Tuesday, July 11, 2006

promised pics of Cinci

this view was right behind the stadium. It was so calm and pretty! we went across the river to KY to this cute little germantown.

here we go!

this was on the screen just as the grand slam was hit!

fireworks went off. music played. everyone was slapping hands!

IT was a good time!!!
and this is the GABBER.. . my husbands had to get a picture taken with the odd character.

(i am such a good sport huh?)

(don't be afraid Niki... he is really lovable!!)

and here is a pic from the concert. What is JULY 4TH without a picnic from KFC??? classic, american fanfare.

So I have some super fun pics from our trip to the zoo ,but I will save that for another post.(don't wanna push my luck).

however I will leave you with my latest scrappy page.

(kinda fits in with the traditional american theme)

well, i pushed my luck. will try later =(

check out my previous post to hear about our anniversary weekend =)


rev said...

love your pics Elizabeth!!! i was so done with blogger... moved to another blog. Also for free. Some sister of typepad I guess. Looks like it... blogger didn't want me to update 1 picture at all... it took me so long to blog....

Kat said...

love your pics! i looooove baseball games! i tried to get a pic with the petco park bird thingy, but i was drunk and he got annoyed and sprayed me wiht silly string instead. damn............ can't wait tos ee more pics

BR@NDY said...

Great pics. I love baseball games. Looks like you had a blast.

Babs said...

Great pics!


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