Friday, March 24, 2006

its over for me!

march madness that is!!
I am a huge basket ball freak, and play the tournament brackets every year!!
I did awesome in the first round.. beating my husband by 2 points.(he he he)
and did pretty well,in the second round too, at least because others picked some of the losting teams to go all the way.
My confidence was building.. I looked forward with my head held high.. until ..... last night!!

What a major upset with LSU pulling it off against DUKE.
Bad for me, i took Duke to the championship. good for my husband who predicted them to lose .

What is up with UCLA beating Gonzaga? another outcome, I was not predicting.
I almost did not wish Gonzago to beat IU, only because I felt loyal to a big ten school(except OSU) !!... and because Coach Davis was forced to resign at the end of the season. I was hoping he would be able to work real hard and go out with a bang.. and then make all his admin. folk, question themselves.
When Andrew told me that Coach had all ready accepted a head position at Deleware, I felt unsorry for him..
So then I rooted for the trailer park kid with Gonzaga.
I did feel so bad for them when they lost and he laid on the court crying.
I always feel so bad for the kids that lose. Guess it was because I was such an athlete and know how hard these kids work.
After dating athletes in college, you realize how sweet it is for these "big boys" to love their momma's.

Well, even though my teams are gone.. and my brackets shot.. there is nothing like hanging in a sports bar , in INdiana.. watching ball. =) it will be a good weekend!

Andrew insists that Brigham will be a football star. Almost wanted to name him Xavier Trane just so that his nickname would be "X-train".
I am pushing towards basketball...or golf..

so now that we are four days in to spring.. of course it would snow again. I was hoping to get some major yard work done this weekend. but I am sure it wont happen.

guess that just means I will have to scrap. I am getting so inspired by many of the talented peas.
I actually "feel" the mojo...(rachel, I 've got it too)!!

I bought a bunch of new stuff.. speaking of.. do any of you scrappers have more of a "buying scrapping supplies addiction" rather than an actual scrapbooking addiction.
I feel like my stash is busting at the seams, yet I am hardly going through any of it..
I hope to get five pages done this weekend, and to use some of my older stuff..
fingers crossed.

so i will leave you with some pics I just got back of Brigham. these are his 18 month old pic.
I scanned them in, and i am gonna see if will upload them... shhh. don't tell.
Have an awesome weekend!!

I can't believe how big he is getting!!
such a little boy.
where did my baby go??
uh oh,you all know what that means????

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

little bit of this n that....

I am curious if you think that you will ever get an original thought. I guess I will just have to wait for a while. Anxiously awaiting.

SO this is what Miss/Mr. Anonymous left as a comment on my last post...
I begin to ponder.... and then rethink what i wrote.....
whoa.. this "anonymous" person is reading my mind.. and living the same life as me???

could it be??? do I have a clone out there somewhere... a twin???
How creepy that this yayhoo feels that they actually have had the same exact experiences as me... and thoughts.. etc..

and how completely lame of you NOT to have balls enough to post under a name!!!

i think that you must not have any original thoughts, if you can't even claim your words.!!

.... okay, so i move on .. away from that!!

the first day of spring... funny that it is not official until 2:37 in the afternoon.
You can't wake up and say "its spring".. you have to go half way through your day.. until you get to 2:37 pm.
Well at least that is what our (very educated) local weatherman says.. I use the term loosely, b/c they are always so WRONG in giving their forecasts.
I can't give Mr. Mike too much slack, because my husband is friends with his wife, and I don't want him to predict a tornado.. just over OUR house!!

well, in the middle of Indiana, the first day of spring was ... of course met with gray skies, cold wind, and snow!!

luckily, last weekend was nice , so we took Brigham out to the park. It was so cool because, he can now (finally) walk!!

He takes off like, he is a fearless wonder. there is nothing gonna stop in his way...
except.. MOLE HILLS!!!
this was hilarious.. the little guy would start toddling so fast, and then hit these mushy mounds.. and then just totally bite it. Hardly a second would pass, and he would hop right back up and do it again.. until the next mushy mound!

We just stood their and laughed at him.. I am sure it was a strange feeling for the ground to be sinking ... (growing up, I used to be terrified of mole hills!!).. i got over that, when I finally realized my tiny cat can kill these things... I should not be afraid of them!

So since spring is finally here.. and i have all these green things coming up in my yard.. i figured it won't be long til bathing suit weather.
so my goal.. of hitting the gym very frequently has moved to more like ever so infrequently.. but this is going to change.
i got me a cute little work out outfit..(so i am not in a frumpy t shirt and last years yoga pants). and i started tanning( so that my fat will have a nice glow instead of that dimply look). and I have gotten a trainer( so I will have a clue what to work on where)..
I now have NO excuse.
I have even found a fabulous bathing suit that is screaming my name.. but only if i lose about 30 lbs!

