Thursday, March 25, 2010

things I am lovin' ....

1. My Tater girl's pig tails... her hair is sooo long(has not had a hair cut yet in almost 3 years!). unlike her older brother who didn't have one in 2 1/2 yrs because he had no hair! LOL So her piggie tails are so long, that I loop them up and tie them in little buns.. got the idea from Chasing Fireflies catalog(one of my faves). her hair is just so cute with these blonde little ringlets in the back that I hate to cut them for fear they won't come back. I do however love the little bob.. so maybe right before or after her 3rd bday , I'll do that.. (and it will help with pool time hair this summer as well !)
but then I went and found this site.. and makes me NOT want to cut her hair. If you have a girl, you should totally check it out!

2. my Beckham baby up on all fours!! yep.. he is a mad man crawler now... all over the place.. he is so much happier (if that even could occur) now that he has freedom to roam. He goes where ever the other kids are.. he follows me down the hallway, into the kitchen.. though I always "hear" him coming, b/c he whines a bit.. lol

and he'll crawl to get something and then resume his favorite sitting position. ahh. SO cute!

3. My Big rock star, faux hawk wearing 5 year old!! Gosh, I can't believe how big he is looking.. yet at the same time , just bursting with that child like innocence. LOVE him.. soo much. He is quite the little student too.. need to do another post about his P/T conference from this period. makes a mama proud, thats for sure!!!

4. the warmer temps we have been having(except today, rainy, cloudy, and brrrrr.) you would think it was winter.. well guess it is IN.. so we could have snow in April!! but we have had some nice park days, and I am excited to see all the bits of green popping up in my yard!

5. My fearless wonder..... love seeing how different she is then her big brother at the same age. I just can't get over how cool it is to be a mom to each one of my kids.. to see the uniqueness in each one of them.. and their personalities emerging and likes and dislikes , etc, etc.

6. My pudgy little one embarking on a new kind of food. Peaches. um, yeah.. as you can see not sure with the first couple bites.. ( I make my own, so they were probably pretty tart) but by the end, he was starting to get used to it. As of now, he eats peaches, pears, banana's , applesauce and tonight he tried blueberries. I mix it all with baby oatmeal and he eats this a couple times a day (if I remember) , sometimes its only once!

7. and I found a new favorite on etsy. yep. totally blog hopped about a month ago, and came across a girl ( who I later realized was a real life friend of a friend of mine, and the way I found her was she followed a blog of a very good friend of mine.(but they don't even know each other! ha.. the magical , fabulous blogging world!). .. anyway.. she makes these adorable necklaces. I knew I had to have one. totally my style.
...and then the package arrived...

how cute is that? and she threw in a cute little bracelet, which my baby and my daughter fight for each time I wear it!!

and here is a shot of the necklace...

go here and get yourself one. I am going back for at least 2 more for summer!!

8. My little lady all accessorized. seriously, we can't leave the house to even go get the mail, without her grabbing her purse, her GASSSES, (of course there is a bow on her head) , but of course..
and usually a necklace and a couple bracelets.

here is my little diva sporting her new pink jelly shoes for summer...

she wants to wear these every day!

and what do you know... just shy of it being a 'top ten' LOL
guess I should have taken a picture of the tv.. because it s MARCH MADNESS and that is one of the things I am really loving lately! Andrew even took 2 days off last week (conveniently starting the day after St. Patty's) to go to BW3, or wild wings, or Bdubs. whatever. the wing place , ya know..
to watch hours upon hours of basketball.
and what do you know, our Boilermakers are still in it! Sweet Sixteen , oh yeah! we are just a little pumped around here, though it could come to a crushing halt Friday night when we face Duke.
we'll be cheering hard in our Black and Gold!!

oh, and so here is

#10..( insert picture of my mom) She has been an incredible saving grace and a wonderful grandma this week.. see we're on our spring break, and after the first half day, I was about to go bonkers, so she called and invited Brig to come stay for a few days!!
He thinks she hung the moon, and he is calling and reporting all the fun, sweet treats, and extra special things she is spoiling him with. yayyy for grandmas. =)
and I am able to sleep til 9 am or after (today.. it was 9:30) and also getting some quiet moments to get some work done.

So leave me a comment will ya, and let me know one thing that you're lovin' right now!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring: I am loving it !!

hope you are all enjoying the sunshine .. now if my yard could just magically get spruced up for spring planting, I'd be even happier!! =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

way cool !

So you probably have heard me talk a bit about the awesome church we attend.. seriously. its such a breath of fresh air.. challenging, convicting, amazing, encouraging,engaging, spirit led... and just a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

anyway.. about a month ago, our pastor friend Whobbie (ok, its Robbie, but that is what Tatum calls him) announced in our life group and then on a Sunday morning, that he really felt God was prompting him to call his people to pray. LOVE the authenticity he brings.

LOVE this. and by this he doesn't just mean.. email your prayer request and then silently pray for someone (if you happened to get around to it.. kinda praying).

serious prayer people.

