Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oNE awesome week!!!

* started with a pedicure with my preggo friend Kelli.
so cool to have color on my toes and all that "ick" removed from my heels.
and a massage. what could be better for two gals that can't reach their toes!!!

* a very smooth flight , including a very quiet and totally excited 2 1/2 year old going to see uncle Brian and his pool !!

* incredible Mexican food
* gorgeous views
* blooming cactus
* spending the day with Andrew's granparents and watching Brigham interact with them.
simply adorable

* 95 degrees and pure sunshine and no clouds in the sky

* beyond amazing mexican food
* laying by the pool
* spending sweet time w/ my little brother
* having NO scedules
*(but packing a ton into a week)
* getting a sun burn( cuz now its a tan =)
* not having to change a SINGLE diaper in seven days b/c my mom and husband were there!
* wearing flip flops every day
* sipping on margharitas *
* eating gelato
* dreaming of sipping on margharitas
spending time away from the everyday life with family and enjoying God's magnificant creations

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