the 'has-it-all-together-like-I-thought-I-was' mom of a PreK er....
looked in Brig's back pack tonight.. read the newsletter that had been in there for a week, and also read the THREE notices on things he was supposed to have brought in to school.
So after I drop him off in the morning.. heading to Wally world to pick up some white T shirts, and the family pic that I uploaded this evening.
Apparently they are doing a project with family pictures.. and another one with tye dying..
heaven help, me if that's really what they're doing..and even worse if he's actually supposed to wear it when its finished!! LOL
so, I know I have been hinting around to an announcement.. NO, I am not pg.(at least at this moment, I don't think I am). as some of you have wondered.. (that's another issue.. that I may end up blogging about some day), but I really thought I was ready to spill it about a week ago, and then I decided to make some alterations.. so I have to wait a bit. and so you all have to wait too.
I know you're all just on pins and needles wondering... HA! .. and then when I reveal.. you'll be like "this was it?" , "this was all it was "!!
oh well.. its my blog, and its my game.. =)
I'll leave you with a quote from Brigham as I got a pitcher out of the fridge to pour him a drink-
"mommy, our lemonade is all dirty ... see its all dirty at the bottom!"

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'll take it anyway I can get it..

weight loss that is!! In the last 2 weeks, I have had several people say to me "gosh, You look so good! have you lost weight?!!"
my response is always the same.. "NOPE, the scales still say the same thing!"
now you all remember that I was rallying myself up to start this weight loss/work out thing right?
well.. nothing has happened further than that. I am wondering if this all goes back to the SECRET.. ya know if you think positive things.. and create a positive energy around you , than you will get positive results..
Hm.mmm , maybe thats it! just thinking about it doing something is dropping my weight! If this continues to work.. I'll probably have to write a book!! LOL
But I guess, I kinda want to know.. did I just look like a fat cow before hand... ?
So yeah.. got my hair cut and colored last Friday.. it was so wonderful to just have 2.5 hours of peace and quiet.. other than gabbing with my stylist!
Tatum finally got to go to the moms' time out at our old church , since she is walking now.. so both kids went, and they seemed to have a great time together!.. mental note.. I need more 'mommy time'.
so anyway.. so $110 dollars later, my hair was a tad shorter and 3 different colors.. I hadn't had a foil in like 5 months, so I was due.. but I wanted to go a bit darker since we're heading into fall/winter.
My husband just doesn't get how I can pay that much! I tell him that its actually cheaper than a lot of places.. and really it was only $85, and the rest was tip!
So what do you gals think... $25 too much for a tip at the salon? I know they work on commission, so I just feel like I should be a bit generous...

Our church celebrated its SECOND birthday on Sunday with a big picnic and I did the cakes for it. I played off our logo in the first one.. and our church is actually going thru a transitional phase of changing its name to Clear River Church.. so I thought I would do a subliminal message by using the crystal blue(like a river) sprinkles on the second cake.(not sure why it won't rotate)
We brought my cousin Alex to church with us, since he just started at Purdue this fall. Our church has a lot of young people(college students) and its just a really 'cool' and 'real' and 'rockin' place , where it is so evident people are living out their faith. Its such a refreshing place to be. I hope we hooked him!! LOL

On Saturday, we went to my cousin's daughter's first birthday party! It was our 6th birthday party in the month of September! crazy!! LOL
it was so fun to see Tatum and her Mallory interact. .they're only 5 months apart.. little people are so cute!
Here is my grandma with her kids... she's 85 and still seems like she is 70! She endures the heat, and the kids climbing all over her. I actually felt bad, because she really wanted to pick up Tatum and stuff.. but with her new found freedom.. Tatum wanted none of that!

I said goodbye on Wednesday... after three years of selling jewels for SILPADA DESIGNS.... I held an open house and liquidated a bunch of stuff. When I started this, there were 2 other reps in the area.. now there are a bunch.. and the whole home party thing is a little tough for me.. I never want to push my friends.. and I hate to make them feel like they need to host a party.. when they are really just doing it to be nice!
My goal was to make enough money to buy this. And I made more than enough to cover it! I was a happy girl.. and now I am stalking my mail man =)

can you believe that all this jewelry is mine! 98 % of my inventory is still in the current catalog! If you're local and are interested in shopping my sale table.. just let me know! Or if you see something in the catalog, . may want to see if I have it in stock! its 40% off!!

and wouldn't you know.. on the day of my big open house... my little guy gets sick..
like, throws up all over himself and seat in the car on the way home from preschool kinda sick!
I DO NOT deal with vomit. I repeat... I DO NOT deal with vomit.
especially when I had a number of guests planning to arrive at my house in less than an hour.. and I had to prep the food and set up my table. and do one last vacuum!
and so I stripped him down.. (we left everything else in the garage for daddy when he got home)
and put him in the bath. I was racing around getting things ready.. and the poor guy gets out of the bath and pukes 4-5 more times!
He was so excited as people started arriving( and someone came 15 min early!! and offered to go clean up the car seat.. ack!)that I could not get him to take a nap.
Finally around 4pm, he just crashed right on the edge of the couch! I transferred him to bed, and slept until around 7pm! At which time, he got up, and was still not himself. He had a temp and so we tried to feed him a bit, which he wouldn't eat anything, and then sent him back to bed! poor little guy! He was miserable. I kept him home from school the next day, but we did go meet some friends for lunch at the park. He was ok by then, and the fresh air was good for him!

but this was just such a sad sight.. he just wanted to keep sitting there so if he had to 'swallow that yucky stuff again '.. (is what he called it!)

just some recent pics from the park.. had these gigantic lollipops since like May... and forgot about them!!

some creating I 've been doing... love this one of my kiddos... its too bad that the colors clash with my decor... trying to figure out if it would still have the same effect if it was in b/w....

and this sweet one that I did as a surprise for my friend Summer..

My photography class ended so I have some shots from the field to share.. not sure it was totally worth the money.. but as my mom and husband said.. 'if you learned just ONE new thing.. it was worth it".. and I did learn one thing.. er, maybe two things.. so I guess it was worth it =P

well, its Thursday afternoon.. kid #2 is about to go down for a nap.. and I am going to clean bathrooms, and then take a nap.. see if I can rid myself of this horrible stomach pain I have had for the last few days... seriously, its like my whole mid section throbbing.. not sure what's causing it.. and that compiled with the lovely heart burn I have been getting this week has kinda made me grumpy..

here's to a happy weekend!


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