Thursday, August 31, 2006


for some FOOO BALL????

Yep, thats all the buzz around our house. actually it has been for the last few months, as Andrew prepared for his FFB draft. thats fantasy football , for all you non leaguers!!

seriously, My husband is the biggest freak when it comes to college and pro ball. and he is priming our son as such too!! I hope I get a little estrogen on my side in the future.. HEE HEE HEE!
no, actually I enjoy football and the festivities that surround it immensely!

Andrew was the commish of his fantasy team, meaning he had to create the video/ slide show for the draft. wait... take that back. he DID NOT have to .. he did it. and it turned out really cool. wish I had the link to it. guess I'll post it another time. there are 12 guys in it from work, and they all have their own team names.
some are pretty ingenious like my hubbies- THE LISBON ASSMAGELLANS..
others like the running pickles, anti dentites, pirates of keywest, purple helmet heads, and some that are a tad offensive like the Pussy pounders and the twin peak torpedos!!
use your imagination for their logos. some were pretty flippin hilarious!

anyway, each guy came up with a logo, and then Andrew photoshopped them w/ color. He put together a really kick ass movie. This kicked off the draft on their 77 inch big screen.
Not to mention they got a keg. yes a keg, for 12 guys!!. their draft was last Saturday and lasted about 5-6 hours. upon completion of that, they all stayed around to play poker!
oh, did I mention my husband had me going to Hobbly Lobby searching for what would be the "chester copper pot"/ yes, this is their trophy, and each year, whoever wins, gets their team name engraved on it!
and if that is not enough.. they are getting jerseys made. I'd say they are a bit over the edge.
But , hey, if it keeps him happy, and (out of the house!) ha ha =)
and it gives him NO room to talk about my scrapbooking stuff, right?

So beyond Fantasy play, college ball does start tonight. So fun. and then our first home game of the season is SATURDAY> we are so going to win against Indidana State!!
we're tailgating, and cooking up some good eats.. and of course, there will be yummy beverages.
however, I won't be getting in on that this year ... =/

Oh, and I am sporting a new look these days. Seems to be the trend in haircutting these days.
Rachel, and Darcy, and a couple of my good friends here have all went for the chop- o-roo.
I tried this new salon in town. Actually had to make my appointment like a month ago and I think it turned out fun. My hubby is not so fond of it. actually, he pretty much hates it. But, hey, I don't like some of his t-shirts, and I still go out in public with him!!

so here is the new do.. though, I have had issues the last few days, in re-creating it. Its been a bit more curlier lately.
ok... can anyone tell me why I am the ONLY blogger who can't get the photos to up load.. like EVER?
some of you always seem to get multi uploads. I am lucky if I get one. UGGGGGHHH!!!!
maybe I need to choose between blabbing and posting pics!! tuff decision =/


Kat said...

my hubby is doing fantasty football this year too! he just got introduced to the whole fantasy thing this year..........
he's not quite as extreme though ;)

try using mozilla for the internet to get the uploading........

oh, and why no drinking??????

Valerie said...

My husband has been pretty pumped about football since we got back from Hawaii!! I lov what your husband did with his friends, going to have to tell mine!! Can't wait to see your new do!!

amber said...

I may be the only person in this country who has a hubby that does not like football. And the problem is that I love it! He's more of a baseball/basketball kind of guy. So I'm guessing my son won't be a huge fan either:(

monica said...

fantasy football, I never got into that probably because Edder is not much of a sports guy, but hell, it sounds like fun.

Felicia said...

All my guy friends are in a FFBL. They have some pretty creative names too. I love to hear them talk smack to each other.
Football season is the BEST!
I'm glad to know I'm not the only gal out there that likes to watch.

I hope you get your blogger up and running so we can see a picture of your new do.

Wendy said...

College football...the Boilers...all my bf talks about lately...all we watch(or he watches and I fall asleep)...I don't think he is quite as crazy about the fb as your husband.

Rita said...

Football is alllll its about these days around here too.. thats for sure. oh, and I wanna see the new do!! sounds too cute.


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