Saturday, March 08, 2008

rocky mountain high

well, we're not technically in the Rockies, but we do have a fantastic view of them!
seriously, so gorgeous. its been bright blue skies and amazing sunshine since we got here.

the kids were incredible on the flight... I don't think Tatum realized she was not on my lap in the living room! and Brigham LOVED the tv in the plane. He was mezmorized by Dora and Spongebob(two shows, that he has actually never seen before!). Perhaps that was what made the trip so enjoyable. Five dollars , certainly worth it!

So we are trying to pack a lot in to the vaca.. but its been nice to lounge around too, and not look around and see the zillion things that I would have to do at home!

The Brigmiester and Miss T are certainly soaking up lots of attention from the grandparents!

and as I type this, the news is informing me that the midwest is experiencing blizzard conditions.
ahhhhhhh... so happy I'm here. it just might suck me in!!
its such a happy place.

on another note... any AI and LOST fans out there????
I am still rooting for my man Michael Johns. I seriously would be a groupie. He so rocks.
(my former boyfriend- eerily look a like, was kicked off,(jason yeager) or I would have had him at the top!)yeah, it was like soooo incredibly crazy how much he looked like a guy a dated!
we lost two out of three home town kids(amy davis, and luke menard) are from about 40 minutes away from us. Local Amanda Overmyer is still in it. She is actually just around the corner from us. She is definately a rocker.. we'll see if America wants that type as their idol.
so happy that danny was voted off.. I don't think I could have taken another night of his head sways or 'ish'..
and Losties... it just keeps getting better doesn't it? .loving the flashforwards and the addition of characters. I am bummed that claire doesn't make it.any thoughts?//

I have been a slacker once again at blogging, I had wanted to share pics from our mini vaca in Indianapolis last weekend. Hopefully I can get them all edited and post them next week.
I may try and update with Colorado pics, before we get home... we'll see how the week goes!
hope you're all having a great weekend!

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Lisa Dickinson said...

oooh yeah the weather has been great for y'all! hope you are enjoying it! and yeah, LOST....I knew it would be michael on the boat! but how the heck does Jin die???


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