Friday, December 10, 2010

He Runs!

So Andrew and I were laughing the other night as he said " I never thought I would say I was a "runner". Yeah... I never thought that either... coming from the two of us , who both really dislike exercise of any kind. Well.. we don't mind taking our nightly neighborhood walks.. the Frisbee golf matches... of course playing with kids and their sports.. but to actually go and work out?. Um.. no thank you. many a gym membership has been bought and well... very infrequently been used. I know suckers are we.. and the gym folks love people like us! However.... late this summer, my husband decided to start up the C25K. He loved it. of course it was bit difficult getting into the swing of things.. but he kept coming back week after week saying how much better and easier it was getting. he almost enjoyed himself out there!! So he decided as he was nearing the end of the program, that he obviously could run a 5k.. and so he signed up for one for Thanksgiving day. However , he set his alarm for pm instead of am. And so we didn't make it. Worked out ok, since we had to be an hour away and drag the kids out and then come back to take another 2 hr drive to the family's house for Thanksgiving dinner. He signed up right away for our town's local, annual Sleigh Bell Run. The weather could not have been more perfect, no? We bundled up the children and headed out at 7:30am.. to cheer on daddy.
(this one was actually a mock run shot! ) prior to the race

This was as he was nearing the last stretch. He ended up beating his personal best time by 2 minutes and came in 8th in his age group.

So proud of him!! He had a great time and has already signed up for a half marathon in the spring. We are excited to make a weekend of heading to Nashville, TN for the Rock n' Roll City Marathon !
I am pretty sure that my surprise gift (gym membership) to him this year will not be a waste.. SHhhhhh. don't tell.

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