Monday, September 22, 2008


just for fun. b/c you all know I love that word.
first off I know famous people!!!
ok, well, just sorta famous b/c they got put into magazines.. lol

first off I got my copy of purdue alumnus and flipped right open to see a guy from my high school, Seth Brown ! showcased for being a lifetime member and a little write up on what he's been up to since graduating PU...he's a professor in New Zealand..! (the link doesn't work right... flip thru mag to find him!)
pretty sweet huh?
I used to have the biggest crush on him in high school.. remember that Sally?... when we used to look for his ol' beater white pick me up truck??? lol
so funny, to see him all looking distinguished now..

anyway.. I love getting my mag in the mail.. my mom gave Andrew and I lifetime memberships for our anniversary this year. While right now it only gets us a magazines, and a few little perks, we're hoping to make one of the big alumni European or cruise trips in the future.

and then last week I got my Scrapbooks Etc in the mail... and as I was drooling over the pages, came right upon a layout that my old coworker/friend Darcy did. Congrats girl! what a sweet page of your baby girl.

Darcy was the second person to introduce me to scrapbooking. I had just begun, and she was a veteran.. she had just done an amazing album from her wedding. It was so cool.. but we're talking like 6 or 7 years ago people... so she was obsessed with eyelets and all that patterny themed paper.. remember?... so funny to see how the styles change even in paper crafting! She has a great style now too..go check her out!

Remember how I was all ready for fall? well, it hasn't come yet here in IN.. in fact, we've had summer sneak back in for a few days, and I am not enjoying the hotness. and humidity.

after church yesterday, while the kids napped, A and I worked in the yard for like 3 hours. I filled 3 trashcans with stuff I pulled out and chopped off in my gardens... I finally have the visual peace outdoors.. now I am determined to split and transplant and get my bulbs in this week... if its not blazing hot like it was has been...

We went to a birthday party on Saturday that was a cookout.. and it was muggy. ugh. but it was a good time and the kids had a blast! Tatum is loving her new found trick of walking.. she gets right in their with the big kids now.. and doesn't even let a motorized car that rolls over and pins her to the ground stop her!! LOL

poor girl... she was just laying there on the grass, with her foot turned inward, and the car on top of her, while 3 other little kids, just sorta stood there, saying 'Um lizabef... she's stuck!"

despite the non fallish weather... I did a little spot shopping... to get me in the mood-

like this cool new bag from Tarjay....

and this little guy from the maxx

and just got the urge to add some new decor around

(and just so ya know, I opted not to take time to edit these pics... thus the darkness)

to the kitchen

and to the photowall in our hallway....

these gorgeous story boards were done by my friend Jennifer.

and I did manage to do some clothes shopping for me... scored a few sweaters, a couple of those silky tops that are so in right now, and a pair of Seven jeans.
bought them in smaller sizes... tried them all on, and now am determined.
you hear me, Heather? Kelli?
Heather is going to be my long distance partner in crime... and if we actually DO what we've been talking about for the last 4 months... Kelli, will be my work out partner...our husbands have both been encouraging us to do it.. based on the other one's willingness to start... so my goal was to start the gym, when Brigham went to preK... then I got sick... and last week.. was too busy...
enough. is enough.
I want to look awesome in these new clothes. I worked hard before my wedding, and felt really good ... and I was way smaller then, to begin with then I am now since two kiddos..
so, Heather... watch your email.... I like your idea... lets set that plan in motion!! LOL (literally)

what else... Andrew is working is last day of OT for the CAT team... thank goodness. I was so excited for him to come home last Friday, and we were all set to go to bbq at our friends' church. and he called to say he had to work til 10pm!! I was so discouraged.. I just picked up the kids and we went to hobby lobby **nothing like a little HL or Target to get in good spirits =)**, and they were so good in there, that we went to dinner at my favorite pizza place..(that Andrew doesn't then some more shopping and for ice cream.
I was about to lose it...
thankfully.. its over, and hopefully, many of these people have gotten the help they need to recover from their losses.

During prayers on Saturday night, Brigham, said "daddy, I am so sorry, that me and mommy and tatum went out for dinner without you.'
awe.... poor guy feeling guilty for leaving daddy out... see he knows that we eat lunch w/o daddy but dinners are always at home with daddy....kinda cool, that he 'gets' it all ready.
anyway... better sign off... trying this new recipe tonight..
tator tot casserole... I 've heard of it so many times, but never tried it.... we'll see how it turns out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

is this really what I signed up for?

