Wednesday, September 07, 2011

we're off to school !

lots of things going on around here... business took a bit of a break while we had our baby girl , but it is back in full swing. Practices and activities and play dates are keeping us busy too.

Our (not) so little girl was thrilled to start PreK.. and so of course it deemed necessary for a mini session.. (I'll post a whole post with those images) . She is absolutely loving it.. and after the ordeal that we have just been through.. could not be happier with this school and her teachers. God is so Good. Brigham is into his 3rd week of Second grade and loving every minute of it. He leaps in the door asking for his snack (of course) but then sitting right down at the kitchen table to do his homework.. oooooooor maybe it is so he can finish up and get out to play with the neighbor friends.. don't know which one! lol

We are on the heels of a great long weekend... pictures to come! Oh, and the stack of thank you notes (that are severely late in getting out) from Brig's birthday, reminds me that I never shared about his Star Wars adventure ! Got to get on that.

Now that the kids are in school and I just have the littles at home M-Th... I am working in some 'me' time, some 'work' time and some time with friends. I am actually kind of liking this schedule thing!

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