Wednesday, June 28, 2006

three years ago today......

I was ....goin to the chapel... and gonna get married!!!

Gosh, so much of it seems like a blur...

we drank a whole lot the night before at our rehearsal dinner.. then my bridemaids and I went back to the hotel I worked at for free liquor in the bar.. and we all passed out in our complimentary suite...

next day, we crawled across the street to the spa.. to get all purtied up...

went to the church... went through the ceremony...(don't remember half of what was said.. we were both so nervous).

shook hands with lots of people, we don't really know!!!.... just kidding, we knew most of them.. but our guest list was so big.. we had lots of distant friends and relatives.. that we were just meeting for the first time!!

saw my hubby looking all fine....but it was so sweet at how nerveous he was!!

we were escorted by a classic car and chaueffered by the owner of my mom's company.. we went over to campus where we had gorgeous weather in which to take pictures.

here we are escaping thru the mass of bubbles... and here is the get away car..

oh and here is one of my fave wedding party pics near the fountain at purdue...

onward to the reception.. held at the other hotel that I worked for... we did it up right, let me tell you... with one minor hitch...

as we were waiting in the lobby, for all the guests to be seated, so that we could make our entrance... I turned quickly, not knowing one of my bridemaids was standing on my dress...

OOOPS.. a huge R I P.. righ in the embroidered lace!!.. yep, I was pretty much pissed.. and told her so..

remember, it was MY day,,, and I was the princess.

after a glass of wine, it was completely forgotten!!

here is a pic of the pretty hors deuvre's table: HA HA HA , I tricked ya!!

well, i pushed my luck with blogger.. and he won't let me post anymore!!.. i may try later.

basically the reception was a blast.. we had amazing food, lots of music and dancing, DUH!!!

and one of my bridesmaids got real mad and stormed off to a local bar... ( i have not talked to her since!).

next my aunt and I got real cozy over in the corner, as we shared a couple bottles of vino...

I pretty much lost my new husband after the first dance!!!

towards the end.. my maid of honor and i headed up to the martini bar on the top floor.. where one of our friends was bartending...

My attempt to "flash" him my newly married off boobahs.. was hindered, by the fact that my bodice would not budge... and the fact that ANdrew walked in right at that moment!!

we stayed in the bar for awhile.. until I felt the urge to hurl... ran to the bathroom.. and basically that was the end for me.

My dress was so romantically removed by Jennifer. My ring picked up off the bar floor, by Andrew's friend(because I had taken it off and threw it).

I passed out with a trashcan beneath me, and after I had broken the towel bar in the bathroom!

( i tried to use it as leverage, as i picked myself off the floor!).. lucky for me the hotel suite was a gift from my boss!!..( i told him much later about the bar incident!)

Andrew enjoyed his wedding night curled up on the couch as he watched MONSTERS INC!!..

( i still have never seen it!).

we awoke the next morning and stumbled to our after wedding brunch. and then boarded a plane.

I was very happy to arrive at our honeymoon destination.

AHHH the memories... who would want a boring wedding with no glitches!!

I may try to upload some more pics later.. plus some scrappy pages that I got done over the weekend!!

have a great day =)

Friday, June 23, 2006

a manless week, the beginning of terrible twos, and my retreat!!

WHOO HOO, yep I was "quite without a husband" all week!! That line from Parent Trap(one of my all time faves) just kept popping in my head all week!

Andrew had his first big business trip in Michagan. He has only been with the Farm for 1.5 years, and he is the only one from his training group that has been asked to do this. He actually had to prepare, and give seven agency visits, and then also speak at two BIG meetings. He was so nerveous and excited. Well, he claims that he did great.. guess I will take his word for that..
No, he really is an incredible speaker;very confident and elequent with his words.
so while he was up partying with the bigdogs.. I was at home, by myself with an almost two year old!!
Actually, I thought I would be scared, or miss him, , but I actually had a great time by myself.
Reasons why my husband should leave more often:
1. Seriously, I had the bed all to my self, without being mauled every night!!
come on you married ladies , know what I am talking about.. and if you're not yet, ... trust me, it will come soon enough!

2. I was able to watch what I wanted on tv..with out feeling guilty that I was not including him!
I actually watched that new "america's got talent".. .. it was not half bad.. but seriously, where did they have to go searching to find MR. Nightrider.. I thought he had drowned in the ocean somewhere!!!
guess, this will be a comeback for him.. and Brandy!!

3. I could talk to my friend in Ga for over three hours one night, with out getting "the look"..
He never understands how I can talk on the phone so much!!

4. I could be on the computer and blogging, with out him totally making fun of me.
He thinks blogging and talking with "friends" on the net.. is for dorks.
Well, then he must be married to one.. although I admit, the internet is a scary place, and actually not a very "true picture" into what people are really like.. since you can be who ever you want to be ! I just have fun with it, and have "met" some pretty cool people....(so I think)

5. I was able to scrap.. uninterupted!! I never like to be working on my stuff when he is home, so I could work into the wee hours, and then just crash.. yeah, in my bed alone.. to SLEEP!!!