I mentioned on my facebook status, yesterday, that I was getting a feel for what single moms go through... and realizing that they are superwomen... and I obviously, do not have any super strength helping me get rid of these clothes piles!
Andrew has been asked to work over time last week and this week. Meaning 7am-10pm!
Because of the hurricanes and other weather related stuff, our IN state farm office is fielding many of the claim calls.. so they are getting bogged down on the phones. So they called in Andrew to work the CAT team(catastrophe)... he even gets a perdium each day. bonus cash =)
Though at the end of the day, wait who am I kidding, usually by lunch time, I am wondering if all this overtime is really worth it.
I have to say the money is just fabulous and way too good to pass up.
He keeps telling me.... honey... we can go get that new refrigerator you want... or, how about that new lens you've been wanting.....
ahhhh.but sometimes material things are not worth not having him home . the second he walks in, I usually greet with him some resemblance to" HMMMPH".... as I lay on the couch or sit at my scrapping table... I just don't seem to have any energy left.
and as I told someone today, even when I plan playdates, and lunch dates, so that my day gets broken up a bit, and that I also have some adult interaction... its still is exhausting.
hanging out at Chick Fil A two times a week, so that kids can pull on your arm 27 times, and ask for ice cream 42 times, and complain that some kid looked at them wrong 18 times... and listening to MAMAMAMAMA.... just isn't has relaxing as they told us in the welcome to motherhood meeting.
But then my husband tells me that he has been on nonstop phone calls with people who have just had their lives crumble in front of them. that lost everything. that have not a dollar to their name. that don't have anyone to turn to... and then I realize that I am very blessed and very lucky to have a husband willing to work just so that he can be able to provide 'extras' for his wife and family.

meanwhile, I started sorting through the kids summer stuff and trying to make room for the crazy abundance of fall/winter clothes, that are seeming to make their way into our house...(on a daily basis)
Brigham got 3 pair of shoes last week, and by yesterday evening, Tatum had scored 5 new pairs, and my mom just took her this morning for her first pair of Stride Rites.
she's such a girl.. and seriously has a shoe fetish. I have no idea where she gets it from.
I went to Target yesterday, for more plastic bins, to pack up all their clothes! It always makes me a little emotional to fold up all these sweet clothes, as I remember them being so tiny!
I am also realizing that baby spit up and milk stains really do suck.
Both my kids are pretty careful kids, and we have rules like no drinks out of the kitchen, and no food/drinks in the car.. so for the most part their clothes stay in really good shape. Neither of my kids were spitt uppers either.. they just hardly threw up at all during the infant stage..
I thought I was so good at soaking anything in BIZ that I saw even the smallest stain on it...
well, after hanging up for 6-8 months, those non existent stains have made their way to the surface..
so I have been filling the tub with BIZ(fabulous stuff by the way) and soaking their clothes ...ugh... not a joy, that they told me about when I signed up for motherhood.

so this is how you do it... on a rainy afternoon....

lean a little... steady........

all hands up in the air like you just don't care
( so funny , that they instinctly do that for balance.. wouldn't it be funny if we all still walked around like that... funny image.... even funnier in France..... ok, I just had way to much caffeine... and I seem to be amused by silly things)

stop to smell the flowers

grin from ear to ear, b/c YOU know you are cute!

get distracted by the sidewalk crack... and investigate the rocks and mulch inside

turn around, and decide, this walking thing is over rated !

OH, and in preparation for two outdoor family shoots I have coming up, we ran over to the park after church, so that I could practice with the tripod

not sure I am liking the white shirts on us pale people... I've seen it look great with darker tans...
or maybe I need to adjust some of my pp'ing.....
Brigham's school needed a family picture to hang on the board all year.. so I am hoping one of these will work

ran a funky action on this one for kind of a vintagy feel.....

So, I am loving the fall colors starting to pop around here...
I have two family shoots and then I have also been asked to travel 1 1/2 hours away to do multiple families and all the grandchildren... etc...
How fun is that.. I can't wait
oh, yeah... stay tuned ... should have an announcement coming up soon.....
well, I am off, still recouping from a packed weekend and trying to get the house cleaned.. We went to a surprise bday party for my friend Charolette today.. and totally pulled it off. It was a riot!
Her hubby did a fab job planning it all, and my kiddos are worn out, so they are taking long naps.
I should be productive instead of blogging... I have a dinner meeting tonight for which I am a committee chair , so I should probably prep a bit....
oh, and tonight is the first time for a non parental/grandparent type babysitter......
hoping all goes well

Monday, September 15, 2008

as told by a 4 year old boy

knock, knock

who's there?


orange who?, what is it? , oh yeah... orange you glad its time for me to go to bed!

why can you not go to church?

there's too many crosses... and you don't know how to get in!


want to hear a dirty joke?
the pig fell in the mud!

want to hear a clean joke?
then he took a shower!

why did the cat eat all the food?

because the dog was sharing the food with the cat.


mom, do you know what word means, really really huge?


and this is what we heard all weekend long..

"you better come look at what your daughter is doing.... she's standing!!"

"you better come see your daughter... she's walking , all by herself...!"

