Tuesday, September 12, 2006



For the days and weeks immediatley following that horrific morning, I was glued to all media forms with stories, interviews, breaking news, and updates. I like so many others began back to my normal routine.
My busy day to day life. focused on my stuff. Even with the war going on in Iraq, it seemed like this trajic and monumental event was distant, yet all ready.
Over the past few years, I really did not read much or pay attention to the news surrounding each subsequent anniversary of the attcks.
Last night I sat watching this account on CBS. It was amazing. I could not control the tears streaming down my face as I watched this heroic camera man and brother to a firefighter as he filmed his documentary. Little did Gideon know, that when he set out to make this film, that his views would have such an impact.
Everything I had seen on the news before, was accounts from after the attcks. This footage was every minute as IT was happening. Up close and personal. the streets. the people. the dust. the fear. the distruction.the questions. the uncertainty. the disbelief. There were still some joyful moments caught on film as each member of the first fire department to respond returned to their station.
I am sure you will be flooded with stories today.
I urge you to check this one out.
Say a prayer for those who lost a loved one. Say a prayer for those still suffering the effects from the evil that struck that day.
Even though we live in AMERICA, the home of the free. This was a reminder that there is so much hatred in the world.
Astounding to us, as we live our daily lives, that people would hate us SO much that they would orchestrate and carry out such a plan.

I continue to strive to be a little nicer to those around me. To smile at someone. to lend a helping hand. to take a meal. to encourage others. to show Christ's love. to accept differences.
Just a little something I can do.


Kat said...

its all so sad. i can't even watch stuff like that right now, i just totally burst into tears and cry.
very nice tribute post

rev said...

i also saw that documentary. we live worlds apart, but also in the 'west' for those people, and i'm seriously afraid of what's gonna happen next.... all we can do is stand up, don't let this brake us, and carry on. the least we can do for all the victims and their family's. you made a beautiful post Elizabeth

Odette said...

Those were some good shows. I can't believe how fast five years passed by. Great post!


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