My girlfriends and I got together last night.. and I brought the dessert..(cuz you know when girlfriends get together, there must be food!).
I made this sinful chocolatey, candy bar, rocky road type thing.. my mouth was watering so badly!!
the women all raved over my conkoction, yet not a morsel touched my lips.
Still no chocolate for this girl until Easter.. at which time, I probably will eat an entire choco bunny!!

so i leave you with a layout of my son.. he finally began walking at 18 months!! we thought perhaps we'd have to stroll him into kindergarten.. whew!! .... he save us quite the embarrassment.

******Stay tuned for the next post, since blogger is not playing nice*******************

who is up for LOST tonight????
I am so stinking exited for this... and my husbands class is cancelled, so we can watch together...
i hate that they leave you hanging for so long.. not like they don't have the new ones done..
if they are short on epis, than why don't they produce MORE epis????
i am sure it has something to do with ratings.. and money and such... and that they are the PRODUCERS, but Man, it is so frustrating!!! i think us viewers could do such a better job of marketing this thing!!
happy Wednesday!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Whoa... what a weekend!

Did i just say Whoa??? I sound like that Hil and her sister in that commercial.
I must confess, i don't say it with the same intensity the Joey Lawrence does.
(can you believe, his one of my first CD's ). I am really dating myself here!!

Sometimes a weekend goes by, with nothing to exciting. Or it goes by with so much crammed into it, that it is not relaxing. But last weekend was a blast.

Started on Friday with motivation to go to the gym! I have decided to strive towards 25 pounds lost in the next 3 months!! Since I have already given up chocolate, this should not be problem..
as long as I actually go to the gym every day.. and that the Lemon(lowfat) girl scout cookies find another home!
How exited was I to come home to mail.. not just any mail, like my Ck, that gets me real excited, or the new PB or WS catalogs...(they really make me nutzo!).. but A BIG package of goodies .
The super cool JILL sent me all this yummy stuff .

Seriously, I could not believe, how much stuff she sent.. and so many fun papers, and boyish stuff.. lots of ribbons... HS stuff.. embellies!
I can not wait to start scrappin with it!
thanks so much Jill! You rock!

Friday night, my dad came over to watch Brigham, cuz andrew and i both had plans. They always have so much fun. My dad is always half way asleep on the couch after an evening of keeping up with Brig!!
Love FREE babysitting. WE are so lucky to live in the same town..actually just a few miles away from both my parents. So we get to go out a lot!
So on Friday, Andrew was working late and heading to the gym, so I went out with a friend.
We had so much fun ! We spent over an hour in Hobby Lobby. Gosh, it was so nice to be able to take my time, and neither of us had our little boys to deal with!
Of course, I had to get me some scrap stuff.. and I got tons of ideas for outdoor decorating!!
Every time I go out.. is an adventure.. this time was not exception.
We had to deal with smelly guy following us . This guy literally smelled like the Dan Pablo's kitchen. Although, since his wife did not , we realized, that they had not just come from dinner.
The smell lingered for about five minutes, after he vacated our aisle.
And of course 20 minutes later, we run into him again.. we had to be real quick with our selections, so we would not pass out!
When we got to the checkout.. we actually chose a much longer line, just so we would not have to breathe behind him!
Moral to this.. if you smell, you should be aware of it.. and if you are with someone who smells.. you should make them aware of it!!

We went to the mall, and indulged in a rich and thick coffee drink!! and ohhhed and awed over lot s of baby clothes. We did pretty much shop til we dropped..
and then relaxed in a cozy little downtown bar.. as we gabbed.. and drank.. and laughed.. and drank.!!
It was so good to have a girls night out !
Saturday, I was able to sleep in.. and do a little work around the yard. Then I met my mom for dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant. (the smells of hobby lobby had gotten me in the mood for this!!)
Then my mom and I shopped for new spring clothes for Brigham. I picked out a bathing suit, that I swear, I will get into by June!!

Came home that evening, and watched a good movie with my hubby. Very cute.. kinda sappy, very predictable.. but Sandra and Hugh.. were easy on the eyes.. for both of us!
check out Two weeks notice.

Sunday we had a great church service.. always love when it just speaks to me.. so fun to start the week out that way! After lunch , the three of us just played and played. Brigham is getting to be such a character. He is always on the move. and there are always sounds coming out of him!
It is so much fun to be just plain silly with him.
Andrew went to work, and Brigham and I both took naps.
Don't know what my deal is.. but the last few weeks.. i am always soo tired! Love it when I can take a nap.. and not feel guilty!

I got all domestic, and made a yummy pasta dish for dinner. and then I got to curl up on the couch and watch my hottie Matthew in How to lose a guy in 10 days.
He is sooo cute.. just amazing that a guy can be that perfect.. (i dated a guy in college that looked a close second to him).. man, what could have been?!!!!

