Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day!

from my littlest valentine. I do have a few others that I'll be celebrating with a special dinner, yummy treats and a few surprise gifts. this one just happens to be celebrating her SIXTH month milestone this week! I started with a few pics for her session.. but our weekend ended up getting so busy, that we had to call it quits. perk of having a photographer for a mommy. rescheduling is pretty easy. =)

we were busy preparing our valentines to take in to school today. Tatum was super excited for her party. I went in to help a bit, along with my 2 side kicks... kid #3, and baby girl. (who just happens to look just like her big sis at this age). crazy. except she hasn't turned blonde. we kept thinking she would , but it just hasn't faded yet. maybe I'll end up with a blonde and a brunette , blue eyed girls... along with my 2 blue eyed blondie boys. I love my little family. it is so perfect.
and with that, I am gonna hop off here and go finish prepping up dinner before kid #1 bounces (notice the word choice?) from school today- no doubt he'll be hopped up on sugar ( I read the list of class party treats being brought in ! lol). Then we're off to his last art class.. which by the way has been fantastic for him. a little budding artist , we have on our hands.. he has really enjoyed it and is doing a great job with it.
hope you enjoy your day with your sweets! (take that however you want. =).. )


Katie McDowell said...

so cute. i should have brought my kids over to have you do the photos. the ones in with my makeshift backdrop didn't turn out as well as i hoped(surprise surprise!) :) your little lady is quite adorable!

kels said...

she's getting so big! love her! :)


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