Saturday, December 08, 2007

a bit of a numbers post

*3 stitches taken out on Tuesday, from the spot on my back

* 1 call from the dr. saying its benign

*6 viles of blood taken for thyroid lab tests... (I am someone who NEVER goes to the doctor, and is hardly ever sick...and in the last month, we have been at least once a week!!! )

tired of writing co pay checks ....urghhhhh!!

*23 times we have been in public restrooms as we are out shopping, just to TRY and go potty!

* 1 pretty cute Mr. Bubble Clause

*5 hours of kidless entertainment.. dinner, dancing, adult drinks, and getting all fancy shmancy for the State Farm Christmas party(you can't see my cute flowy tiered black pants) they were fun

oh, my red eye are result of my lack of taking the time to edit my photos.. not the drinks =p

*647 holiday catalogs that have come in the mail this week.

(who budgets for the marketing depts of these companies anway... I can still tell that its the same stuff, even with a different cover !)

*42 Christmas cards mailed out... BEFORE the week before Christmas.. I am so impressed with myself !

*2 inches of snow that fell this week, pretty to look at- not enough to play in.

almost! ( a three year old can still find dirty snow-ice in the parking lot of Wal Mart !! LOL)

* 1 super happy baby girl who has found her voice, and 'sings' at the top of her lungs !

* 1 super frustrated perfectionest mommy as she controlled herself as we made our Candy Cottage
*5 hours until we host our holiday party, so I should probably start cooking and cleaning and stop blogging =)
Hope you are all having a fun filled and festive weekend !!


AmyG said...

Livin' a crazy life chickie.....we wouldn't know what to do if things weren't wild!!
Have a great weekend!!

Ronda said...

Whew! Sounds like you've been busy! I know how you feel, just a little different issues and "numbers" on my end. Maybe things will slow down after Christmas!

rev said...

aw Elizabeth, totally love the pics, she's such a cutiepie (and he's too :)

Janette said...

Hi E,

Love this post way too cute how you wrote it! Sounds like busy times. The pictures are way too cute. Can you email me your address again. I forgot to put it in my address book. I have a card hare for you. Have a good one!


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