Wednesday, November 28, 2007


ok, so I just went to download some pics of the camera, and well, there is a whole bunch of 'what we've been up to"...

I always feel like we do something fun, or something funny happens, or I just want to speak my mind(usually not funny LOL) or the kids do something cute, or my husband does something out of the ordinary, or I do something spacey(like everyday!! LOL).....and I always think to myself..

"this would be such a perfect thing to blog about"... and well, life happens, and we just keep going, and then I never blog.

I am a slacker like that. Or do they call it procrastination???

so, I thought I'd give a peek into our whirlwind of the last few weeks.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday, and that you spent some good time with family and/or friends. oh, yeah, and that you had fabulous food =)

Brigham's Thanksgiving feast/program at school the week before Turkeyday.(well, not so much of a program, as it was they stood on their mats, and wiggled and waved at the parents, and TRIED to sing a couple of songs. Some of the kids even included the hand motions.

Mine finally figured it out during the last verse of the second song!!LOL

and we crafted a turkey cupcake!!

Brigham samples his masterpiece. They were actually quiet good!!

and we took home a pilgrim ... he took this with us to my grandma's and tried to describe what /who he was!!

We stuffed ourselves with Grandma's down home farm cooking on Thanksgiving Day.

Tatum and Brig were the life of the party.

My grandma just adores them both, and at 87 years old, still gets down on the floor to play with them.!!

We actaully took a video that we got at the library. SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK---

does anyone remember that? took us down memory lane for sure. My cousins are still in highschool so not to far off for them, but we got quite the chuckles as we looked back at this show.

Brigham of course LOVED it, and is now repeating... junction, junction, whats your function all the time!!

Here is a picture of my sweet brother and Tatum. He has been away in Pheonix for the last 3 years, so it was fun to have him here, even if he did sleep most of the day!!

We made these cute little turkeys.

Love the concentration and the tongue out!!

oh, yeah, and Tatum tried oatmeal for the first time a couple weeks ago....

not a fan at first..

and then she decided it was ok (either that, or she just knows how to work the camera!! LOL)

hope you're having a GREAT week =)


Ronda said...

Great photos!! I just love that one with your little boy concentrating with his tongue out! Love the little recap through pictures!!!

AmyG said...

Thanks for the recap!!! Great pics as always! Glad to hear you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!!

Janette said...

Hi E,
Great pictures as always! Your kids are soooooooooooo CUTE!

Kat said...

tatum is getting so big!!!! i love her boys.
cute pictures! sorry, i lag at commenting on blogs. but i love looking at them! :)


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