Saturday, December 22, 2007

there's only 2 more days!!

Brigham exclaimed as he added the ornament on the advent calendar!!

I think a certain little someone is getting really excited!!

Seriously, I can't believe how much fun its been this year. I always have LOVED the Christmas season.. but with a little boy full of wonder, really starting to realize all the magic of the is just a BLast!!

And by that I mean, yes, he is talking about the fat man in the red suit.. . He has simple requests, like the only thing he wants Santa to bring him is a candy cane. Easy for us =) And he is carrying around a little notepad, on which he scribbles 'notes to Santa'.

But, he is also talking about the baby Jesus , and how he is God's son. And how much he loves us. And when he puts his pajamas over his head... and says
"look Mom , I'm Mary."

so incredibly sweet.

We've been preparing in lots of ways.... getting a Christmas time haircut... such a handsome lil dude!

His program at school:where he was quite the little entertainer as he "whooshed" us a merry Christmas!

And we made goodies to take to all our neighbors and some friends of ours:

and with the results of our first winter storm last weekend and the help of one Daddy.. Brigham was so proud of his first snowman.. apropriately named 'FROSTY' lol.

(we soon had 40-50 degrees, so we had a little window watcher as he sadly saw the potato-buttons fall off, and the apple-eyes slide out...) we reminded him, that when its cold and there is more snow, he'll be back again some day!! OH!!!

and I did an adorable little photo shoot the other day with the kids for the last page of my calendar.

( put one together as a gift for all the great grandparents)

They were SOOOO cute, so as soon, as they are edited , I'll share.

Hope you are all enjoying these last few days.. and that you'll stop to reflect on the TRUE reason for this glorious season.

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rev said...

awww such cute pics, and the cook/candy mmmmm looks delicious!!


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