This is one of the things that we were introduced to at Clear River, and have sensed a strong void in our lives ever since. We have been praying about it(Andrew and I) , and talking to some good friend who are gifted in this type of prayer ministry..about the fact that we really wish somehow NV could bring this amazing intercessory type of prayer to its people..

and guess what? Its here.. taking baby steps, b/c it does take a lot to get used to. but ahhhh. it feels good to the soul' I tell ya!

and so, back to the whole point of this post which is to share with you something really cool that our Pastor is doing. They call it Northview40.. and its forty days of prayer. We all got these nifty little keychain thingys that list each day and what do pray for. SPECIFICALLY.
so how fantastic is that the entire community of our church is potentially praying for these same things at the same time. GOD IS WORKING!!

and so we also have a blog with prompts and places for people to share what is going on in their lives.. go check it out here.

Feel free to adapt any of these days to your daily prayers... and if you want to come check out our church.. you're welcome any time =).. and this week is baptism, which is super cool.. so if you haven't felt the holy spirit moving in your life lately.. its a great chance to do so!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

all about Beck

been busy taking so many pictures of other people's kiddos, that I have been really slacking on the baby updates of my own sweet kid !
I can hardly believe that Beckham turned 8 months old on Wednesday! He totally partied like a rock star. He ate an extra bowl of cereal that day.. lol. I was so wanting to get him started on real foods, like I did with the other two at this age, but , well, life just didn't slow down for me to mash up some peaches for him.. I think he'll be alright until this weekend to try out his first real food =).
here is a quick re cap of the last few months.... the evolution of his first BIG milestone: the ROLL. he actually is an over achiever and decided that going back to front was more his style. Did this for the first time back in November.. at 4.5 months.

and then right before he turned 6 months he sat up for the first time. Life has never been so exciting for him! He spends hours in the center of the room , surrounded by toys, and gets (literally) caught in the middle of the chaos that surrounds him as his brother and sister go wild.

Obviously, I have been slacking in posting these monthly pictures, but I have been taking them.. (and usually right on time !)
I have the finished scrap book page all worked up in my mind. Speaking of.. this weekend is dedicated to a scrap marathon of getting HIS book up to date. Printed off a bunch of his pics, and hopefully they will be easy to put on paper. oy. I always say that. I am so much better at saying then doing. But, my husband is backing me on this one. I just feel like I am spiraling out of control with this scrapping stuff.. and need to get a grip.

and 6 months also brought us to that lovely, and messy experience with the mouthwatering taste of nothing more like chalk. well, he didn't know quite what to do with his tongue, so that gave us a few problems..

(why, yes that is a silver spoon in his and a beautiful silver porridge bowl.. all my kids have their own silver spoon, and entire set of silverware given to them at birth)

He still looked cute and clueless...

and such a polite little dude.. um, no thank you, I have had enough.
and he really has. I pretty much have tried it again a handful of times. Just when I think of it, and the other kids are not around reaking havic (to distract him). We really have to focus to be able to eat. He does not take after his mama in this area.
Plus, his Ped says that breast milk is the only thing he needs until a year old. I am so laid back with this kid it isn't funny. Not like I wasn't with the other two.. but seriously, we are realllly laid back with him. He is not missing out in the food department. Remember he was 18 lbs at his 6 month check up. The kid is doing fine.... But he certainly taking an interest in food. Every time I have something, he starts smacking his lips and reached for my fork. So it is time. I am writing it here on the ol' blog.. so that means I have to give him peaches so we have pictures on Monday right?
ok, then.

and here is just a cute shot showing off his baby blues.. I grabbed some fabric after a session and did an impromptu session with him at 7 months.

and here is Mr. B looking all cute at 8 months!
things he is doing right about now....
-sits up , rolls over, sits up again
-scoots all over the place. the kid has no boundaries.. although he almost always ends up stuck under the couch, the rocker, or the Lazy Boy. When there is constant whining.. we now exactly how we will find him.
-eats an occasional bowl of rice cereal
- exclusively nursing. will maybe take an ounce or two from a bottle as a last resort
- belly laughs all the time
-loves to watch his siblings play
- loves to play with his own toys, anything that rattles, any stuffed animal
-puts everything in his mouth
-sleeping thru the night(finally!) in his crib. on his back, but lately is flipping over once awake and playing with all the stuffed animals in his crib
-is wearing 6-9 month clothes
-loves his car seat and will most likely fall asleep 5 minutes into being in it
-has very potent , and frequent farts
- likes to be held
-is a total mama's boy, and cries every time I leave the room
- is getting up on all fours (and rockin')... it won't be long now...
-is a very, very happy baby.. probably the most out of all 3 (and the other two, were extremely happy and content)
-lights up our lives every day, and brings a ton of joy to each one of us
and with that... I am off to a funeral, a date night and a busy, busy weekend. Come back on Monday to check out my scrap pages!


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