Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas came... and went... and...

we are still recovering !!!

The week before was spent brunching with friends, cookie exchanges, dinners w/ friends, last minute gift giving, card sending, baking, and watching classic holiday movies....whew!!! Brigham LOVED making gingerbread men w/ grandma on the eve before Christmas Eve. She watched Brigham all day and night, so that Andrew and I could get prepped for the big day, and have a nice date dinner out!

We rang the bell for our church and the salvation army on Sat morning. wish my pictures were up.. Brig brought in the dough that day, as he was bundled up in the stoller and licking, I mean ringing the bell. It was not too cold, but the wind was mighty fierce. We trained him to say 'merry Christmas' to each person after they donated!! SO CUTE.

I think we were all ready for a relaxing Christmas Eve and Day spent at home!!

Andrew did a couple last minute runs on Christmas eve, but mostly we just watched the Colts get beat and other FB highlights =)
Off to church, and a fabulous service and then to the traditonal dinner at the chinese restaurant w/ grandpa.
The trend must be catching on, as three of our friends were there, and one other gathering that my dad knew from Civic shows. The food was good, we ate too much. Brigham got a fortune cookie. all was great!
Back to our house for presents. The process was a bit long, b/c after each book was unwrapped.. a little voice said " want to read this one to me?"
seriously, how could we turn that down... on Christmas!!!
Lots of books, clothes a Diego doll, that scared the crap(literally) out of Brigham, some movies and games. You would have thought it ended here....
Wake up Christmas morning... at um...10 AM!!! yay for my sleeping kid!
he ran out to see this:ok so guess I'll do my Christmas day post another time.
getting impatient and a bit tired anyway....
hope you all had a blessed CHRISTmas with family and friends. can't wait to hear all about it =)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the verdict is in.....

well we went to the doctor and .......

I'll be using this bedding for the nursery!!

Everything in the US went great! In fact the nurse said ours was so boring.. and thats the way it should be!!

I am still feeling fine. A little trouble sleeping (only due to Andrew's snoring!!) Still prefer to sleep on my back or stomach. The whole side thing is so NOT comfortable. Not really eating much more . Usually a hot pocket for lunch and another one for dinner!
Guess the only thing I have been really craving is Diet Coke from Mc Donalds. ( yep a large one, every day!) and mexican food.

Still trying to get last minute cards in the mail, and the goodies packaged up for our neighbors.
how is everyone doing with the shopping? I still have a few things to get... I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!!

Happy wednesday =)

Friday, December 15, 2006

baby madness has begun...

yep, this is crazy. when I was pregnant two years ago with Brigham, I did not a single person who was pregant. Now with this second one, I know 17. SEVENTEEN!!!
and I am pretty good friends with 13 of them. Seriously there must be somthing in the water here in Indiana!!

So I went to the first baby shower a few weeks ago and then this past Tuesday we had a surprise shower for a friend having her fourth child.
My girls group/bible study of about ten women get together every other Tuesday night ,and do everything from a book study, to cleaning each others houses, to painting, to just hanging out!
They have started something for each new mama with her second, plus child, and that is that we get together for a diaper shower!! Its so fun and so practical, (though hard to place all the diapers and wipes). So the first one was this week and then I am hosting one for my friend the first week of January.
We have babies being born every month until the middle of July!! (and some months more than one!).

I am feeling great. Still am not really showing much unless in certain shirts. My doc said at my appt. last week, that I had only gained 4 pounds!! YAY!!
I am hoping that I only gain the baby weight, so that it comes right off!! I want to be able to enjoy this summer in the sun =)
Four more days until we can find (hopefully) find out whether we'll be using the same nursery or prepping a new one in pink!! I am totally ok with either. Just having a little one to snuggle and bundle will thrill me !!

I totally can not believe that Christamas in a week!! EEK!! I swore I would get my shopping done early this year. NOT happening-. I even braved Black Friday and got quite a bit done, but then I think I got cocky, and let the next two weeks slide by.
Actually, we have been busy with lots of get togethers and play dates that I have not wanted to hit the stores.
So tonight Andrew and I are having a date night. we are sending Brigham to his FIRST baby sitter. An adorable eleven year old girl from our church, who just loves Brigham to death. She always asks if she can go get him from the nursery. She's been asking to play with him, and Brigham just adores Kelsey too. So with help from her mom, she'll be watching him tonight, while we shop.
I am hoping to get everything done tonight, and wrapped tomorrow. and shipped out on Monday. ... a girl can dream anyway!
well, I was going to post some pics of our holidaydecor, but it'll have to wait til Monday.
have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

its been awhile....

but I don't think anyone reads this thing anyway. I was looking back to a year ago, (and the months that followed), when I first started this blog.... every post seemed to have 9-14 comments by different folks. Kinda funny, how the novelty of the whole blogging thing has seemed to worn off!
I have been terrible too, b/c of those 9-14 consistant commenters, I rarely skip by to read their blogs anymore either. Here and there, but certainly not with the diligence that I once had.
So for any of you who used to comment, and are just passing by, I am glad you caught a glimpse and I will try and get to yours soon!
SO here's the update: picture at 5 months.

This is my fave lounge -around-the-house preggo outfit! Its so comfy!

a bit big right now, so you can't really see that I'm kinda showing at this point. I am feeling great, actually don't feel pregnant at all!

I went to my grandmas for Thanksgiving where about 15 of my family members did no know, nor did they say anything. I thought for sure it was obvious! guess I should be thankful, that I am not ballooning out yet!

two more weeks til we find out whether we will be shopping for pink or blue.. I am SO excited=)

Last week, we had unusually 60 degree weather in the last week of November , here in the drab midwest.. so we took advantage and went to the park! Here is my little guy:

He absolutely loves the park.. and it is so fun to see as he explores and gains the confidence to climb.

(though yesterday we went with some friends to the McDonald's play area and Brig got stuck up in those big tubes(ya know it looks like the big hampster maze).. we heard this whining coming from somewhere, but didn't know where.. luckily my dear friend Sarah was brave enough to climb up after him!.. )

So this week is pretty busy with a christmas brunch for playgroup. two holiday dinners for each sorority that I belong to. A Habitat for Humanity annual banquet. I have been sorting all the gifts for Christmas for Everyone, that our church is sponsering. Today I have to bake 5 dozen cookies to take and then shop for the four little kids that Andrew and I are sponsoring.

I just love this time of year.. the business is all for a good reason!


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