Friday, March 18, 2011

a year older

Since I have been slacking miserably at updating, I am just gonna recap the last 3 months quickly here in the next few posts. My birthday was in January! and I LOVE birthdays! I actually even love mine too. I especially love it when my bday falls on a weekend, b/c then I get to celebrate for days!
My original plan (made back in November) was to get a group and go to the Piano Bar at the Neon Cactus. Had not been there in years and was talking with some girl friends about the need to get back out and have some fun! So.. it was all planned... until some news changed our situation. (more on that later). We still wanted to go out, but I decided to keep it a little more low key (since I was going to have to remain low key.. =(.. ) and so we met small group at my favorite bar for dinner and then drinks with a great band! Here is the pic of some of the guys doing car bombs. and below is what I ordered for dinner. I know.. not the chicken salad sandwich, that I ALWAYS get there. But I was hungry and heck , it was MY bday, so I got the corned beef/cabbage and garlic mash potatoes. it took me about 2 hours to eat it all.. but it was so delish.

Here is the cake that my hubby (sorta) surprised me with. You see I had worked a local Bridal Affair earlier in the month and of course one of the perks is that you get to taste test all the cake vendors .. and we all know how much I LOVE cake. Most of the vendors pretty much sucked.. (as in I had to throw out my sample of cake after one bite! LOL) but this one along with the one we actually used for our wedding... was DIVINE!! I came home that day and told Andrew I wanted my birthday cake ordered from Mammaw's Sweet Shoppe.

The cakes were amazing... the cuppy cakes were butter pecan with cream cheese icing and the main cake was strawberry with a strawberry cream cheese icing under fondant. The problem with ordering a $75 cake is that you feel kinda bad when there is much left over (and it is totally not needed to add lbs to your waistline). But I am so thankful for my SURPRISE cake (that I picked up ) after he called it in.

Here are a few of the girls Melissa and Kelsey.. forgot to get my camera out much and thus didn't take many pics. My friend Tara had left for an extended trip to the Indy airport, but she made it back in time for the band, and a Guinness!!

Obviously this was at the end of the night. Luckily for me , the birthday girl in this case was also the DD. I am not to thrilled about the face plant the hubby is giving me here! lol--- but sure gotta love that camera angle... what is that 3 chins???
It ended up being a great night (and long) out! The kids had a great time with a new sitter who was ok with us calling and extending our time out! lol-
We celebrated more with some meals out and a few shopping trips the rest of the weekend. Getting older wasn't that bad. I have lots to be thankful for , that is for sure!!

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