Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a visitor, a doctor,and a garden party

as I was half awake, but reluctantly getting out from under my warm covers, because I had a very unexpected visit by my long lost aunt flo, and it was NOT an invitation sent, kind of visit.

didn't start the morning off well.. but I could hear the cartoons on in the living room. my adorable son, who quietly gets up around 8:30 each morning, and helps himself to a granola bar and juice that (daddy has set on the kitchen table, prior to leaving for work) was quite content.

I would say that this was an abnormality.. but alas.. it is not.
Yep, my kid wakes up before me everyday. and quietly entertains himself for about and hour before my alarm clock(his sister) starts to mutter her entrance into the morning.

God certainly knew what he was doing when I created my kids with extra sleeping capacity.

Back to my bed.. as I was debating whether to get up and take a shower before lil sis wakes up, I was greeted with a smiley face on the side of my bed.

"mama , are you sick?"

no, not reallly.

"mama, do you feel icky?"

well, kinda, yeah.

" I can go get you some yogurt. that will make you feel better"

me laughing

"really, I can go get it all by myself. I can get you a spoon too"

no, you don't have to

" well, do you want some medcin, medcin will make you feel better?"

no, thats ok, brigham

"do you want some water. if you're sick, then water will make you feel better"

(at this point, I am thinkin I should just let the doctor take care of !!)

ok, you can bring me some water

so, as I lie in my bed I can hear the little dude, put his little stool up to the bathroom sink, and then he proceeds to set a little CARS cup on my bedside table.


totally made my day. but yeah, still pretty ticked that I have to deal with an unwelcome house guest today.!! ugh.

I have been busy making chicken enchilladas and fried ice cream for our Lifegroups party tonight.

bet you can't guess what theme I went with for tonight.

let the margharitas start flowing.....mmmmm.

I'll leave you with my invitations for Tatum's party next weekend.
went with a garden theme! so last weekend I planted the heck out of my pots, so they'll all be busting with color, since my yard is not yet(other than tulips right now).
the flower are tucked inside the pots, and then you pull them out to read the party info. I used 'garden-ish' wording, so you'll have to click to make the pictures bigger to read.found those little making memories brads which will definately be used on her party LO.!
I have been collecting for months (yes, I started planning when she was 6 months!!) flowers, and pots, and watering cans, and butterflies, and dragonflies, and bumblebees, and caterpillars, and lady bugs. I just picked up the cutest little toddler gardening back with tools at Target the other day. The colors are all bright, but mostly hot pink, bright green, yellow and orange.
I found fabric that I am going to make into table cloths. and the coolest dragonfly pinata that will be fluttering around outside!
Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby has been putting their garden stuff on 50% off(when do they not, though) and I have collected some decor there too.
and the little girl will be dressed for her party in this, and I have a cute little green dragonfly bow , that my mom got her on our Ga trip.
I've had this in my head for so long, I can not wait to see it all come together.
I can't wait to see my still toothless sweetiepie did into her cake!!
well, I am off to prep for our fiesta tonight. Andrew's graduation is this weekend, so I am baking a cake for him. His parents are coming on Friday afternoon. Brigham is beyond excited. Two visits in just over a month! very fun.
hope you are all having a good week. half way thru.. Whoooo hoooo!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

back to the ol' grind

Seriously. we totally had an awesome time away on our little mini vaca to the south!
almost all the family came in for it. it was an awesome celebration to witness the strenghth , patience and love between my grandparents. SIXTY FIVE YEARS!!! thats a long time!

The kids did fantastic on the drive. they both took their naps with no problem. Brigham was completely occupied with the many, many car games that my mom printed off here

Brigham even went on a bear hunt in the backseat!!( remember that old camp song?)

It brought back memories of all the stuff my brother and I did on long car rides.

I had hoped to meet up with Heather who lives just 45 min away from the gardens. and also my dear friend Jop who moved away to GA 2 years ago. Time just wasn't on my side, and there was lots of family time that needed to happen.
Sorry girls. hopefully this summer , we'll be back down that way!

But now its back to reality. Loads of laundry. getting up early to get to preschool and gymnastics.and I busily tried to get Tatum's party invitations out in the mail.


I can't believe in 3 weeks my baby girl will be ONE! I'll post pics of them next time.Not everyone has received them yet.

