Tuesday, May 22, 2007

mommy can i go to the train store??

that is what I keep hearing daily =)

Brigham was overjoyed when Grandma Holland from Colorado took him to the train store.
He could care less that the purpose of the visit was to buy more Thomas trains and some more track. He was just content to stay and play for hours at the train table!!

They did get him home, and he has been playing and reconstructing a railway ever since!

The visit with Grandma was great. I did feel a tad bad , that she didn't get much time with little Tatum, as Brigham was vying for her attention.
They played puzzles and played trains, and read books, and played with stuffed animals, and basketball and all sorts of things.
Tatum slept thru most of her visit.
Actually that is pretty much all she does. The transition from one to two children has been a sinch!!
Tatum gets up 1-2 times a night (with 5 hours in between) and sometimes, its me waking her up just to make myself more comfortable!! LOL
( i forgot about the waking to a pool on the sheets!!)

We had several outings last week, while grandma stayed with Brigham.
We went to lunches, and to grown up meetings and to bible study.. and yep, she slept right thru all of it!! =)

I am still feeling great and totally contribute this to the fact that I had no drugs.
nada, zip, not a single one.= NO side effects.

not to say I did not FEEL pain during the labor and delivery.. but when it was over it was over. and FAST>
with Brigham, I had drugs right away, and then the epidural. never felt a twinge of pain. I had to be told when I was having contractions and when to push.
I felt lots more sluggish after his birth.

Well, I have been scrapping a little the last few days. I'll post some soon. trying to get my mojo back, and up to speed with pregancy pages, and Brig's third year so I can start those BABY pages.... Oh , I can hardly wait.
HL has paper on sale this week... so I know there will be a trip to get some pink and girly papers =)
Yesterday was a HOT day and so Brigham and his friends Parker and Sadie played in the sand box and in the sprinkler while their mama and I sat w/ the baby in the AC.
I am thinking of getting the lil pool out for this afternoon, supposed to be in the upper 80's.

I'll leave you with a sample of the amazing work that my friend Jennifer captured during Tatum's first photo shoot last Sat.
I am just in awe. They make my heart melt. She is just the sweetest

If you click the link to Jennifer's website, there is a slide show of many more adorable pics. I just don't know how I am going to choose.
The one of her in the little white knit dress was mine as an infant. Then one of her in the basket in the sundress was my mother's dress as an infant!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Miss Tatum Isabella !!!

our beautiful little girl entered the world in a hurry on Wednesday eveing at 5:32 pm
She weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and was 21 in long.

She is just precious and big brother Brigham could not be prouder. He made her a fingerpaint picture that stayed in her little case while at the hospital !!

We returned home late Friday night, and have adjusted nicely. Because she is such a sleeper (only up 1-2 times during the night!), I have been rested and able to get the house cleaned and garden planted full of flowers.

We spent Mother's Day with my mom too, at the park yesterday , Tatum enjoyed her first swing ride at 4 days old!!

Here are some pics and I'll try and update with the birthstory later.
Grandma from Colorado is coming in an hour, so I have to get my kitchen floor mopped now!

Friday, May 04, 2007

still waiting for baby....

yep, we're patiently, no ANXIOUSLY waiting the arrival of our new addition.
I am feeling great. actaully feeing like I'm 6 months prenant, not 9 months.
been working in the yard, getting things ready so the week, baby comes, I can get out and plant my flowers!! I can't wait to be able to crouch down, w/ out a tad bit of discomfort!!

I have been cleaning and re cleaning my house this week. doing laundry. finished the baby's nook decor. and just waiting.

still have to pack my bag.. but what is the rush???
my mom brought over three new pairs of pjs for me to take to the hospital.
When I had Brigham, she got me a pretty light blue gown. this time around, she couldn't decide, so she got all three. in PINK, of course. and while at Macy's, she couldn't control herself, and bought some more tiny little person outfits!!
Man this closet is busting out already, and she's not even here yet!!
diva in the making, for sure.

well, I'll leave you with a link to my friend Jennifer's page, where she posted the pics from my maternity shoot last week. *** CLICK ON THE POST TITLE******
Didn't she do an awesome job??
I think they turned out really good, (besides my mongo belly,) but I guess you'l have that at 39weeks preggo!

hopfully I'll have news to share soon. Hope you all ( and I am so glad to know there are some who read my blog) have a fabulous weekend!!


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