Friday, May 12, 2006

its raining men!!

well not actually, but it is raining something fierce in good ol Indiana!!
we're on the 3rd day of grey skies and wet grounds. makes me feel for those living in Seattle..
Hailey, I don't know how you do it!!!
not to mention I finished planting about 200 flowers just minutes before the downpour began.
my little guys are pretty much drowning now!
My fingers are crossed that they will survive!

speaking of surviving... how in the world did Katherine make the last cut?? and what was up with my boy Chris getting the boot this week on AI?
Not like any of the final 12 will be hurting for a job, but seriously that Chris had some serious talent.. not to mention looks! In my opinion, he was the total package.
My vote now goes to Elliot. his voice is good, and if he does not win AI, he could always get casted as the new Mr. Ed! (the singing Mr. Ed)
Taylor is not an idol, at least for teens...and Katherine.. well, she'll do just as well joining the cast on some Wb series.

to continue with my angst with television(public right of free speech, right?) could LOST have any more twists in it? I am thinking long term, but how long do you think this island thing will keep up? at east five seasons? I am one who hates to not know what is going on. My mind is always running away with what could be happening.. Man these writers are good. I am not looking forward to the last epi.. cuz I know they will leave us with a major cliff hanger.. and we'll have to suffer thru the entire summer!!
I just want to know, why all of those people are placed there? HOw long as the island been inhabited? Are the others good or bad? Whats the driving force?
anyone know what ever happened to that big monster thing? its been in hibernation for a while.
all I can say is this show will be winning awards.

my life is not all about tv. in fact since we got rid of HGTV and ESPN(2), it is on much much less.
sad, I know.. but now we actually are doing home and garden projects and playing sports instead of just watching others do it!!

We did have a very fun and filling Cinco De Mayo party last Friday. I am so glad for the invention of mexican food. some seriously good stuff =)
My husband has suggested many times, moving to Mexico... I am considering it.. just for the food!

We went to the INdpls Opera and slept..i mean enjoyed it thoroughly. My dad was in it , so we went as support for him. The costumes, makeup and set designs, were beyond amazing. The music was fantastic. The story line.. predictable, and well, the time frame.. about 2x, too long!!
this was only my second opera. The other one was Madame Butterfly, starring Glen Close.
I won't say, I'll never go to another one, but it is not high on my list.
another thing.. opera patrons are rather snobish.. again not my style!

well another week as flown by, as I have been forced to be cameraless. I was able to steal my mom's for a few days.. I will leave you with some cute pics of Brig.
lets just say RANDOM PHOTO FRIDAY.. for you Jill !!

brig finds his way to a mud puddle!
and picks his first flower!

<----here is my little model, as he attempts to climb the big boy play equipment.

maybe we should not introduce potty training during his "hat" stage!!

Thanks to his friend Noah, or "no" as he calls him, brigham has developed an obsession with choo choos!
we are easing into Thomas(im not a big fan!). but this is a train my grandpa made for my brother.

here is a pic from Easter! I just got these from my mom, so I thought I'd share. I love his little outfit... my brother wore it 28 years ago!!

thanks for reading my random thoughts and peeking at my photos.

all you mamas, have an awesome day ... you all deserve the royal treatment!


Kat said...

such cute pictures!!! he's a cutie- and i love the toliet seat pic! too funny ; )
omg, LOST Is seriously the best show ever. i'm with you- i totally can't wait to see where this show is going!!!!

Michelle W. said...

love the pics

no ESPN!? shocked! lol. I need my daily dose of cheesy stuff and sports star acting like baby or I don't know how to go on. You would hope that I'm joking when I say that but I'm not, I'm a big sports nut.


Niki L said...

Brig is getting so BIG!!!! WOW! I love the "Throw-Back" outfit for throw back jerseys in basketball, get it??!!! I'm so not funny today ;)

Happy Mother's Day this Sunday! Hope you have a great day!

em said...

great photos! i'm an elliot fan...glad to hear there is another one of us :)

Valerie said...

Your little boy is such a cutie!! Love the pics!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Mara said...

happy mother's day.
brig is so cute!
it's been raining too much here too.
i hope your flowers made it :)

Nichole said...

DOn't worry about chris...he has already gotten the call to be the lead of FUEL. Brigham is so adorable. Happy mama's day.

monica said...

You don't have HGTV, what's wrong with you??????? =) =)

At least you and your family are doing projects around the house, my husband just sits and watches me do them and mess up. heheheh

Cute pictures of your little one!!!!!!

Jill said...

cutie pics :)
AI WAS a shocker!!
good thing Chris is SO good, we'll be hearing him soon that's for sure! and Lost...can't wait for the next couple of Wednesdays!!

Wendy said...

It stopped raining today...celebrate!

Niki L said...

Ya-Who, I'm able to blog again so come and visit me soon!

Babs said...

What fun pictures!

Wendy said...

Hey, is that scrap store A Page in Time? Great store. If you go there to scrap though you seem to spend more time wandering around looking at everything.


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