So that was pretty much it lots of fun and relaxation.. and quality family time!
and woke up to 70 degrees and sunshine today!!
Whoo hooo!

have a marvelous monday.=)
.....and nobody puts baby in the corner.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the good and the bad..

so the bad first...
actually it is not so bad, as much as that I have have been in a BAD mood lately.. Why??
because I am becoming thoroughly annoyed by the littlest things..
1) people who claim to be the almighty Christian, yet do all the unspoken and unseen, constant sinning.(gossip, cheating, lying, basically foregoing the fruit of the spirit)
(come on we all do this, of course) but don't claim to be all self righteous and stuff, and think that you are so much "better" than non Christians. It bugs me to no end to hear all this GOD talk, and then see all the "fakeness" right along with it.
How are we ever supposed to draw people to Christianity.. who would want to be part of all that!
2). along those lines, I can't stand people who need to know information under the pretense that they are praying for you!. Again, so fake.. Luckily God is the only one who truly knows whether they pray or not. But so often, people (these righteous Christians) feel they need to be "in the know" of everyone and everything. Seriously, they must not have enough in their own lives to deal with!!
** Don't get me wrong.. I will pray long and hard for those who ask for specific prayer requests. But just to pry into someone's business, under the cover of a prayerful spirit... I think not!
4) I can not stand it when people constantly use people's names when talking to them.
Now, I am not referring to when you address someone in person or on the phone. By using their name, in a greeting, (as to make certain to whom you are speaking) but, it bugs me so bad, when people feel the need to make blatent reference to individuals, whom they are not friends with by constantly spouting out the person's name.. As if this gives the speaker, more credibility, because, it sounds like they are good friends??
For all you 2peas addicts out there.. thats another place where I see it so often.
Just because I leave my name on my post, does not give you the right to call me by it.. Unless we have at least had a conversation, or by email.
or like when you go to a restaurant, and the server gives their name.. and then (my mom) and others feel the need to use their name everytime they ask for something.
I was in retail management for 4 1/2 years, and as a store manager, I purposely never wore my nametag.. there is no need for customers to know my name, unless I tell them. We are not friends or aquantences.. You don't need to be calling me by my name!!
Silly I am sure this sounds. but, It drives me crazy!

for the good...
1) my new fave artist is going to be on Oprah! in fact I just got his debut album over the weekend.
I am such a dork, that I did not even know who sang this song.. Luckily, on Friday night, my husband and I were just pulling into Barnes and Noble, when by some strange coincidence, the car radio was on.. and this song was playing.. I had to practice the chorus so I could go in and sing it to the poor guy behind the counter.
Luckily, after the first bar, I sang, he knew right who it was!
so if you have not heard of James Blunt.. watch Oprah.. and then go buy his CD.. back to bedlam!
amazing lyrics. Incredible voice.

2)and another good, is that my girlfriends and I got together last night for a cooking class!
we learned to cook and amazing meal and tantalizing desserts. it was so much fun, and we ate so much, and laughed and laughed. A very fun evening, except that I could not partake in the decadent desserts!
I am currently on my 7th day of NO Chocolate!! I am completely insane, I know.. but this is my weakness. and I am giving it up for lent.
3) american idol tonight.. .

okay so have a fab Wednesday.. 1/2 way to the weekend!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

happy National bloggin recipe DAY!!!

okay this one is a tribute to my grandma.. down on the farm!
she has lived in the same house for over 50 years!! has raised 5 kids, and been a saint to a very hardworking husband til he died a few years ago.
she litterly has an ice house, a cellar house, and no dishwasher, til two years ago!!
and the stories she tells(she's 86) of life surrounded with cows, sheep, hogs, chickens, and all the dogs and barn cats running around..
so meals are always awesome.. when we eat at the farm... some real down home cooking!
these are some of my faves:
(beware they are all fattening!)

Chicken Tetrazini

1 ) 1 pkg 7oz spaghetti.. cook and drain and put back in pot
2) 2 c. cubed , cooked chicken.. add to spaghetti
3.) make a rue with 1/4 c margarine and 1/4 c flour
4) add to rue, 1/2 salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 pint heavy whipping cream
2 tbls. water
5) add mixture to spaghetti, and add one can drained mushrooms

put all in 13 x 9 pan top with shredded mozzeralla or cheddar cheese(or both!)

bake at 350 degrees for 30 min..

so YUMMMMY!!! and makes a lot..

Corn Pudding

2 cans whole kernel corn
1 can cream style corn
1 egg beaten
1 box jiffy corncake mix
8 oz sour cream
1 stick margarine

mix all above together and put into greased 9x13 pan. bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes.

Candied apples
4-6 med. size apples
1 c sugar
1/4 c corn starch
1/2 cup red hot candies

peel and slice apples in a qurt baking dish. combine sugar and corn syrup sprinkle evenlly over apple slices. sprinkle red hots on top.
add enough water just to the place where you can see the water under the apples.
bake at 350 degrees to apples are soft .. approx 30 minutes.. stir frequently.

this one is an all time fave. all family gatherings.. the grandkids fight over who gets the most of this!!

can't wait to see what everybody shares!
have a super Wednesday..
so stinkin excited for a NEW lost!!


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