Friday, March 05, 2010

all about Beck

been busy taking so many pictures of other people's kiddos, that I have been really slacking on the baby updates of my own sweet kid !
I can hardly believe that Beckham turned 8 months old on Wednesday! He totally partied like a rock star. He ate an extra bowl of cereal that day.. lol. I was so wanting to get him started on real foods, like I did with the other two at this age, but , well, life just didn't slow down for me to mash up some peaches for him.. I think he'll be alright until this weekend to try out his first real food =).
here is a quick re cap of the last few months.... the evolution of his first BIG milestone: the ROLL. he actually is an over achiever and decided that going back to front was more his style. Did this for the first time back in November.. at 4.5 months.

and then right before he turned 6 months he sat up for the first time. Life has never been so exciting for him! He spends hours in the center of the room , surrounded by toys, and gets (literally) caught in the middle of the chaos that surrounds him as his brother and sister go wild.

Obviously, I have been slacking in posting these monthly pictures, but I have been taking them.. (and usually right on time !)
I have the finished scrap book page all worked up in my mind. Speaking of.. this weekend is dedicated to a scrap marathon of getting HIS book up to date. Printed off a bunch of his pics, and hopefully they will be easy to put on paper. oy. I always say that. I am so much better at saying then doing. But, my husband is backing me on this one. I just feel like I am spiraling out of control with this scrapping stuff.. and need to get a grip.

and 6 months also brought us to that lovely, and messy experience with the mouthwatering taste of nothing more like chalk. well, he didn't know quite what to do with his tongue, so that gave us a few problems..

(why, yes that is a silver spoon in his and a beautiful silver porridge bowl.. all my kids have their own silver spoon, and entire set of silverware given to them at birth)

He still looked cute and clueless...

and such a polite little dude.. um, no thank you, I have had enough.
and he really has. I pretty much have tried it again a handful of times. Just when I think of it, and the other kids are not around reaking havic (to distract him). We really have to focus to be able to eat. He does not take after his mama in this area.
Plus, his Ped says that breast milk is the only thing he needs until a year old. I am so laid back with this kid it isn't funny. Not like I wasn't with the other two.. but seriously, we are realllly laid back with him. He is not missing out in the food department. Remember he was 18 lbs at his 6 month check up. The kid is doing fine.... But he certainly taking an interest in food. Every time I have something, he starts smacking his lips and reached for my fork. So it is time. I am writing it here on the ol' blog.. so that means I have to give him peaches so we have pictures on Monday right?
ok, then.

and here is just a cute shot showing off his baby blues.. I grabbed some fabric after a session and did an impromptu session with him at 7 months.

and here is Mr. B looking all cute at 8 months!
things he is doing right about now....
-sits up , rolls over, sits up again
-scoots all over the place. the kid has no boundaries.. although he almost always ends up stuck under the couch, the rocker, or the Lazy Boy. When there is constant whining.. we now exactly how we will find him.
-eats an occasional bowl of rice cereal
- exclusively nursing. will maybe take an ounce or two from a bottle as a last resort
- belly laughs all the time
-loves to watch his siblings play
- loves to play with his own toys, anything that rattles, any stuffed animal
-puts everything in his mouth
-sleeping thru the night(finally!) in his crib. on his back, but lately is flipping over once awake and playing with all the stuffed animals in his crib
-is wearing 6-9 month clothes
-loves his car seat and will most likely fall asleep 5 minutes into being in it
-has very potent , and frequent farts
- likes to be held
-is a total mama's boy, and cries every time I leave the room
- is getting up on all fours (and rockin')... it won't be long now...
-is a very, very happy baby.. probably the most out of all 3 (and the other two, were extremely happy and content)
-lights up our lives every day, and brings a ton of joy to each one of us
and with that... I am off to a funeral, a date night and a busy, busy weekend. Come back on Monday to check out my scrap pages!

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Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh he is so precious. I can't believe how fast it goes...My 20 month old astounds me with how much of NOT a baby anymore he is...And it makes me want another though that won't be happening!

Thank you so much for wishing my Meemo a happy birthday last week. I so appreciate that you took the time to do so and she did as well.

Hope your week is a good one, Elizabeth. You have so many blessings.


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