I also got to spend a bunch of time with my friend Jennifer. She and her son came over one morning, and has we talked and the kids played.. we realized nearly 3 hours had gone by and we had not eaten. So we packed up and headed to Mc D"S. and stayed for another couple hours while the kids played. It was so great not having a schedule, or have to be home to start dinner(not that I really ever do that!).. but I try to be home when andrew gets home from work!

Jennifer is such a dear friend, a fellow pea, and was my matron of honor in my wedding. We live in the same town, yet its been over six months since we have gotten together!
It was so great to catch up. and we are going to a crop tonight at a LSS. I am so looking forward to girl time.. and getting some pages done!!
Brigham is three weeks away from turning two. I think there must be something in the manual the kids are given by God, before they exit the womb.
Boy, he is certainly starting the clingy ness, the definate attitude, and his little tantrums, where he lays down on his back!
I actually think its pretty cute, so its hard not to laugh, but I usually just ignore him.
He is talking up a storm, which also can get quite annoying. !! He is repeating everything...
whoops, the other day I called the dog a little shit.. So then Brig was saying "thit" all night!!
so funny.. but, yes, not good-

I took him Dog n Suds (this little drive in place) the other night. we got to sit by this huge dog carrying a tray of rootbeers.. he loved his coney dog, which he picked off the stick, bit by bit!!
and he totally enjoyed his kiddy cup of rootbeer.
(another thing I could do with the hubby give my kid soda!)

So every evening after I put Brigham to bed, I went out to my retreat... My garden.
Gosh, i just love being out in nature. even pulling weeds and playing in the dirt, is refreshing to me. I love to see the results as the flowers start to bloom.
One night, brigham even helped me spread mulch over my back flower bed. He loves to be out with a trowel in hand just like mama!
Although, I think he ended up with more mulch on him, then the garden!!
so i will leave you with this.. and hope that you will get a glimpse into my happy place!
---------------------------------------------------------EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!(thats me screaming)--------------
okay, i may just be giving up on blogger. the last four posts have not allowed me to get picts up, or at least very many!!
guess, i will try later.. I know you all think i am a big fat liar, and that I don't truely have pics of anything I talk about!!!

have a fabulous weekend everybody.. I am hoping to get a bunch of scrapping done =)

Monday, June 19, 2006

what a week...!! relaxation, food, fun, and more food!!

I had every intention of posting last week, but teaching vacation bible school for 25 two and three year olds, was a bit more exhausting then I thought!! what a bunch of cuties they were... it was so exciting to see the energy in every one of the kiddos!!
i was so impressed at how quietly they all sat while listening to the story teller.. as she told them about GOd's love for them. It sure helped that she had a pet parrot named ZOCH that gave out lots of hugs!!
through, bible stories, crafts, playground time, movies, music, and free play.. these kids had a great time at SONTREASURE ISLAND..

my litte guy concentrating way too hard on the beam to look up for me =) ------------------------------>
on the last day, we gave the kids all pirate hats, and they got to dig in the treasure chest for all sorts of special "treasures". We also had lots of fun at the carnival where they had face paints, ring toss, and a duck pond!
The kids had a blast as they took whacks at the rainbow piniata.. .. After each kid had tried 3 times, unsuccessfully, to bust the rainbow.. we had to lend a helping hand.. and then they were showered with candy and fruit snacks!!
no doubt all these kids were pretty tuckered out.. I know mine was.

Not to mention we had playdates at the pool nearly every afternoon too, which meant.. NO naps.. but lucky for me he went to bed early!!

this pretty much sums up the week---->oh, and here's a peek at what the room looks like, we still have a lot more to do.. Including a mural on the outside wall.. but all the kids seemed to be pretty enamored with all the fish!!

ok, well I guess I have reached bloggers limit for pics... Sorry for creating all the suspense... I know you all are just dying to see the children's ministry rooms!!

So Friday afternoon, we had lunch with some friends.. and then met some other friends for pool time! Brig is so loving the water this year.. I was not sure if I would have to be extra causious around the pool or not.. and luckily my easy going kid, is just as laid back at the pool.
Other then the fact that it is super hard to get him out.. twice last week he was climbing back into the pool, after I had already changed his clothes!! quick little booger he is!!

So the miller fam went out to dinner on Fri.. and then Andrew and I put Brigham to bed at um... 8:00pm!!(that is way early for us!) and we watched the RINGER!!
seriously, this is super funny... johnny is a riot in here.. not to mention all the rest of the "extras.".. I was busting a gut, numerous times, but i was feeling so guilty for laughing at the...
"mentally challenged"..
Andrew kept reassuring me, that the Special Olympics... Probably made a killing off this movie, since there name was plastered all over the place..
so if you have not seen this.... this is a very GOOD recommendation.

Sat, we were lazy, and did some yardwork... and then took naps. We went to our town's annual fundraiser.. THe TASTE OF TIPPECANOE...
yep, its a teeny weeny version of the taste of Chicago.. or any other big city that has one.
Still, it was great weather, great crowds... (45 thousand were in attendance!!).. , awesome music, and incredible food.
Brigham was the hit of the show, as he was jammin so hard to the "rock stage" that we unleashed him from the stroller..
Everybody was getting the biggest kick out of watching him clap, boogie down, and stomp his feet..
Then there were fireworks at 10 pm, which Brig was totally blown away by..(well, not really, but we did get ashes all over us!).. he kept saying BOOM everytime the sky would light up.
I am so happy that he was not scared. We are planning a big party for the 4th, and so i was worried that he may be too afraid to be out and about!

