Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am such a slacker!!!

seriously, we had a packed week and weekend and I said to myself, for sure I was going to blog about it on MOnday. well here it is Thursday, and I have yet to sit down and do it!!

We had some fun play dates with friends last week, and then we had our friends 'the other' Millers over for dinner on Friday night. A crazy , wild , late night with all our kiddos, but we had fun!
Andrew and Corey went to see the Simpsons movie which started at 11:40 pm. I was so exhausted from the week, that I crashed shortly after he left! Don't think I missed much- he said it was just ok.

Sat morning we got up and my dad, Brigham and Tatum and myself drove about 2 hours East of Indy to my grandmas. Her husband has not been well, and she hadn't gotten up to see Tatum. She and my two aunts and one uncle came to see Brigham when he was less than a week old.
She had sent several notes this summer, and I know it was killing her, that she couldn't get her hands on her first great granddaughter!!
So we made the trip, which was great, Tatum slept the whole time, and Brigham read and sang along to Jeremy Camp!!

***speaking of, we're going to see Jeremy Camp and Casting Crowns next Thursday. THey'll be at the Indiana State Fair(which I have never been to) and so we're going with some friends to it. We both have babies 3-4 months old, so we'll take them, but leave the other kiddos at home! I can't wait.. its been so long, since I have been to a concert!!***

We had a great time on the farm. My cousins were there and Brigham had a great time with the highschool and college age that they are.My cousin Hilary, just got engaged, and wanted Brigham to be the ring bearer.( Hopefully his rambumxious three year old self will have settled a bit by January!! )
He got to feed the cows some corn cobs and play with the dirt.. always a highlight. Seems like everytime we go down to the farm, there is a new (or 2 or 3) dog running around. Brigham was not to thrilled to have the dogs around. Truthfully, I wasn't either.

anway we had a good visit, and my grandma loved on Tatum. My camera died after these pics, so hopefully my aunt will email me the rest from the day!!
We celebrated grandma's 86th birthday, my dad's 59th birthday and Brigham's 3rd bday.

The cake was so yummy!! and after eating the leftovers of that, and the dessert I had made for Fridy night.. I had to make a dessert for this past Monday for Andrew's men's meeting. I have had enough sweets for awhile, and I am just trying to get it all out of my house.. because if its around, I will eat it!!
I put my foot down last night and went for and hour walk on our trail pushing Tatum in the stroller. It felt really good to get out and get sweaty.

Hopefully, next week, when the overtime is over for Andrew than I can make it a regular thing. I am challenging myself to lose 40 lbs by Christmas!!

I already dropped the pregancy weight in the first couple weeks, but I still want to get back to college weight and even tone up better than I was back then!!.... fingers crossed.. LOL

Been scrapping a lot this week off and on. Its been in the 90's so we have been indoors, and doing lots of arts and craft type projects. I am having a girls night out tomorrow with my friend for her birthday. We're going for sushi and then to scrap into the wee hours.. (hopefully, if I can make it..LOL)
I am just dying to get some adorable pics of Tatum scrapped.
Can't believe she will be THREE months old, next week! She is getting cuter and cuter everyday, and so pudgy.. I just can't stand it. Brigham continues to love on her all the time.
It is so much fun having two !!
trying to get some pictures loaded.. not working.. ahhhh so frustrating!!!
well, hope you have a good day =)


Giggle*Gear said...

Love your Blog!!

I noticed you left a comment on mine and I've tried to email you! It keeps coming back as undeliverable!! You can email me if you


Valerie said...

You've been busy!! Good times, I bet!! Have fun scrapping tomorrow night and sushi..yum!! Can't wait to see what you've created!!

Janette said...

WOW you sure have been busy. it's been very hot here too! Happy Birthday to your family. So nice they all have it so close. Hope you got lots of scrapbooking done! Hugs!


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