Saturday, July 26, 2008

don't make me stand by this here cow

thats right... you're about to embark on Tour de County Fair

where new forms of torture were found.. ie: making 4 year old boys stand within feet of unasuming dairy cow
(thank goodness the extreme fear in his face is a bit can't see the tears!)

and crazy looking dinasaur looking things that found a new home in the trunk of our car

and baby girls were not too interested in petting baby cows

and cute little bunnies were played with

and some kind of not-so-bunny-looking-but-more-like-small-dog- rabbits were seen

sweet baby lambs

and talking horses... oh, wait that's Mr. Ed.... (brigham still doesn't understand!)

and pigeons.... WHAT????? since when are pigeons found at the county fair?

and pigs taking showers were quite amusing

and to a 14month old girl, a friendly goat was just a bit much

and of course whats a county fair with out a little endulgence?

air blown sugar in pastel colors of course

lemon shake ups

fingers, that tast awfully good

funnel cakes, I am strongly considering purchasing the batter and pan from Williams Sonoma

corn on the cob.. grilled style......

and we actually went back a second night... just for these....the elephant ear..
(though Brigham kept asking where the rest of the elephant was...LOL)

and the game where everyone whens a tacky toy......
(last year, a cow... this year a duck....)

and the only ride that we could convince Brigham to go on.....
that concludes your tour..... next year... same time... same place...... hopefully not 90 degree heat!
and I'll leave you with some pics of a maternity shoot from last week. This couple is expecting their first baby... a boy!! They are so cute, and you can just tell how in love they are and how excited they are to meet little Russ.!!

have a wonderful Saturday peeps!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're in mourning...

*a member of the family has died*

Our beloved HEHATCH.... named almost instantly by Brigham as he received this first pet of his very own on Christmas morning , Dec 25th, 2006.

With lots of love by Brigham, random feedings by mom, fishbowl cleaning by dad, and hours and hours of providing entertainment for a wee little guy, our brightly colored beta lived a very unexpected longer than usual 1.5 years.

What a sad moment it was, when I went in to dust Brig's bookshelf, and found a lifeless Hehatch at the bottom of the bowl. I thought Brigham was taking the news fairly well, luckily, I was on the phone with my friend Jennifer , when I found this, so she immediately took over and consoled Brigham. It wasn't until Andrew came home from work and it was time for the funeral.
It just broke my heart, to watch the sadness take over in Brigham's tender little heart. Andrew sat on the bed with him, as they talked about death.. and going to heaven... and that Hehatch went to see Jesus(I sure hope that is true, or we'll be in big trouble as parents for lying to our and that someday Brigham will get to see his blue beta once again.
The funeral procession moved into the bathroom, where Hehatch was laid in his final resting place.
Brigham was almost un controllable, at this point.. saying... " NOOOOO, I don't want to flushhhh him!!"
Andrew led us all in saying some final thoughts about our dear friend. and as both he and I reflected on what a good pet he was, and such a good friend, etc.. etc.. when it was Brig's turn..
wiping the tears he said" Thanks for being my fish Hehatch, I love you and will miss you and now I am going to get Orangy from Wal mart."

and it was over like that.

Friday, July 18, 2008


the birthday boy was chaulked up on sugar and had a ridulously good time, and there were 16 kids ages ranging from one to nine and not one single fight, and he got so many gifts that we are only letting him play with a couple new ones a week... and then Brigham slept sooooosoo well that night!!!

weeeeeee oh weeee oh wimba wayyyyyyyy ~~~~ so remember those adorable passport invites that I sent out?? well, I was ecstatic that 8 out of 10 moms sent them back with the kids cute little pics placed in them!!! I love that I have these keepsakes of all the kids that came to his party!
(sorry bout the pics.. some of these were taken by my moms camera...bad resolution..ick!.. and I didn't take time to pp them!!LOL)

a bit of decor.... the snakes really freaked my husband out...

thanks to my dad for blowing up about 40 balloons, that we had clustered around! Loved these animal print ones!!

the tiger was one of the many animals hiding in the 'jungle weeds' of my garden which the kids had to find on their exploration

pin the tail on the tiger , but of course .. always a fan favorite!

Brigham surrounded by his friends has he opened presents

some cute lil safari girls....

the kids all got pith hats as they entered the party

and it was so cute how many of them were decked out in safari.. or jungle animal themed gear!

and we had monkeys hanging around

and swinging from vines

and parrots in the trees

and vines.....

and an elephant slide in a jungle pool.... the trunk sprayed water... another fan favorite

and a monkey peeeanta(as brigham calls

and a display of my 4 year old boy - =)

the goody bags.... jungle animal suckers, stickers, bubbles, pencils, candy and noisemakers...

a giraffe migrated over from the plains... to join in the party

the king of the jungle

the food.....ants on a log....hippo sandwiches....tropical fruit salad.....

monkeys trying to swipe the snake eggs(grapes) ..hippo sandwhiches.... orange monkey mix(cheetos chips mix)

our Food Stop

a banner that I made that you can't see very well.... happy birthday...maybe click on it to make bigger?

the hippos peanut butter and jelly for the kids...

tropical fruit mix and the buns for our 'wild boar' meat sandwhiches....aka... pulled pork!

warnings as you entered ....

Hope you've enjoyed your tour!!!


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