Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the good and the bad..

so the bad first...
actually it is not so bad, as much as that I have have been in a BAD mood lately.. Why??
because I am becoming thoroughly annoyed by the littlest things..
1) people who claim to be the almighty Christian, yet do all the unspoken and unseen, constant sinning.(gossip, cheating, lying, basically foregoing the fruit of the spirit)
(come on we all do this, of course) but don't claim to be all self righteous and stuff, and think that you are so much "better" than non Christians. It bugs me to no end to hear all this GOD talk, and then see all the "fakeness" right along with it.
How are we ever supposed to draw people to Christianity.. who would want to be part of all that!
2). along those lines, I can't stand people who need to know information under the pretense that they are praying for you!. Again, so fake.. Luckily God is the only one who truly knows whether they pray or not. But so often, people (these righteous Christians) feel they need to be "in the know" of everyone and everything. Seriously, they must not have enough in their own lives to deal with!!
** Don't get me wrong.. I will pray long and hard for those who ask for specific prayer requests. But just to pry into someone's business, under the cover of a prayerful spirit... I think not!
4) I can not stand it when people constantly use people's names when talking to them.
Now, I am not referring to when you address someone in person or on the phone. By using their name, in a greeting, (as to make certain to whom you are speaking) but, it bugs me so bad, when people feel the need to make blatent reference to individuals, whom they are not friends with by constantly spouting out the person's name.. As if this gives the speaker, more credibility, because, it sounds like they are good friends??
For all you 2peas addicts out there.. thats another place where I see it so often.
Just because I leave my name on my post, does not give you the right to call me by it.. Unless we have at least had a conversation, or by email.
or like when you go to a restaurant, and the server gives their name.. and then (my mom) and others feel the need to use their name everytime they ask for something.
I was in retail management for 4 1/2 years, and as a store manager, I purposely never wore my nametag.. there is no need for customers to know my name, unless I tell them. We are not friends or aquantences.. You don't need to be calling me by my name!!
Silly I am sure this sounds. but, It drives me crazy!

for the good...
1) my new fave artist is going to be on Oprah! in fact I just got his debut album over the weekend.
I am such a dork, that I did not even know who sang this song.. Luckily, on Friday night, my husband and I were just pulling into Barnes and Noble, when by some strange coincidence, the car radio was on.. and this song was playing.. I had to practice the chorus so I could go in and sing it to the poor guy behind the counter.
Luckily, after the first bar, I sang, he knew right who it was!
so if you have not heard of James Blunt.. watch Oprah.. and then go buy his CD.. back to bedlam!
amazing lyrics. Incredible voice.

2)and another good, is that my girlfriends and I got together last night for a cooking class!
we learned to cook and amazing meal and tantalizing desserts. it was so much fun, and we ate so much, and laughed and laughed. A very fun evening, except that I could not partake in the decadent desserts!
I am currently on my 7th day of NO Chocolate!! I am completely insane, I know.. but this is my weakness. and I am giving it up for lent.
3) american idol tonight.. .

okay so have a fab Wednesday.. 1/2 way to the weekend!


Darcy said...

I am SO glad that you ended with the good cuz I thought you were really mad at the begining of your post! Maybe your in a bad mood cuz we live in IN and it never seems like the sun is gunna shine. =/ Maybe it is where you are but it is NOT shining here.

Kudos for your no-chocolate vacation.

Hope you enjoyed Oprah. =) I don't think I have heard of James Blunt.. wanna sing me the chorus? =)

Jill said...

totally agree w/you on your "bad" part of the post...cannot for the life of me understand why people think Jesus would act that way, i mean, aren't we supposed to do what He would do??

anyways, liked your "good" part of the post too, i'll have to keep an eye out for James Blunt on Oprah, never heard of him.

oh my, i can't believe you gave up chocolate, but WAY TO GO!! that's good for you. for lent i'm not eating anything after i have dinner. so tough, i'm used to bedtime snacks! sacrificing is good though, good for the body & soul =)

Nichole said...

I understand completely...definitely about the prying prayers....that is kind of funny.

Share, Share share the recipes...tantilizing makes it sound like something to try.

American Idol really wasn't that great last night was it? I like the girls better.

I will check out this Blunt guy.

Lisa Dickinson said...

Hey Girl! Sorry you are feeling down - hope by the time you read this, your spirits are lifted! But I can totally relate to some of your complaints - and sometimes it helps just to get it all out and PURGE those negative feelings!

Totally with ya on the James Blunt thing, too. Tuned in to Oprah just to see it. So it the whole album as good as the song "Beautiful?"

Hope you have a great day - chin up!


RACHEL =) said...

Yes, I agree with you on your complaints... sometimes it gets me down, but that's when I pray harder.
LOVE American Idol, too!! I was SO HOPING the little kid was going home, drats!! =)

Kat said...

great lists! yeah, fake people totally bug me!!!!
totally with you on the chocolate!!!! we should start a support group, this is hard work! and you went to a cooking classa nd didn't eat any? wow, i'm supper impressed.........

monica said...

I can relate with your "BAD" list, I can't stand fake people, it's the one thing in this world that drives me nutzo!

I heard that James Blunt CD is such a good buy, haven't bought it yet. I LOVE the "Beautiful" song, I sing it to my hubbie daily. hehehe

I am now beginning to think I'm the only one who doesn't watch American Idol, the only way I know what's going on with that show is here on blogger, I'm so out of the loop! =)

Margie said...

Unfortunately there are always going to be "fakes" in life!! Can't do away with them. Not sure I understand what you mean about 2peas and knowing your name LOL-guess I had to be there-anyway, the Lord is the searcher of the hearts and He knows when people are real and just gossipy-it's such a pet peeve of mine in prayer-DH squashes it quickly :)


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