Wednesday, May 24, 2006

life moves at ya pretty fast...

if you don't stop to look around once in awhile,,, you just might miss it!!!!

Ferris said it so well, and that is totally how I feel!! We have been running 110 miles an hour for the last couple weeks, thus the BAD BLOGGER syndrome which I have contracted =(..
sorry all.. thanks for the patience!!

woke up on Mothers day as an instant mother to 3 kids. My dearest friend went out of town to look for houses so that she can ....MOVE AWAY!!. We had the priveledge of watching her two babies , ages 3 and 10.. We had a blast.. and fed them lots of sugar.. and watched Jim Carrey movies!!!... Sorry Jop... but I am sure you know by now =)/

so my friend did find a house in south GA... and she will be moving... next week!!! I am so bummed about it.. but totally excited for her. She is going to have an amazing time in the south.. and is only a couple of hours away from Disney!!. Yep, our next year's vacation is already planned =) I know that God will bless her with an abundance of wonderful friends.

less than a week ago, another one of my closest friends packed up her bags to move south... to Miami!! We're all friends and we knew the time would come that these two would get transfered due to their husbands jobs,- we just did not think it would come so soon.
i have to say, I am glad that they are both going somewhere warm...makes it real hard to visit, for sure!!

My neighbors must think I am a total nutcase because even though it rained for ten days straight, I was able to get some planting in= )
I dodged the raindrops, and managed to get over 200 annuals in the ground. and then over the weekend, I put about 100 perrenials in that my friend and I dug out of my mom's garden.
My fabulous husband surprised me on Sat by spreading a driveway full of mulch around our entire house!.. actually he just dropped the piles, and i was on my knees spreading it. I did not trust him not to bury my flowers!!!
of course just shortly after we were done, we had two more days of rain. once my babies are up again, I will take some pics.. and post!!

this is my last week "teaching" at the community care.. until the middle of June.
My focus now has turned towards VBS.. I am in charge of the 1-3 year olds. I am so excited about this!!.. I have been busy planning lessons, crafts, activites, and decor for the room.

in conjunction with VBS, a friend of mine have been working really hard on getting ready for the transformation that our children's ministy is going to have.
We are still working out the names of the rooms, and we are changing the name of our community care..
You'll have to wait til, its an approved thing, but the theme is going to be tropical...
SO FUN!!! I have been in Michaels, and Hobbly Lobby more times in the last couple weeks, my car is on auto pilot!!!....(not that it did not have a BIG clue before, HA HA HA)

My brother came in yesterday from Mesa, AZ. so we have been out and about a lot.
It is so good to have him home. his wife of 1.5 years, told him to move out in Dec... and in January, he found out that she had a "boyfriend", or something.. Now she is pregnant and planning to move to Hawaii this summer!. the papers are not completely final, but it has been extremely difficult for him... and for our family, since we are so far away.
We're all looking forward to a great visit and hopefully, guide him in some direction.

American Idol fans????? Okay, so I admit, taylor is IT.. i mean that guy is the one..
however, I do stand by my original comments that he is not an American Idol(at least the type that we have been accustomed to in the pop culture). I know he will go far.
Katherine will do fine with whatever she gets. She does have the looks. and a voice. I would have to disagree with her fashion sense, but Oh, well!!

Okay, so I am off to watch the finale of LOST!!! so stoaked about this..
if they leave us hanging.. I will be so P. O.'d!!!

Have an awesome Wednesday all my bad (in a good way) bloggin babes!!


Mara said...

Taylor is NOT an idol.
Not a fan.
Tangent over...
sounds like you've been really busy.
take care!

Valerie said...

It's amazing how time flies!! And sounds like you've been busy!! Sorry about your brother and his ex-wife..that's horrible at least he has his family there for him!!

Jill said...

yes, time sure does fly by!!
crazy how fast it can go by, i can't believe this week's almost over, May is almost over, & it's Memorial Day weekend already!

yeah, i don't think Taylor is AI pop-star-ish at all, but i do love his voice. i wish CHRIS would have won!!!

em said...

200 flowers?? Amazing! You need some pictures!!!

Sorry to hear about your brother. A very similar thing happened to my cousin. Very strange and sad.

I agree about Taylor...I just didn't really care all that much who won last night was entertaining, though!

Niki L said...

See, I didn't really watch American Idol, however Chris FORCED me to watch a couple of episodes and I don't think Taylor sounds good AT ALL!! He sounds to me like he's just talking thru all of his songs...not singing. That's just me!

Sounds like you have TONS-O-FLOWERS around your place. Can't wait to see the pictures, I bet they are so pretty!! Thanks so much for the sweet post on my blog!!

Kat said...

bet you're p.o. LOST totally left us hangin!!!
sounds liek you've been busy, but in a good way! i totally know what you mean about life going too fast! crazy times
have fun with the 1-3 year olds. thats the majority of kids i have now. they're a hand full, but i love them ; )

Babs said...

I still can't get over how wise that Ferris Bueller has turned out to be!

rev said...

haha, "Ferris Bueller's first day off" was my favorite movie for such a long time!! When I read the sentence I knew instantly you meant that Ferris. So fun. Worlds apart huh :)

Nichole said...

great to hear what is going on. Sorry about your brother and the busy. I agree however with the busy stuff. We have been too. Thanks for the kind words about my puppy.


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