Thursday, May 04, 2006

just a little bit

cuz, I just hardly have any energy.. thank goodness, tomorrow is Friday!!
this week has just been jam packed . I have had something every night.. and of course they all have involved food(yeah, not so good as we approach bathing suit season).
Last weekend we got to practice having two little ones, as we watched our friends' adorable little boy. Brigham and Dawson are only 3 months apart.. and they have so much fun together. It was so cute to see them egg each other on.. and copy one another.. completely Monkey see, Monkey Do!!
I think there is a reason you can't have kids that close together!! whew, it was a bit hard chasing them both!

after they went to bed, Andrew went out for a guy's poker night! He gets together once a month, and the stakes are fairly low, so I am not that worried. Plus, it is very good for him to be with "the guys" every once in a while.
So while I had the house to myself, I took advantage of giving myself a pedicure while watching the Day time Emmy Awards.
If my husband were home, this would not have been allowed on!!!
It was so fun, I am so amazed at how young some of these actors are. They work so hard.
My two fave soaps won a bunch of awards. My fave new character on ATWT won her first emmy... and I found out she is the daughter of Charles INgalls!! How cool would that have been?
My secret is out.. I am a house wife, that watches soaps and eats bon bons.
actually, it's bked doritos and if I miss an epi, I won't die!!

I am totally stoaked for the bloggin babes circle journal. Its so sad though, cuz once I create something, i have to send it away! i decided that I am going to do a similar one for my AAM book, so I can have the same stuff for me
and you girls have such awesome topics.. I would love to document for myself.
Can't wait to get to know you girls better! what a talented, fun, group it will be!!
and a super shout out to KAT, you rock chica, for organizing all of this!!!

Speaking of scrapping, I have actually been getting some pages done!!!.
<---------just some things I am into right now. and this is one of me and my friend Meredith->

My moms' bday was last weekend so I took her for a pampering day. It was so cool to spend some time just for us. She is in real estate, and works a really demanding schedule. She hardly ever gets time free, and when she does, she spends it watching Brigham!!
We went out to a little diner that night, and had big greasy burgers and chocolate malts!

I am still waiting on my camera, but will leave you with one of my cutie head.. can you tell he loves his PB & J!!!


Chris-el-da said...

eeeeeeeeeeeek! he is too cute!

Valerie said...

Cute pages!! Love the paper!! Go ahead and relax!! Hey, have you read the book Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons!! Funny made me think about it after your comment!! Have a fab weekend!!

Mara said...

i am really liking your 'favorites' LO.
Have you tried Light Doritos? Better than baked, I promise. They come in a blue bag. They're THE BEST.

em said...

Your layouts are great! I am really excited about the bloggy babes circle journal, as I just need to get my butt in gear and get started!!

Kat said...

so stoked on the cj too! and i love your layouts!
such a cute pic! love me some pb&j too

Babs said...

Oooh. You totally go your scrap on! This stuff is great. Can't wait to get your CJ.

Jill said...

the LO's are great, Elizabeth!
man, i gotta get started on the CJ too.

monica said...

I love your LO's, I can't believe I missed them. =(


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