Friday, November 03, 2006

halloween madness!

It all started last Friday night...
with a very rainy night and a pizza dinner...
Mom and Brigham met our friends Kelli and Greg, Hannah , and Kylie at BRUNO's for some fabulous dough balls and plenty of cheese bread..(thanks Greg! next time you'll know!)

Grandma surprised us too, especially by footing the bill!! THANKS Gabba =)

We took the risk during the downpours to head down to grandma's office where our kiddo's transformed into a witch , a scarecrow and a monkey.

We headed out downtown mainstreet for our 3rd annual trick or treating . Many of the stores stay open late to pass out candy. Last year it was so crowded we had to stand in lines in the FREEZING cold. THis year, no lines.. however we had to dodge the raindrops. Luckily, by the time we got dressed and out, it had stopped.
Since most other people stayed in that night, the merchants had plenty of stuff to get rid of.
Our kids raked it in!!
So funny, brigham would just run up, say trick or treet and then just stand there smiling.
I don't think he got, that you were supposed to leave. He was so stinkin cute in his little costume. and it actually turned out to be a perfect one to keep him warm..

I also love his little "punkin". I had seen them in the PBkids catalog, but then got an email the Wednesday before Halloween, that they were on sale $6.99 and free shipping.

It was delivered to my door about 30 minutes before we left . now thats timing!

After his first real experience, I think Brigham loved running around with his friends in costumes, but luckily for mom and dad, he didn't understand you were supposed to EAT what you collected. his little pumkin sat in our car for the next 4 days, and he never asked about it.
THINGS changed on Halloween!!

It started early when we went to Grandma's office. everybody had a ball looking at my monkey, and boy did he put on a show.! He got a tad bit spoiled there.
Next we went to meet Daddy at work. Lots of people were dressed in costumes. they were having a bunch of contests for all the managers. At first Brig was not too sure of the ghoulish adults, but soon warmed up, when they started dumping candy in his pumpkin!

We actually had to make a deposit, b/c his pumpkin was overflowing! He scored with lots of full size candy bars(in the kind mom and dad like).
We ate lunch there, and by the end, our tired lil monkey boy was saying " no more the monkey tummy," as he tried to pull his costume off!!

Nap time, and then it was off to the first of two parties. One was with our friends the "other millers" .
there were about 6-7 families and lots of little ghouls and goblins. here's a pic of most of them..
we trick or treated all around their neighbor hood, Brigham had no fear; he would just run up to the door, (while we waited at the driveway) and come running back to us!
at one house, he and this little girl were taking forever to come back, when Andrew went up to see what was up, and there our sweet children were playing with a big RAT!!! (rubber), but none the less, a RAT!!!

so we did our rounds, and headed back for some good eats and story time for the kids.
We left and made a couple stops to show off our monkey before heading to our friends Kurt , Jill , and Isabel for a bonfire. Many of our friends from church were there with all sorts of fun costumes and lots of yummy snacks. The fire was wonderful, and the kids did not even notice the plumeting wind chill as they ran around the back yard!

So with our monkey nearing bedtime, we made one last stop at Grandpa's house. He got to play with Cosette, the super fat cat, which quite possibly was the high light of the day!
As we tucked in our muhchkin, Andrew and I started sorting out his candy... are suckers the big thing or what??? anyway, plenty of chocolate to help my cravings =)

I'll try and post some more pics later, blogger seems to have a limit on what you can do.
hope you all had a fabulous halloween!


Kat said...

omg- LOVE the monkey costume!!!! so freakin cute!!! :)

Valerie said...

He is such a cute monkey!! Love his costume!! YAY for all the candy loot for all of you!!

Odette said...

The Monkey costume is so cute!


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