Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the consequences of blogging

so yesterday, after our play date, and after loads of laundry(who am I kidding.. I sorted the dirty stuff, and put one load in) the kids went down for naps.

Brigham is in to negotiating his actual sleeping time, and tends to be up for any number of reasons, and also manage to pull every book off his shelf and surround himself with them, in hopes that reading will detract from his sleeping.

Tatum, my gem, went right to sleep.

I took full advantage of my quiet time, and caught up on blogs... some time had gone by.. Tatum had awakened, but was just entertaining herself in her crib.... and Brigham was in and out of the office 548 times as I continued to reassure him that it was in fact OK to go watch clifford.(and not sleep).

So as I was deeply engrosed in LISA's banterings, I could hear , but tried to tune out , Tatum's jabbering as it turned into whining.

Suddenly I hear this:

"Mommy, Tatum's hands are all messy"

Yep. you guessed it. I walked in to my sweet lil girls nursery and about fell over from the fumes.

and saw her face:

its kinda faint, and just in the corners of her mouth. but its there just the same.

and since I knew the toxic amounts that she had probly ingested still had some nutritional value.. I didn't think it could get any worse.. and so like any scrapbooker would.

I left her in the stinch that child services would have had a hay day with.. and ran for my camera.
The sheets were off, due to some excess leakage from the nose the day before.
thankfully, this made for easier clean up today.
poor dolly.. had to have a bath along with my sweet baby girl.
and all the while... they both never stopped smiling!!
hope your day was less of a stinker than mine.
Idol.... whoa.... which Dave will it be? My votes sill for DC. He just melts me.
been scrapping a lot lately too, and if I figure out my new scanner/printer, I'll post some pages..as I need to get them up for some other sites too.


Janette said...


Okay I'v been there done that! =) Tara did that years ago to me. I think every family has this happen at least once. If not more! ;)

I glad you took photos. Can't wait to see you scrapbook that! Hahaha!

Melanie said...

My girl did that not long ago too.
Poor you, I do feel for you, its a bad job to have to clean up. Lol

Ronda S. said...

I think every child has done something like that! That little stinker!

Samuel said...

What adventures in parenthood we have! WHat a cutie no matter what she's eaten. AND you did such a great job with that party - you are so creative! Good to hear from you - the little ones are growing and I am knee deep in summer school - talk wiht you soon -kelly

Rita Weiss said...

Oh Elizabeth!!! What adventures we have! Hey~ I owe you a HUGE apology!!!!!!!! My hubby came home from work tonight with a box under his arm and asked, "What was I suppose to do with this?" OMG!!!! It is YOUR box! I am SO embarrassed. It is going in the USPS tomorrow by ME! eeeek!


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