Wednesday, March 22, 2006

little bit of this n that....

I am curious if you think that you will ever get an original thought. I guess I will just have to wait for a while. Anxiously awaiting.

SO this is what Miss/Mr. Anonymous left as a comment on my last post...
I begin to ponder.... and then rethink what i wrote.....
whoa.. this "anonymous" person is reading my mind.. and living the same life as me???

could it be??? do I have a clone out there somewhere... a twin???
How creepy that this yayhoo feels that they actually have had the same exact experiences as me... and thoughts.. etc..

and how completely lame of you NOT to have balls enough to post under a name!!!

i think that you must not have any original thoughts, if you can't even claim your words.!!

.... okay, so i move on .. away from that!!

the first day of spring... funny that it is not official until 2:37 in the afternoon.
You can't wake up and say "its spring".. you have to go half way through your day.. until you get to 2:37 pm.
Well at least that is what our (very educated) local weatherman says.. I use the term loosely, b/c they are always so WRONG in giving their forecasts.
I can't give Mr. Mike too much slack, because my husband is friends with his wife, and I don't want him to predict a tornado.. just over OUR house!!

well, in the middle of Indiana, the first day of spring was ... of course met with gray skies, cold wind, and snow!!

luckily, last weekend was nice , so we took Brigham out to the park. It was so cool because, he can now (finally) walk!!

He takes off like, he is a fearless wonder. there is nothing gonna stop in his way...
except.. MOLE HILLS!!!
this was hilarious.. the little guy would start toddling so fast, and then hit these mushy mounds.. and then just totally bite it. Hardly a second would pass, and he would hop right back up and do it again.. until the next mushy mound!

We just stood their and laughed at him.. I am sure it was a strange feeling for the ground to be sinking ... (growing up, I used to be terrified of mole hills!!).. i got over that, when I finally realized my tiny cat can kill these things... I should not be afraid of them!

So since spring is finally here.. and i have all these green things coming up in my yard.. i figured it won't be long til bathing suit weather.
so my goal.. of hitting the gym very frequently has moved to more like ever so infrequently.. but this is going to change.
i got me a cute little work out outfit..(so i am not in a frumpy t shirt and last years yoga pants). and i started tanning( so that my fat will have a nice glow instead of that dimply look). and I have gotten a trainer( so I will have a clue what to work on where)..
I now have NO excuse.
I have even found a fabulous bathing suit that is screaming my name.. but only if i lose about 30 lbs!

My girlfriends and I got together last night.. and I brought the dessert..(cuz you know when girlfriends get together, there must be food!).
I made this sinful chocolatey, candy bar, rocky road type thing.. my mouth was watering so badly!!
the women all raved over my conkoction, yet not a morsel touched my lips.
Still no chocolate for this girl until Easter.. at which time, I probably will eat an entire choco bunny!!

so i leave you with a layout of my son.. he finally began walking at 18 months!! we thought perhaps we'd have to stroll him into kindergarten.. whew!! .... he save us quite the embarrassment.

******Stay tuned for the next post, since blogger is not playing nice*******************

who is up for LOST tonight????
I am so stinking exited for this... and my husbands class is cancelled, so we can watch together...
i hate that they leave you hanging for so long.. not like they don't have the new ones done..
if they are short on epis, than why don't they produce MORE epis????
i am sure it has something to do with ratings.. and money and such... and that they are the PRODUCERS, but Man, it is so frustrating!!! i think us viewers could do such a better job of marketing this thing!!
happy Wednesday!!


Mara said...

what a rude commenter!! (or? er? i dunno...)

little B looks so cute in the park.
it's cold and windy in chicago too! happy spring :)

RACHEL =) said...

Aw, look at him walking, HOW CUTE is he?!?!?!!
Such a weird comment, I always wonder who reads mine too?!?! You never know!
CANNOT WAIT for the new LOST tonight, don't know why they have been showing so many reruns... urg... but tonight is gonna be a good one!! YAHOO!!!!!
And as far as Kevin goes from AI - he soooooooooo needs to be booted off tonight!!!! =)

JDexter said...

Your life is always so exciting :)

B looks so darling in that orange sweater. Wasn't the weekend great! And then ...the snow came like you wanted. Not so much fun for me. I didn't even take a pic -can you believe it!?!

OOO...can't wait for the next entry.

Jill said...

Brigham is so cute, they are so FUN when they're discovering everything!

yah - anonymous commenters w/nothing nice to say really stink :( for the most part, 2 Peas/blogging is pretty positive...but then you get someone who can't remember to just STOP reading the blog if they don't like it!!

Nichole said...

So cute. Your son is adorable. I am so excited about AI. Tuesday was awesome. My man Chris is going to win..I am calling it now. You can pick on me later if I have it wrong I don't care.

happy wednesday to you too.


Niki L said...

I thought there was a way to block anonymous comments?? Maybe I dreamed it up!!

Little B is so cute and I can just picture him running into those mole hills!! YIKES!

I hope it warms up soon and you have lots of pretty things growing around your house!

Wendy said...

I had an anonymous comment too, but it ended up being my aunt. Very weird.
Is it ever going to be spring here in Indiana? We had no snow, but we also seem to be out of warm weather:(

Kat said...

wowza- rude much? whats up with that? yeah, annoymous- not cool........
how the BLANK do you make that yummy chocolate stuff and not eat it????? i'm having so much trouble over here, it can't be near me or i pretty much cry.......
good for you!
so cute about your son- i can just picture the mole hills/falling! lol, too cute!

Darcy said...

Yeah for *B* walking!! He looks so cute. =)

There's a way you can block annon's. It's in your blog account somewhere..

christy said...

the only pain with blocking anonymous comments is when you have family who don't blog but want to comment on your blog ... and/or don't want to go through the hassle of creating a blogger account just to post comments. but its up to you. you can delete the comments too if you want.

Stacy said...

Your son is soooo adorable!!!
And the rude people-I just don't get the thrill of anon. leaving crap like that. Think of how patetic their lives truly must be....

Stacy said...

Your son is soooo adorable!!!
And the rude people-I just don't get the thrill of anon. leaving crap like that. Think of how patetic their lives truly must be....


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