Sunday, we had a bbq at my house for my dad and Andrew.. good, down home, traditional cook out food. I even tried my first batch of deviled eggs.. there was not a one left!!!.. good sign =)

and last night my mom took Andrew out(with brig and me) to his favorite restaurant called the BLUE NILE!!.. this is such a quaint little Mediterranean place on campus. the food was awesome.. and really spicy. Brigham could not get enough of it...
and I payed for it this morning, as he left me quite the bit of gratitude in his diaper!!

anyway, I have got to finish cleaning the house and getting laundry done today.. and then Brigham has his FIRST haircut!!... i am so leaning to having the girl give him a mullet, ..just so I can keep his curls.
Andrew says, why not, we are in Indiana, and that seems to be pretty popular around here.
NO joke.. we saw FIVE people at the taste, sporting mullets!!..
so wish me luck that I am not too emotional as she snips away at my baby!

Monday, June 12, 2006

where have all the cowboys gone?

ok, so my title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.. but that song has been stuck in my head for like the last week and a half... (does anyone remember that one) and because the only titles I could think of were completely lame..

so I did actaully blog last week.. I know, I know you probably don't believe me since it has been, um 16 days since my last post..
But really I did.. and it was a good post, with lots of cool picts.. and whitty comentary, and it took me over 2 hours do finish it..
but blogger was not playing very nicely, so when I was frustrated enough by the lack of participation that blogger had in uploading my picts.. I finally called it quits.
Went to publish my post.. and WHAM!!! it was gone.. yep, maintenance problems or something.. and of course I had not saved it yet!!

So I will save that one for later on in the week..

last Friday, andrew called me in the middle of the afternoon, and asked if I could find a sitter.. he would not tell me why.

He had been working overtime for the last couple weeks, which means he was not coming home until 10 pm and working 12 hour days on Sat. So this was a complete surprise that he was going to come home early!!

I did not have to persuade my mom to watch Brigham.. in fact he got to spend the night, and she kept him all day Saturday too!!

Andrew and I had an awesome night. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.. one of my faves.
I was even good, and only ate 1 roll.. and got the veggies and salmon, . (i usually indulge in 3-4 rolls and get the baked potato and steak)..

after dinner we went shopping... (my husband actually was willing to go to the mall??)
i have been complaining for the last couple months, how none of my clothes fit , so un beknownst to me, he set aside some "clothes money" for me.
He did not complain once, as I was very indecisive on this excursion!!

Next, we went to see the BREAK UP!!.. and my hubby gave me cash to go get a mongo Diet Mt. Dew and milk duds..
trying to figure out why did I even bother eating healthy at the roadhouse?

anyway if you have not seen this movie.... it is an absolute MUST!!
Vince and Jennifer are totally hot in the movie, which made it very easy to watch =)
I have always liked Vince, but he is now in my top two fave actors.
about 20 minutes into this movie, I turned to andrew and said "we need to own this".
seriously, I think the writers were flies on our walls. the relationship issues, the converstations, the miscommunication.. it was so REAL!!!
plus, Vincent D'Onfofrio (law and order ci) played Vince's big brother.. and he was hilarious in the movie.
Jason Bateman.. (yep he is still around) is one of "the guys" and a look alike to Tom Brady .
it was sweet, romantic, bust a gut, bust a fist thru the wall, all at the same time.
the best that there was lots of SWINGER moves considering Jon Favreau was Vince's best friend.
awesome , awesome movie.. and it took place in Chicago.. so what could be better?

after the movie, we went to our fave little bar around the corner.. i tried to live it up by downing a Long island... this was MY drink in college.. now, not so much. I could barely get thru it..
I am such a wuss.. so I settled for good old COORS LT.

we ended up being out tile 3 am.. and it was so much fun to "live" again =)

Saturday, I got some more flowers and got them in, before it rained. then since I was kidless, I went downtown to all the trendy little shops, which are very inticing for little hands, but not for this stay at home mama's budget!

it was fun to just be by myself for a while.
that night, we all met my mom for dinner at this little greek place.. YUMM-O!!
Here is Brigham on a sugar high, eating a chocolate creme pie!

**** pretend here is the adorable little guy with whipped cream all over his face! *******

Well, I was going to show you all how are VBS room turned out. We are going to call it UNDER THE SEA community child care.. cuz the infant thru 2 year olds are going to be called
Covenant Cove..(our church is Covenant Prebyterian).
It is so cute.. but since blogger is not cooperating.. I don't want to even attempt this..
also, its midnight, and I have to teach 20 kids under two tomorrow morning.!!!

I have been working on a few scrappy things too.. got my cj sent out for Felica's fabulous life of...
you can check it out on 2peas if you want...
hopefully later this week, I will get to post some pics.. URGH!!!!

later peeps =)


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