Wednesday, December 06, 2006

its been awhile....

but I don't think anyone reads this thing anyway. I was looking back to a year ago, (and the months that followed), when I first started this blog.... every post seemed to have 9-14 comments by different folks. Kinda funny, how the novelty of the whole blogging thing has seemed to worn off!
I have been terrible too, b/c of those 9-14 consistant commenters, I rarely skip by to read their blogs anymore either. Here and there, but certainly not with the diligence that I once had.
So for any of you who used to comment, and are just passing by, I am glad you caught a glimpse and I will try and get to yours soon!
SO here's the update: picture at 5 months.

This is my fave lounge -around-the-house preggo outfit! Its so comfy!

a bit big right now, so you can't really see that I'm kinda showing at this point. I am feeling great, actually don't feel pregnant at all!

I went to my grandmas for Thanksgiving where about 15 of my family members did no know, nor did they say anything. I thought for sure it was obvious! guess I should be thankful, that I am not ballooning out yet!

two more weeks til we find out whether we will be shopping for pink or blue.. I am SO excited=)

Last week, we had unusually 60 degree weather in the last week of November , here in the drab midwest.. so we took advantage and went to the park! Here is my little guy:

He absolutely loves the park.. and it is so fun to see as he explores and gains the confidence to climb.

(though yesterday we went with some friends to the McDonald's play area and Brig got stuck up in those big tubes(ya know it looks like the big hampster maze).. we heard this whining coming from somewhere, but didn't know where.. luckily my dear friend Sarah was brave enough to climb up after him!.. )

So this week is pretty busy with a christmas brunch for playgroup. two holiday dinners for each sorority that I belong to. A Habitat for Humanity annual banquet. I have been sorting all the gifts for Christmas for Everyone, that our church is sponsering. Today I have to bake 5 dozen cookies to take and then shop for the four little kids that Andrew and I are sponsoring.

I just love this time of year.. the business is all for a good reason!


Kat said...

i know what you mean about the blogging- same for me! for me its the whole being pregnant thing- i'm too freakin tired for blogging!
you're totally not showing yet! lucky ;) but yeah, those outfits are the most comfortable things ever. i live in the pants (i think i'm out growing the jacket though..........)
sounds like you're super busy this time a year- don't know how you do it!!!!

Valerie said...

Your looking good in pink!! And look fabulous pregnant!! Glad you posted!! Miss your entries!!

Felicia said...

I am way out of it! I didn't even know you were preggos. Congrats! Shows what a bad blogger I am. You look great. =)


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