Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the longest day of the year!

and thank goodness as I am failing miserably at getting things done lately!! Most of all b/c the days are so nice and light that we have been staying out doing family things until bedtime which has become... well... 9:30pm!!

Kinda shoots our whole evening, but we are having fun! some nights have been spent at t-ball games.. others at the park... some just hanging out in the backyard after an outside dinner on the patio.

work is kicking my butt right now.. lol.. YES! I absolutely love , love it.. but as I just told my husband, I really need like 3 days a week to go "into" an office for 8 hours to get all of my client sessions, projects and other assignments finished. I am finding that having 3 little ones inside (b/c of course they never want to play outside... or when they do , they are banging on the back door every 3 minutes.. for a snack.. a drink... we're bored... we're hot.. kinda thing!)

I am cherishing these moments though.. really I am . =)

We celebrated Tatum's birthday last Sunday with her vintage princess party. The pics are still on the cards, as I have been swamped with client sessions and just don't want to be tempted. I do want to get them edited this week so I can actually document them. Plus.. I did a lil' photo opp for each of the litte girls and I need to include the pics with their thank you cards.

It was such fun for sure.... pretty princesses all dolled up and having a ball ! Tatum got all kinds of great girly things. Brig and Beck are a bit disapointed.. b/c of course any toy becomes "community" in a house of 3 kids.

This week started another fabulous week of VBS for Brigham and swimming lessons for Tatum. She is proud to be in the big pool this year. I love the church that Brig is attending this week.. their children's ministry just goes above and beyond to teach these little ones. AND I am just a little partial because they take the theme to the 110th level! It is seriously SO cool what they transform their church into. I love that I can drop him off and know that he is having a ball for 3 hours learning about God, singing songs, being creative and making new friends.

I signed him for a week long summer camp for the middle of July. He is super excited about it. ( and I am too...) It's the same camp that I went to as a kid.. and I have great memories of it. Can't wait to hear about those first few days! Also got Tatum signed up for Pre K today... she is super anxious to be in school again and we are looking forward to this new program.

The countdown is drawing near for baby #4's arrival... things are a bit crazy.. as we are still in put-the-house-up-for-sale -and-move-someplace mode.... lots of things are packed away in the garage.. even more things are boxed up at the storage unit. We look every day for that "perfect" house.. but we are just not having much luck....=(... could be because I have a very specific criteria.... and husband does too.. so they need to match up ... and there just isn't much on the market right now anyway. Did think we found the perfect place the other day via online... had everything we were wanting.. (except the acreage.. hubby wasn't too fond of that) but we asked mom about it (she's a realtor) and she said right away.. we would not want it if we actually saw it. She encouraged us to even drive by it just for fun to see that it truly was not what it seemed.

We pretty much just leave it up to God. He knows our needs . His timing is perfect. He has a plan for us... (but it is frustrating playing the waiting game.. lol)

I am trying to figure out time off , if any that I will take for when the baby comes. As it is, I have sessions booked right up until baby comes, and scheduled for a week past my due date. I am already booking several fall sessions.. and those will just keep coming in. family and seniors rock the fall color.. and I am super anxious... (ya, I know we are just on the first day of summer.. don't want to rush it.. lol)

I don't want to get my priorities out of wack.. and I am guessing there will be some adjustment to a fourth baby. I am already knowing that my baby Beckham will have a hard time adjusting. He is such the 'baby' and really a mama's boy. He doesn't fully understand what is going on, but he does lift up my shirt every night to kiss the baby good night. It is pretty dang sweet.

Enough of an update for now.. need to switch back to work gear... glad I had a few minutes to finally blog. hoping to get T's party pics up later this week.

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