Thursday, September 29, 2011

this little lady....

Tegan Evangeline

has been taking up a lot of my time lately! oh.. yeah. I kinda had a baby. and surprise , she is a girl!! And we are so loving having her in our family. Two and two.. almost feel like my family is complete.... almost... Adapting to four kiddos has been a breeze. Really it has. She just comes in tow to every where we go. She has been more places.. and it is so funny, because each time, the older kids say. " this is Tegan's first time to.. church, to the park, to school, to football, to grandma's house, to wal-mart, .. etc.".. um yep. Lots and lots of 'firsts' for this little one.

She is a great baby.. sleeps almost all the time. Sleeps 5-6 hr stretches at night. Eats like a champ and is growing like crazy. speaking of, guess I should make her 2 month dr. appt. EEK. YES, she is almost 6 weeks old already.( did you really think I would blog about her birth.. c'mon my blogging capabilities are severely lacking ...) funny.. because with her eldest brother and sister, I blogged their every sneeze and fart. (you think I am joking?? lol) I'll leave you with this one.. taken during her first week.... awwww. it is a good thing I specialize in newborn photography.. get to have my newbie fix as my own newborn grows up..

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