Monday, April 23, 2007

single digits--BABY---!!

yep, as of today I have EIGHT days until d-day!!

well, actually my due date, the doc says May 7th. Whichever it is, its coming faaast!!

I have been trying to get things done, like the dustruffle for the crib..

getting baby's coming home outfit finished.. ( am taking the one I got at Sax for Brigham and changing out the ribbon color). Its just a sweet white gown, and so with the ribbon change, it will be perfect .

Andrew told me this weekend he wants to put up a(version of a ) chair rail over the baby's crib and then put pegs, to hang sweet lil things. we actually saw something similar in a model home a couple months back. They had the chair rail and then a higher rail going all around the room. It was very cute.. so we'll see how much gets done!!

Saturday we went to the Purdue spring game. it was gorgeous weather, and our friends gave us their VIP tickets, so we could sit in the special 'suite' seats.
(pict taken last weekend at springfest..notice the winter coat and hat?)
anway, this is Brig's new friend. unfortunately he was injured and didn't play in the game.
he is one of the guys that will end up in the pros.
He is mighty fine if I do say so too !!!

It was fabulous, b/c I didn't have to sit on the backless bleacher seats for 2.5 hours, plus we had access to the consessions.

And when you're 9 months pregnant, and forgot to eat breakfast, that comes in handy!

We got to hang out with some of our friends and talk predictions for the coming season. My dad went with us too, so Brigham had a blast with grandpa.

Got home, and spent 5-6 hours doing yardwork. I dictated and planted flowers (from a chair) LOL!!

and my dad edged and dug out all those pesty little grasses that get into the garden.

Andrew mowed, and edged and spread seed.

I've got to remember to call the lawn service and get a treatment done this week.. seems like something I will easily forget!!

Yesterday, we went to church, started a great sermon series on 'challenging ourselves'/

this was on helping the needy.. in whatever capacity, etc.

Very fitting, because yesterday afternoon, was our HOmeword BOund walk for Habitat .

I led a team as we walked the 5k thru some really run down parts of town.

Makes you so appreciative for what we have been given. I truly get so mad that people are actually living like this. children playing in conditions like this.

I know we can do more, but the sad thing is that many of these people don't want the help. Very few are able and willing /wanting to get themselves out.

I totally believe it starts with education. and man, do we have a long way to go.

Anway, I was shocked as much as my husband was that I made it with no complaining to the finish line!!

It felt good, and it was a beautiful's some of us at the end: my preggo friend Jill, Andrew, my dad and Brigham sitting easy in the stroller!

we finished the day off with ice cream and then I sat on the couch for a couple hours!!
today is dedicated to deep cleaning .. already cleaned the kitchen and dining/ and living rooms. now comes the fun part.. the bathrooms!!
such is the life!!!

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