"oh, Tatum, you're such a big girl.."

Yes, our world has changed.. we now have full blown walker as of Saturday.. and she is mighty proud of herself.
and she also beat her brother in this department by 3 months!! LOL
(girls are better than boys... =P )

back with picures later!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

cooler temps means good things are here...

like decorating the house in all the cozy colors of fall... I love the evenings when I can open the windows, light a yummy pumpkin spice candle, and curl up on the couch

i did't get a jump on Christmas... this JOY stays up all year long... as little reminder to keep our house full of it..LOL

made this plate last year in MOPS(mothers of preschoolers).... it says.. enjoy the simple things in life..

two of the ten mums I planted last weekend. My mom surprised me with 5 little shrubs/trees that she got major deals on.. funny, I went to turn the front porch lights out around midnight last night, and noticed they were all sitting on my front porch.. along with several bags of bulbs..
I know what I'll be doing in the next few days...

and this guy always comes out around this time...

not sure I like this display... I may have to head to Hobby Lobby this weekend, to spruce it up a bit

and what is fall with out FOOTBALL......
we are BIG time fans around here... college and pro(though I don't get into the pros as much as Andrew)
Purdue whooped up on N. Colorado at the season opener on Saturday.. and the Bronchos won last night!
I am sorry for all you fans of blue and white...... maybe its just not your year....

this cheerleader certianly knew how to ham it up for the camera. there was no prompting!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

back among the living

thank you so much for the comments, emails and phone calls. I am feeling 99% better today!
Once the antibiotics kicked in my throat started feeling so much better.. then I would get a little cocky, and start talking a lot, and then sure enough, about 30 minutes later, I was miserable.
My dear friend, Charolette offered, No, insisted that she take Brigham for the day yesterday. She wanted to take Tatum too, but I thought that to be a bit much!

plus, my baby girl is really easy... its the talkative 4 yr old, that wears me out!

So I had a nice relaxing day with a couple naps, and lots of photo editing and reading the CK HALL OF FAME issue! there is some seriously amazing stuff in there. I am dying to scrap now.



my little guy on the first day:

the first two days he said he had fun. I couldn't get him to say hardly anything about what he did in class . The third day, I get a phone call from the teacher. Lovely. First week, and a call from the teacher. She left a message saying that he had thrown a block, and hit someone, and then was not happy at all when she put him in time out. (though,I can't really blame him!)

Since I was sick, I didn't answer the phone , thank goodness, but after I listened to the message, I was mortified! All last year , we heard nothing but good things, and how much of a considerate, compliant, and helping young boy he was.

So right off the bat, we're starting off this way. JOY.

Luckily, my friend Patti, said he was a gem for her the whole rest of the day.

I tried asking him about it, and of course he is very forth coming with information(funny at this age, they have no clue to stretch the truth a bit). It just doesn't make sense to me, so I can't wait to actually talk with his teacher on Tuesday,and find out what this was all about.

We are trying to figure out some different sort of punishment b/c time outs and spankings don't seem to be working well. at least spankings from me anyway. he actually told me after a series of about 7 swats, that they didn't even hurt. my hand was sure in pain , as well, as my heart!

So we are thinking about some other kind of reward system instead.

any ideas?

I celebrated his first day, by stopping by Arby's one of his favorite places, but we don't go there because its too 'spensive' ! LOL

so we picked up lunch and came home to the house filled with streamers and balloons. I think he like that. I also picked up his favorite candy, gummy lifesavors.

That night we went as a family to our local drive in restaurant. He's always asking to go there, and I think we've been once. He was pretty pumped. a corn dog and a frothy rootbeer. YUM.

Andrew's footlong cony dog, looked mighty tasty, I was bummed that my throat hurt.. its not often that I can indulge in that much deliciousness.. golden fried mushrooms too.. yummmm.

hoping next week goes better.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

for all of you out there

that say I do too much...
well, I have gone and gotten myself a killer sore throat. Strep throat to be exact. and man does it suck!
The dr. did a culture for possible mono, which I should find out later today if it is or not. UGH.
*ETA* thankfully, no mono(Andrew says that the freebie giving cable guy can rest easy now ..lOL) however, it is in fact strep.
hopefully these antibiotics will kick in soon.

I have complete sympathy for all those kids I went to high school with that stayed home because of strep throat, and I take back my envy that they got to miss so much school!! LOL

Because. This. Is. Miserable.
seriously, my throat is on fire. it hurts to talk. it hurts to swallow. it hurts to drink water.

maybe this was the diet I have been looking for all my life. except, I couldn't stand it anymore last night and sent Andrew for a Frosty run about 10pm! it actually froze my throat and made it burn a little. =(
I am enjoying some down time today.
My sweet friend Patti, offered to pick Brigham up this morning and take him to school. and not only did she show up all chipper at 8:30am this morning... but she also had steamy hot, homemade chicken noodle soup, jello, cornbread and brownies for our dinner tonight!
(she didn't know that last night Andrew came home from work to find that there was no dinner, and the kids had not eaten other then a couple snacks!! LOL)
She also brought me some fantastic Yogi Tea, Its Echinacea immune support, and it actually tastes pretty good.
I am on my second cup.