Luckily, spring followed us home from Georgia! My tulips are blooming. Second wave of daffodils, and my hyacinths have popped to make my yard look fabulous.

This weekend I am planting all my pots. and probably getting a few things in the ground. Indiana weather is a little tricky to garden with.. you never know when that last freeze will hit ya!

I haven't edited the trip pics, yet(they're not even off my but here are some pics that I have been meaning to share..

here is the master bedroom / office now:

my little cottage retreat ! I love my frames above the bed. they are wedding pics that I bordered with some melissa francis paper.

and here are some pics of the kids from a couple weeks ago:

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! We've got lots on the to-do list as we prep for Andrew's graduation and Tatum's party!!, but hopefully we'll get a chance to enjoy a nice frothy beverage and relax a bit!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

well its about dang time...

only took 11.34 months!!! LOL

she'd been tummy scootin for a little over a month, but never really felt the need to get up on all fours. she's been rocking for the last couple weeks. and by george she's got it!!

such focus and concentration is needed for this daring feat.

arms, shoulder width apart....

booty up in the air...

"look, one handed. been doing this all my life guys. and I even got mama's lens cap as a prize!"

lucky for us, she hasn't realized that speed can be added to this new found mobility. due time, I'm sure.

well, we're off for a mini vacation in South GA. going to a resort to meet up with my mom's side of the family. We're celebrating my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. I can NOT imagine.

I think five years is a long time.. and I'm not even there yet!!LOL

I know I owe some pictures.. when we get back. promise =)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

rain rain go away

its a rainy day here and thank goodness because my grass desperately needs it!
my daffodills are in full bloom all over my front gardens and its making me want spring in a very bad way!
our neighbors mowed their lawn this week, and that sound of the mower, combined with birds singing and the kids down the street screaming..... just sounds like summer!
Oh, I can not wait!!!

I am sorry for you Colorado folks who are getting like 5 inches of snow and temps still in the 30's!! YIKES!

Brigham is so bummed that he can't go outside today. I think he's got the bug too... we got teased with a couple beautiful days this week. So since its been non stop raining we have dug into our game closet....
candy land, go fish, hi ho cherry oh, and thomas counting games are a few of our faves.

so here is a fun little game for any of you scrapbookers out this from the fabulous girls over at SCRAPFRIENDZY.

Take the challenge. and let me know what you IQ is??
ScrapIQ test

hope you're having a great day!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

do you hurt like Jesus?

don't think this is going to be some profound spirtual post..... its just theology based on a 3 year old's
So Andrew has been vamping up his workouts, and moved on to lifting weights over the weekend! A buddy of his who used to play pro-baseball worked up a lil' schedule for him.....

needless to say that after busting it out on Sat. and Monday.... my poor hubby came home from work yesterday.. in quite a state!!

He slowly walked into the living room, and then slowly lowered himself into our recliner...all the while grimising in pain.... about 2.4 seconds later, a 3 year old boy full of energy-because mama let him devour candy all day- who just wants to embrace his favorite person in the whole wide world- LEAPS onto daddy's lap.

I think our neighbors could hear the screams of agony, as the squirmy lil boy continued to maul at his father!!lol

Andrew calmly, said "Brig, get down.. daddy doesn't feel good"

"Brigham seriously, daddy's arms and neck and shoulders are in a lot of pain"

and Brig replied " are you as hurt as Jesus was when the bad people put him on the cross to died?

Andrew: " well, I suppose Jesus was in a little more pain "

and so after I gave my hubby some time to rest, I begged him to hang my new shabby chic curtain rod and curtains in Tatum's NEW nursery!!

WHOOOO HOOO.. like the girl is only going to be 11 months in a couple weeks, and she's finally getting her own room!!

We painted it over the weekend, and I have been shoppping like mad to pick up garden-ish and shabby chic kinda things to go in it!

I can't wait til' its finished.

Oh, yeah, and remember the insane moving of the office we did , um the day before Easter?.... well, its finished too!! I LOVE my new space.

As soon as I get the pics off my cam, I'll post some.

Also, I have been learning lots with my RXT baby... and have mastered a few things in photoshop..

I hope to have some pics to share with you all soon too!

Here are some pages I whipped up for the challenges over at SCRAPFRIENDZY.

thanks for checking out my pages!

have a great day =)


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