Wednesday, July 25, 2007

where oh where has the summer gone??

seriously, I can't believe its almost my dad's bday ( on the 27th) and that always makes me feel like summer is almost over!!

guess it didn't help when we had the little one and were busy with her for the first few weeks of june.

I have yet to take my pasty self to the pool!! maybe that is just me being courtious to the other folks!

I mean you know its bad when your husband says to you.. last week " honey, when we get paid this week, I want you to go to Carribean Mist and buy yourself a tanning package"
Me: um, are you sure, I have just been becoming used to blending in with the sidewalks!!.. not to mention I have really been concerned about skin cancer from watching all these recent reports on tv."
Him: yeah, I think you should go and buy a tanning package. you need to sexify yourself!"
Me: oh, so I really look that bad???!"
Him: well, I just think when you feel good about yourself, then you are happy.. and then everybody is happy."

still have not bought a tanning package, but I did go get a pedicure on Saturday. =)

Last weekend we went to a friend's 40th bday party. Hard to believe we're hanging with people that OLD!! LOL
they don't seem it al all, and they have the sweetest little girl a tad younger than Brigham.
and my mom was nice enough to point out , that 40 is not far off for me.. um Thanks!
luckily my husband is not 30 yet, so he keeps me young. and frankly, I don't consider 32 almost to 40!!

Sunday we had a great time with our Care group, grilling out, kids running wild, babies crying and easing the chaos with adult beverages and a few games of wi.
I think that is the new thing for stay at home moms... get together for playdates and wave your arms frantically in the air, while holding an infant.. all to beat a 7 year old at tennis!! =)
very addicting game, I may add.

Well, last night we went to the fair. normally its beyond miserably hot, and usually there is a tornado warning going on, and usually it stinks really bad, and usually it is full of nasty carnies.
BUT, we went on the first night of the week. animals were nice and clean, as were the people =)
and the weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees with a breeze.
all of the projects were new and fresh, and not moldy, etc.
Brigham had a great time. We ate the tenderloins, funnel cakes, and I tried the cheesecake on a stick. (not so worth the 3.50).. very disapointed.
We did let Brigham play one game, and he was just totally enamored by the lights and sounds. Actully Tatum was too.
I just started praying then, and will continue, that my sweet babies, will not end up like the swarms of 'fair kids' hanging out.
Definately got a glimps into what 14-18 year olds are like... S-C-A-R-Y !!!

ok, so on for some pics...

I love that one where Brig is just in awe of the games and lights surrounding him.
we let him play the pick the duck.. and he won the stuffed cow. he loves that cow. it has gone everywere with us since then.
and then we let him 'think' he was playing Wack the Mole.
too funny!
well, enjoy your day!!


Andrew said...

Seriously, I can't believe how great a wife you are! Sitting here at work doesn't bring many bright spots but I always smile when I look at your blog and see what a great family I have.

AmyG said...

Hey! Happy Monday! Just wanted to say thanks for your kind comments about my July Scrap Class LO. I'm not on a DT. I've never even applied for one. I've thought about it, just never got around to it! I just teach this class once a month at my chuch. This is the LO we're doing tonight!
By the've got a gorgeous family! You're blessed!

Ronda said...

Hi elizabeth! Thanks for the comments!You're too sweet. I did do my own doodling on those pages. I posted the "Rockstarz" page on Twopeas. I saw your slideshow, you work is really nice! Hope you are having a great day!!


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