So Patti, is going to take Brigham out to lunch after school, and then bring him back around 2pm! I am not really good at excepting help from people. like last year when I had two months of meals brought for us when Tatum was born!... its funny, b/c I love, love, to serve and help others... just not good at letting others serve me. I just don't like a fuss over me, or to bring a spotlight on myself. gotta work on that, and realize, that others want to help me.
I am so incredibly grateful for the friends I have. I feel super blessed.

Tatum went back down for a morning nap(something she hasn't done for 3 months) and I am enjoying some quiet time.
If anyone out there has ever felt my pain.. I'd love some suggestions !!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

is it really Tuesday?

I mean really, what happened to the extended weekend? It just flew by for us around here.

On Saturday, we took a little field trip with my dad to Fair Oaks Farms. This place is so cool! The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed about 4 hours learning everything there is to know about dairy cows!! If you happen to live in Indiana , you must check it out! We saw not, one, not two, but THREE baby cows come into this world! I tried to take pictures, but it was pretty dark, and I had a huge plexiglass to contend with! What is sad is that these babes get no more than about 20 minutes with their mama. They don't even get to nurse! I was pretty amazed about the recovery time for these laboring cows too... they made not a noise, as they pushed out these 78-98lb creatures with FOUR legs!! and then they pretty much just relaxed for a bit(like 15 mintues!)
I guess God certianly knew what he was doing , creating animal births, vs. childbirth. Though I think we got the raw end of the stick.. .. that dang curse for us women!!

Sunday, we had an amazing, tearful church service! I am pretty pumped, b/c they asked me to be a teacher for kids church. I have been a helper for awhile, in the nursery with Tatum. And now I'll be teaching two times a month for the 3-4 year olds! I just love that age! I love to see them excited and soaking up Jesus! I am a little nervous too, b/c I have to plan each lesson. I'll let you know how it goes!
We finished up the weekend, with a pizza party Sunday, and a cook out Monday.
And I feel, like the whole holiday weekend was just over in a snap! anybody else?

moving on... I have been creating lately.....

I still need to work out a few kinks, but I am loving these storyboards!! I am still working on edits from last Monday... and I am pretty excited about another little thing I've got going on...
hopefully, I can share soon =)
My friend Summer, had her sweet baby girl, late last Wednesday night. We went to see them in the hospital, and oh my was she cute! I brought her these sweet monogrammed gifts that my friend Emily makes. If you're in need of totally unique and adorable personalized baby gifts.. she does bags, bibs, burp cloths, and onesies!

And we had a birthday party on Monday. A princess party where dressing up was required... you, know Brigham has been dying for months(since he even knew about Raya's bday), to be able to wear a lovely gown.. he even had his eye on one at Target.
We had kind of a problem with actually taking our son to a party dressed like that. Don't get me wrong, we are not stunting his creative side and he still plays dress up with a couple of his girl friends.. we're just not trying to encourage taking him out in public wearing dresses.
So we found the coolest Knight costume at Gymboree.. and now I am all torn about what my kids will be for halloween. I thought I had it figured know I have to have them 'themed'!! LOL
so we'll see what happens.
anyway I did this Cinderelly cake. The birthday girl was so happy! that made me smile.

and just some pages from a couple weekends ago, when I scrapped. I really feel like I have lost my mojo! Like I don't really have a style anymore.... and it stinks, b/c I am soooo far behind, I need to just start busting like 2-3 pages out a night!

and my son's creative homework. Yes! can you believe in PreK, they had homework, for the first day!!
So he wrote his name.. no big deal.. put the glitter glue on.. no big deal, added buttons, (they were school busses, pencils, and apples) so , again, no big deal...
but then he wanted to color it.. in rainbow!
I had to just chill out and realize, he is just wanting to make it really colorful. Well, I had my scrapbooking ribbons out, and he then asked if he could put bows on his cowboy hat!
again, not trying stunt his creativity... a rainbow colored cowboy hat with bows on it?
All I could think of was Brokeback Mountain! GEESH.
I called Andrew at work, for sympathy..... I realize he is only 4, but what do you do?
any of you moms ever deal with this kind of gender thing?

and in honor of Brigham and his first day of Pre K today.. here is the page that I finally finished from last year's first day of preschool!!

He was not thrilled about getting up this morning for school... I'll report back how it went!!
Truthfully, I wasn't that thrilled about getting up this early, but I have
a killer soar throat, that kept me up all night, and so it was easy for me to be up and about!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


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