Friday, September 22, 2006

random photo Friday

yep it has been a really long time since I posted!!! We are just running like 100 miles an hour, every day... its fun, and I love having full schedules..but I miss having this updated for friends and family to catch a glimpse into our crazy lives!!

(even though none of you ever comment... its okay, really!!)

so here is my new do (but not the latest):

I have changed the color.. but will keep ya'll in suspense till next time =)

I've been busy planting somewhere around 300 bulbs, and I still have more to go. here is my little helper w/ the tulips!

Brigham is modeling the newest look in fall head fashion!

um, they are clean. promise. but doesn't he look proud?

we're taking Brigham to his first college football game. Its Purdue's homecoming against Minnesota tomorrow.

wish us luck!! ( oh, and with Brig too)

have a great weekend everybody =)


Felicia said...

Cute pictures!

Kat said...

love the new hair do- super cute!
and love the newest fall fashion. guess i really need to read my fashion mags,i had no idea pullups were so trendy ;)

rev said...

hi girly,
love your new do, and LOVE tulips, real Dutch flowers :)

Kelly N said...

LIke the new do and the new color. I saw you across the room today. talk to you soon.

amber said...

Love the new do! And the pull up on the head. I have a few of photos like that myself;)

Valerie said...

I have been wanting to plant bubls too, have to get started on it!! You have apretty cute helper too, lucky!! He looks fabulous in his latest fall head fashion ;) Love the hair cut, you look so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

u haven't been running a hundred miles an hour, let alone zero miles an hour. The only place you have appeared to run to is McDonalds, fatty.


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