Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a new look !

You'll notice right away that my blog has had a make over!! While I am still waiting for spring like weather to stick around in Indiana.. I am getting a feel for it when I peek at my blog!

I met the talented Miss K years ago through my love for scrap booking.. we have kept up with each other through blogs and face book. She started a fabulous design company and I was one of her first clients early last year when I had her up lift my photography biz blog. Since then.. my branding and style has changed and so I have taken a different design to my photography site. I really love her style and it really "fits" my personality.. so I figured what better way to incorporate her fun stuff then with my personal blog. I have been watching her premade designs for several months now.. and finally decided on one last month.

K is always so great to work with, has amazing talent and fabulous options to choose from. She is quick and just so sweet. If your blog needs a new look, then I would suggest checking her out!

You can contact her thru the button over on the right. I still have some reorganizing to do on my blog, but hopefully this bright and fun look will keep me motivated to update regularly.

We are currently on spring break right now. Since we had our big vacay last October.. we are taking it easy this week. We have done a few fun little outings, but mostly just hanging out. ... SLEEPING in.. ( yes. my kids sleep past nine every morning.. thank you Lord!) Wish our weather was warmer so we could go to a park, but we are still trying to climb out of the 40's. yuck.

well.. off to the mound of laundry that is calling my name!

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Heather Crawford said...

VERY cute! K did a great job..the only thing is, that font you write in is a little hard to read?


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