Thursday, December 23, 2010

December fun !

So seeing as it is the eve before Christmas Eve and I have only done one post for the whole month! yikes... well that is mostly because we have just been on the go like crazy people and when we have had time to sit and rest awhile , its only because we were forced to by the icky stomach flu that invaded our home =(.

So I am gonna try to recap the month of activities a bit.. so at least I have things on the ol' blog, should I ever get around to finishing making books out of this bloggeroo. (have started year one.. way back in 2005!) Here we are at the annual downtown Christmas Parade. We always have the best (warm) seat and have a great view of all of the floats and fun coming down Main Street. We grabbed some take out from Laf Brew Co and headed to grandma's office. We just take over one of the front rooms and have a great time! This year, Tatum really was into it.. and Beck was kind of confused as to what was happening, but his eyes were pretty much glued out the window the whole time!

What a fun surprise to see Uncle Monkey walking down the street as part of Nine Irish Brothers- one of our favorite night spots to hang out.

The kids adored seeing Ronald.. I was a bit bummed he wasn't tossing out coupons or big macs...

but the highlight was seeing this guy coming down..... the kids ran outside to get a better look.

I snapped a few pictures, but it was so miserably cold, our curbside trip only lasted a few minutes!

We had a full, festive weekend , that first wknd in December.. next up.. Picking out the tree !

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