Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fun was bloomin all around us

the favor pots, which I filled with seed packets, snail and butterfly magnets, bug stickers, candy

one of the uber cute cookies!

grandma and the birthday girl

two out of three cakes. the lady bug was little missy's. I had an adorable pink and yellow flower too, but somehow it missed the picture natzi. =(

I had the entire fence around our back yard adorned in these paper flowers!

butterfly bowling... so hard to get a good picture, but they were soooo cute!

(colored water in bottles, with tissue paper wings and pipe cleaner antennae)

Brigham pinning the lady bug on the flower

our dragon fly, that just didn't want to die... until one of the dads took a bat to it!

the madness of diving for candy begun!!
and her ladybug cake... what do i do?

she figured it out!!

some garden decor....

the m &ms in the vase were such a tease !!

peanutbutter and jelly for the kids

bee,butterfly,and caterpillar grams w/ yummy dip

caterpillers, of course!

ants on a log

our garden spread. chicken salad sandwiches. macaroni salad in the pot,

pinwheel sandwiches that became snails with an olive head

the birthday girl on her actual day. went to lunch with grandma, and uncle monkey. the hat stayed on for about 1.32 seconds!!LOL

she got lots of 'girly' things from grandma... all of pink, of course!! LOL

she got cleaned up and opened so many cute, cute things. we are so blessed to have family and friends who love and support our little T !!!

and even a birthday girl can cry if she wants to......


Melanie said...

Look at all that wonderful food, what a wonderful idea.

Tatum look so cute (and a little messy) even when crying.

We had a piata at Lillee's party and had to cut it to get it to break.

*~Niki G~* said...

What great, creative ideas for the party!! Good job on the cakes!! Brig looks so big in that one picture too....growing up fast.

rev said...

wow, you threw some cool party for your girly. 1 already. sigh :D

Ronda S. said...

awww, how neat!!! What an awesome first birthday!! She's such a cutie!

Valerie said...

I LOVE all the goodies you made for her party!! WOW!! I can't believe she's one already!! The party looks like it was tons of fun!!

~Kim said...

Wow should do party planning as a business!!! Look at all of your fun ideas! I may have to get with you for Kensington's 3rd birthday! : ) Such a great party.


Janette said...

Oh WOW that looks like so much fun. I might need to email you for some of your garden party ideas. I think I want to do that for a shower for Tara this summer. :)

Such a sweet little Birthday girl! What a little doll! =)

I will email you soon and let you know what's been going on with my health! Thanks for you kind words and your prayers. Love ya! xoxox


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