Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the verdict is in.....

well we went to the doctor and .......

I'll be using this bedding for the nursery!!

Everything in the US went great! In fact the nurse said ours was so boring.. and thats the way it should be!!

I am still feeling fine. A little trouble sleeping (only due to Andrew's snoring!!) Still prefer to sleep on my back or stomach. The whole side thing is so NOT comfortable. Not really eating much more . Usually a hot pocket for lunch and another one for dinner!
Guess the only thing I have been really craving is Diet Coke from Mc Donalds. ( yep a large one, every day!) and mexican food.

Still trying to get last minute cards in the mail, and the goodies packaged up for our neighbors.
how is everyone doing with the shopping? I still have a few things to get... I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!!

Happy wednesday =)


Valerie said...

YAY Elizabeth!! Congrats that's so awesome!! You must be excited!! Any names picked out?! Love the bedding, it's so pretty!!

Kat said...

ooh! i couldn't open the bedding! so i'm totally left hanging- what are you having?????


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