Thursday, May 29, 2008

summers finally here!

the warm temps and sunny skies finally made there way to Indiana!
We've been out enjoying parks, bike rides, walks, cook outs, gardening, frisbee golf, hanging out with friends and family.

LOVE it.

Last Friday night I went to a friends house to scrap. I loaded all my stuff, set it all up, and we proceeded to talk until 2am! and you guessed it , hardly any scrapping got done!

I actually brought 6-7 pages that I had completed at home, and then typed up the journaling, and added it there. So, it least I came home with some 'finished pages'!! LOL

Saturday, I went with my mom to the nursery to buy flowers. AHHHH. I get all giddy in the greenhouses. I think once my kids are grown, I want to spend my summers working in one! It just smells like heaven.. I don't even mind getting dirty, b/c there's always a good tan along with it!! LOL
I got 3 flats plus a bunch of 4 inch pots, so I was super busy trying to get them in before the forecasted rain!
Sunday, we had an awesome church service. seriously, each week is sooo incredibly moving. I cry almost every week, since we've been at this new place.
came home and made a trifle in red, white and blue, berries, and also a double layer sourcream choc mouse cake that totally flopped right off the cake stand! it was a mess, and I can't believe I actually took it to our Lifegroup picnick.... but it tasted great!
so we went to our friends for a Day-before- memorial -day get together.. and it was a lot of fun.
Cept after we were there about 25 minutes, I got a call from my dad, telling me that my grandpa had died.
So sad. we had kinda been prepared as, he went into the hospital 2 months ago, and had been in a nursing home since.. my dad had gone down Saturday, and came back saying that the drs didn't think he'd have made it thru Friday night... so there was some good improvements.
I think I was wishfully praying and thinking a miracle would extend his life for a little while more.
anway. I got a tad emotional, and ended up leaving the party.. just not into being social.
came home, put T to bed, and then scrapped 3 pages!!
We went to a cookout at my brothers on Monday, Brigham had a blast with all the drunken corn hole players!!
it was quite amusing.
been weeding the heck out of my garden and watering it a bunch b/c we never got the rain.... I feel so bad for those who got hit with all those storms. that is just about my worst fear. I just don't understand why God brings tornadoes to us. such devestation... how can that be for good?

today was the funeral for my gpa..(which is really my grandma's second husband).. my real grandpa dies 7 years ago and then my grandma remarried this wonderful man right before her 80th birthday!!
she has been treated like a queen for the past 6 years! I am so glad she had this time with such a caring and devoted man.
She actually married my grandpas cousin. they had both lost their spouses of nearly fifty years.. and so they really had a nice companionship for these last several years.
We were planning on going to the funeral up until late last night, and decided that the 6 hours of drivng(bothways) and gas prices, and the two little ones would not be the best idea.
I was really torn about it.. but feel we did what was best for us now. My grandpa totally understood.. and we're actually going to be down there next weekend... so we'll get some good quality time with her. My dad says she is doing pretty well. Its still sad though.
got me thinking all about death, and eternity and stuff like that. how do you know for sure? I could drive myself(and others around me) insane trying to figure it out.
guess thats why I need to just trust... and have faith.

ok, so my husband is yelling at me... LOST is starting.. season finale... WHOOOOO HOO! its going to be awesome... and then I just know I'll be so pissed trying to figure out what the heck is going on, and then I have to wait til next season!


Heather said...

awwwwww, so sorry about your grandpa..believe me, I know how you feel, remember I went through that about a year ago...sorry you couldn't go to his funeral, but you're right, he understands! sounds like you've been very busy girl! glad you're having good weather!

Debbie Stahl said...

Hi Elizabeth, my name is Debbie and I have been reading your blog for a while. I am a scrapbooker and I think I linked to your blog from 2Peas. I enjoy reading your stories and Brigham and Tatum sure are beautiful! I thought I would ask if you would mind telling me where you purchased the white armoire in your bedroom? I have been hunting for a scrapbooking armoire. My scrap desks are white and this would go well with them. It looks pretty large and that is what I need for all the stuff I've accumulated! I am a school bus driver and also live in Indiana. I am from Greene County. About 90 minutes south of Indy. Any info you could provide about the armoire would be helpful and I would appreciate it! Thanks so much, Debbie Stahl

*~Niki G~* said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. He's with Jesus though so he's fortunate.......and looking down on all of your happy times!! Have a great weekend!


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